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Chapter 43

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 43: Remember to Take Your Pill (1)

    Her bare skin came into contact with the cold night air, and Xu Weilai shivered from the chill. She was instantly awake and alert.

    She instinctively raised her hands and shoved them against Gu Yu’s chest, intending to push him off. However, Gu Yu caught her hands and held them above her head. She tried to struggle but was no match for his immense strength.

    Her struggle was like a huge joke to Gu Yu. His lips curled in a contemptuous smile, and disdain was clear in his eyes.


    She knew that, upon marrying Gu Yu, marital relations were now part of her obligation, and she wasn’t in any position to deny him. However…

    Xu Weilai opened her eyes with much difficulty. Under the dim night-light of the room, she barely made out the outline of the man’s cold, harsh face. The expression in his eyes was murderous, and he looked as if he couldn’t wait to kill her.

    Although she had no idea what she had done wrong, she could clearly sense the fury emanating from the man in front of her.

    The blood drained from Xu Weilai’s face, and her breathing grew panicked.

    She bit down on her bottom lip forcefully in a bid to maintain her last shred of dignity.

    Because she knew… that Gu Yu wasn’t going to be gentle with her!

    Xu Weilai closed her eyes and suppressed the tears that were welling up in them.

    But she had no idea if her actions were further provoking Gu Yu.

    In the blur of the moment, Xu Weilai felt Gu Yu grab her chin with his hand. He moved his lips to her ear and, in a hoarse and mocking tone, asked, “Xu Weilai, are you already unable to bear it? This is just the beginning.”

    Spoken without an ounce of warmth, his message was like a bucket of ice water doused over her head. It was so chilling that she instinctively opened her eyes.

    She met Gu Yu’s eyes. They were distant and icy, like sharp knives stabbing into her heart mercilessly.

    She knew that Gu Yu disliked her. But it was only at this moment that she realized how much he truly hated her…

    She couldn’t fathom why…

    Was it because she had overstepped her boundaries and had chosen to marry him? Was it because she had destroyed his chance of marrying his ideal partner?

    At that instant, the pain in her heart eclipsed every other emotion in her. She could only feel her heart shattering into a million smaller pieces, making it hard for her to breathe.

    A long while passed. Without even sparing her a glance, Gu Yu strode into the bathroom.

    The door slammed shut with a loud bang, and Xu Weilai instinctively curled her body up into a tight ball.