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Chapter 44

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 44: Remember to Take the Pill (2)

    Approximately ten minutes later, the door to the bathroom opened, and the mist rushed out. Gu Yu emerged wearing a bathrobe, and he walked over to the bedside. He looked down at Xu Weilai from his towering height.

    Xu Weilai felt as if she had just come back from death’s door, and her whole body felt lifeless. She lay on the bed, numb and motionless. But, when he looked over, she gritted her teeth and summoned all her strength to pull the covers over herself. She wanted to hide her bruise-ridden body away from his sight and was unwilling to let him see how pathetic she looked at that moment.

    That small gesture was sufficient to produce a thin layer of perspiration on her back.

    Gu Yu observed her demeanor, and his lips twisted into an unkind smile. He stared at her for a good two seconds before taking a sudden step forward and bending over to get closer to her.

    His treatment of Xu Weilai moments before had left her utterly traumatized. She shrank back subconsciously, but he reached out and caught her by her chin. His fingers tightened, forcing her to look up.

    The man’s handsome face was mere inches away from hers, but all Xu Weilai felt was panic and fear.

    Gu Yu wasn’t surprised to see her acting this way. Then again, there wasn’t any other emotion in his eyes at all. However, when he opened his mouth to speak, his words were ruthlessly cruel and sharp. “Xu Weilai, since you couldn’t bear your loneliness and were so eager for me to come back and f*ck you, I was naturally much obliged!”

    Everything that had happened tonight had come so suddenly that Xu Weilai wondered if it was all a dream. When she heard Gu Yu’s words, she had no idea what he meant at all.

    What did he mean when he said that she couldn’t bear her loneliness and was so eager for him to come back to f*ck her?

    However, Xu Weilai’s confused expression only served to fan the flames of fury burning within Gu Yu. He laughed sardonically, and mockery laced his tone when he said, “What now? Are you going to put on an act and pretend not to know anything? Xu Weilai, wipe that disgusting expression off your face. You can throw all your tricks my way. I’ll gladly respond anytime!”

    With that, he suddenly jerked his hand back as if her chin were something filthy. Xu Weilai lost her balance and fell back onto the bed.

    Gu Yu walked into the dressing room and changed into a fresh set of clothes. He came out, dressed to the nines, and, without sparing Xu Weilai so much as a glance, headed straight to the door.

    He suddenly recalled something after a few steps and stopped in his tracks. He turned around and fixed his icy glare on her.

    Without any attempt at tactfulness, he said bluntly, “Remember to take the pill. I don’t want another worthless relation to arise between you and me!”

    With that statement, Gu Yu slammed the door shut and left.

    Xu Weilai lay on the bed in a daze. Gu Yu’s parting remark kept playing repeatedly in her ear. When he had forced himself on her, regardless of how painful it had been, she hadn’t allowed herself to shed a tear. However, that statement alone was sufficient to cause tears to pour out of her eyes uncontrollably.

    Another worthless relation…

    She had married Gu Yu. But to him, she was nothing more than a worthless relation.

    He no longer had her isolated in his apartment, coming back once every three to five days. However, he never stayed the night. He merely repeated the actions of the first night—using her roughly before leaving without a backward glance.

    This didn’t seem like his home. It became more like a hotel. And Xu Weilai… she was beginning to feel more like a whore than a wife.

    When she had first moved in, she had assumed that this was going to be the home she shared with Gu Yu. She now realized that it had been nothing more than a delusional dream.