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Chapter 45

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 45: This Isn’t My Home (1)

    Xu Weilai had no idea when Gu Yu would return. But Gu Yu’s recent torment of her had put her in a state of extreme nervousness and anxiety. The slightest sound at home was enough to trigger her panic.

    Back when Gu Yu never came back, she had harbored that small string of hope that he would return. But now, his mere shadow was enough to frighten her.

    She did still like him, but she could no longer endure his heartless acts of humiliation and degradation.

    She did not want to remain in the apartment any longer, for fear that Gu Yu would return at any time and subject her to further intolerable harm.

    After Mr. Xu’s surgery, he recuperated in the hospital for a fortnight. He was being discharged on this day, and Xu Weilai headed to the hospital to pick him up. With the excuse that she wanted to spend more time with him, she followed her parents back to the Xu residence.

    Mr. Xu’s discharge from the hospital, coupled with Xu Weilai’s recent marriage to Gu Yu, put Mrs. Xu in extremely high spirits. She tended to the kitchen personally and prepared a table full of scrumptious food.

    Joyous events frequently elevated the soul. Xu Weilai’s father was cheerful the whole night. If not for the fact that his health did not permit him to drink, he would have happily indulged.

    After dinner, Xu Weilai took a walk with her father for a while before sitting down to watch some television. However, he was no longer as energetic as before and retired early to his bedroom to rest.

    When Mrs. Xu was done with her chores in the kitchen, she came out and glanced at the clock on the wall. It was already past nine.

    She saw that Xu Weilai had no intention to leave, and pestered, “Weilai, it’s getting late. You should go back soon. Don’t keep Yu waiting!”

    Go back…

    Those two words struck terror in Xu Weilai’s heart, and she trembled unconsciously.

    She had come out today precisely because she was trying to escape the place temporarily. She didn’t want to go back!

    Naturally, she couldn’t allow her mother to notice anything strange. With her smile that belied her real emotions, she said, “Dad just got discharged from the hospital. I would like to stay at home for a few days to keep him company.”

    Mrs. Xu frowned in disapproval, “How does that make sense? You’re a newlywed. How can you just leave your husband alone at home? If someone didn’t know better, they’d think we brought you up badly! Yu will be unhappy about it!”

    “Besides, your dad has me to take care of him. There will be plenty of opportunities in the future for you to keep him company. You don’t have to do it now.”

    “Mom… I–”

    Xu Weilai was about to say more when her mother cut her off again. “Weilai, don’t think for a moment that just because you’ve married Yu, you can afford to get complacent. An outstanding man like Yu will have many women clamoring for his attention. Even though he’s married, there’ll still be many shameless women with their eyes on him, just like that… that little starlet by the name of Su Ziqian! Moreover, you and Yu have not made your marriage public! If you don’t keep a close eye on him, you’ll be replaced in no time!”

    From the running monologue that Mrs. Xu unleashed on her daughter, Xu Weilai managed to pick out the keyword.

    Su Ziqian!

    She frowned slightly, and a thought suddenly occurred to her. She turned to look at her mother, and asked, “Mom, you know of Su Ziqian?”

    Although Su Ziqian had been Gu Yu’s female companion for these three years, based on what she knew, he had never once acknowledged Su Ziqian as his official girlfriend within his circle.

    In that case, to those in his inner circle, Su Ziqian was simple a woman without any status, and no one would take her seriously.

    “Of course I know of her! In the past, when you and Gu Yu weren’t married, I couldn’t have cared less about their interactions. But now that both of you are married… Gu Yu didn’t return home, and instead jetted off to Germany on holiday with that starlet to the knowledge of everyone! And you weren’t even anxious about it at all? As your mother, I could only worry on your behalf!”