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Chapter 46

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 46: This Isn’t My Home (2)

    She could only worry on her behalf?

    A sense of foreboding crept over Xu Weilai, and she instinctively clutched her mother’s hand as she asked in a trembling voice, “Mom, what… what did you do?”

    Xu Weilai applied too much strength, and her mother yelped in pain before Xu Weilai realized her actions and quickly released her.

    Mrs. Xu hadn’t expected her daughter’s reaction to be so strong, and her tone turned uncertain as she replied, “I was just afraid that Yu was having too much fun and had forgotten about you, so I gave his grandfather a call and asked him to urge Yu to go home!”

    So that was what had happened!

    No wonder Gu Yu had returned home all of a sudden! No wonder Gu Yu had uttered all those senseless words to her! No wonder he was so angry! He had probably surmised that his grandfather had forced him home because she had gone whining to Grandpa Gu!

    Gu Yu wasn’t a person who marched to someone else’s beat. The sole reason he went along with his grandfather’s wishes was that he was filial. But for someone like her, who had stupidly intruded into his world, he wouldn’t hold back!

    The memory of how ruthless he’d been with her the other night resurfaced in her mind, and Xu Weilai’s shivered subconsciously. Her hands and feet turned cold.

    Mrs. Xu hadn’t noticed anything amiss with her daughter. She held Xu Weilai’s hand and self-absorbedly said, “Weilai, you know that the hopes of our entire family are on your shoulders. You have to put in more effort with Yu, and ensure that you hold on to his heart. Don’t do anything that will make him unhappy. Don’t let what happened three years ago repeat itself, where he just broke the engagement without any warning. It was very hard for us to attain this marriage connection. You mustn’t let it go to waste. Do you hear me?”

    Put in more effort with Yu… Ensure that you hold on to his heart… Don’t do anything that will make him unhappy… This marriage connection mustn’t go to waste… From the start until the end, her mother had never uttered a single word of concern–not even a simple, “Weilai, have you been well?”

    Xu Weilai exited the Xu residence, and the ornate front doors slowly closed behind her with a dull thud.

    She turned around and looked at the house before her. Even though she had stayed there for so many years, she was now beginning to find it foreign.

    This place… was no longer her home. No matter how hurt she was, there was no longer a place here for her to lick her wounds.

    Xu Weilai smiled, but her smile was full of bitterness. The world was vast, and yet there was no place she could call her own.

    On the ground floor of the apartment building…

    When the guard was doing his nightly patrol, he saw Xu Weilai seated on the bench in a daze. Because she was pretty, he took a second look.

    After one round, she was still there.

    After returning from his second round, she still hadn’t budged.

    When he came back from his third round, she had finally gotten up.

    But she didn’t leave. It was probably because the night wind was chilly, and that she felt cold, that she began to walk on the spot. Then, she started jumping around the bench, as if to warm herself up.

    The guard looked at the time. It was almost midnight.

    Thinking for her safety, he stepped forward and asked, “Miss, it’s late. Why aren’t you going home? Which unit do you stay in?”


    Xu Weilai looked up and stared blankly into the eyes of the guard. She suddenly broke out in a smile, and quietly replied, “My home isn’t here.”

    She was clearly smiling, but the vibes she gave off were of sorrow, and the guard’s heart went out to her.

    He didn’t know what to say.

    The assistant drove Gu Yu back. As the car entered the compound, he saw his boss’s newly-wedded wife, Xu Weilai, standing with the guard by the bench, conversing with him about something. Without a second thought, he drove over.

    When the car neared her, the assistant brought it to a halt and rolled down the window, intending to call out to her.

    Unexpectedly, her words to the guard drifted over and could be clearly heard by the assistant, as well as Gu Yu, who was seated in the backseat!