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Chapter 47

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 47: Resistance (1)

    The assistant’s face froze mid-smile.

    He was aware of the matters between Mr. Gu and Xu Weilai. Back then, the couple had been inseparable and lovingly sweet to each other. But he didn’t know either why Mr. Gu had suddenly experienced a change of heart three years ago and backed out of his engagement with Xu Weilai.

    In the present, Mr. Gu had presumably married Xu Weilai because of his grandfather’s command. However, in the many years that the assistant had been working under Gu Yu, he had come to know that his boss wasn’t a person who could be ordered or controlled by anyone. Therefore, if he had agreed to marry Xu Weilai, it had to be because some part of him wanted to.

    The assistant had assumed that, given the beautiful past that Mr. Gu had shared with Miss Xu, despite the fact that the marriage was an alliance between two corporations, there would still be an element of true love present. He never expected… that the situation between the couple had deteriorated to this state!

    They were already married, but Mr. Gu still abhorred Miss Xu. Miss Xu, on the other hand, seemed like she had married solely for the one billion yuan. Otherwise, she would never have said, “This isn’t my home.”

    What her words meant was that even though she was married to Mr. Gu, she didn’t truly see Mr. Gu as her husband, and didn’t see this place as her home!

    The assistant could sense the tension emanating from Mr. Gu in the backseat. Cold sweat appeared on his brow, and he kicked himself inwardly for being a smart aleck and driving up to Xu Weilai on his own accord!

    He didn’t dare turn around to face Mr. Gu at that moment. All he could do was keep silent, lighten his breathing, and do his best to become as invisible as possible.

    Xu Weilai took out her cell phone to check the time. It was already past midnight and Gu Yu had not come back.

    From the looks of it, it was likely that he wasn’t coming back at all tonight, and she could finally rest assured and return to the apartment.

    She blinked back the desolation that had been in her eyes moments before, and hurriedly muttered to the guard, “I live in Apartment Six. I’ll go up right now!”

    She hadn’t said that she was going home, but merely “going up.”

    Without waiting for the guard to respond, she brushed past him and left.

    Xu Weilai returned to the entrance of her apartment and took out her keys to unlock the door. She entered, and, just as she was about to close the front door, a hand suddenly shot out to hold it back.

    Her heart skipped a beat.

    In the next second, the door was forcibly pushed open, and the huge, solid figure of a man entered her view. His expression was menacing and the look in his eyes was chilling. The vibes he gave off were full of rage.

    Within this period of time, Xu Weilai had grown familiar with his rages.

    She wanted to run instinctively, but, before she could even lift her foot, Gu Yu had already walked over and grabbed her wrist. He flung her onto the shoe cabinet at the entrance.

    When he had gripped her wrist, he had noticed that her ring finger was clean and bare.

    She had said that this wasn’t her home, and she had even removed her wedding ring!

    Gu Yu laughed humorlessly. Anger rolled in his eyes and turned into a torrential wave of rage.

    Fury clouded his judgment, and, without even heading into the bedroom, he proceeded to f*ck her there and then. He shredded her clothing mercilessly. She was wearing a blouse, and as he ripped it apart, the buttons flew off and bounced on the marble floor with a crisp and clear sound.

    Xu Weilai’s limbs turned cold and froze in fear.

    In the past, regardless of how unwilling she had been, she had gritted her teeth and bore with it, because she had married him. She was his wife, and that was her duty. However, today… she was feeling too distressed.

    She didn’t want to engage in that act with him at all! She wanted to push him off! She wanted to get as far away from him as possible!

    Xu Weilai raised her hands subconsciously and pushed against him with all her might, but the little strength she had couldn’t budge him at all. Instead, her resistance had completely infuriated Gu Yu.