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Chapter 48

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 48: Resistance (2)

    He dragged Xu Weilai into the bedroom.


    Xu Weilai felt despair rushing at her from every corner and direction, engulfing her from within. She had never cried throughout any of Gu Yu’s torments. But at that moment, she couldn’t control her tears, and they gushed out all at once.

    She didn’t want Gu Yu to witness the state she was in, so she turned her face away from him and buried it in the pillow. She bit her lip hard to prevent herself from making a sound.

    Gu Yu’s hand inadvertently brushed against her face, and the wet sensation made his fingertip pause and tremble slightly.

    He seemed to realize something, and, with his huge hand, he forcibly turned Xu Weilai’s face toward himself. Her complexion was white and bloodless, and her eyes were swollen red from crying, even as tears continued to pour out unceasingly.

    As he looked at her, he, strangely, felt as if someone had punched him in the gut, and he didn’t move for a long while.

    The bedroom quieted down, and all that could be heard was the slight sound of his ragged breathing and her broken sobs.

    It was the sound of Gu Yu’s cell phone ringing that finally broke him out of his reverie.

    Seeming jumping on that as an excuse to flee, Gu Yu jerked himself away from Xu Weilai’s body and leaped off the bed. He retrieved his cell phone from his pants on the floor and answered it without checking the identity of the caller.

    The sound of Su Ziqian’s voice came through the phone. “Yu…”

    Because the room was so silent, Xu Weilai could hear it too.

    Gu Yu glanced at Xu Weilai instinctively as she lay immobile and emotionless on the bed. An unidentifiable emotion flashed fleetingly across his eyes.

    He shut his eyes and reorganized his emotions. When he spoke, his voice was low and gentle. “Yeah? What is it?”

    Xu Weilai’s lashes trembled imperceptibly, and she closed her eyes as she burrowed deeper into the quilt.

    Under the covers, she could hear the flurry of actions as he got dressed and slammed the door behind him. The sound of his footsteps slowly and gradually disappeared into the distance.

    Xu Weilai reopened her eyes and stared blankly at the ceiling. She replayed the sound of Gu Yu’s gentle voice in her mind. Not too long ago, he had once been that gentle with her, too…