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Chapter 49

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 49: Behave! Stop Fooling Around. (1)

    Xu Weilai’s mind slowly drifted off afar, back to her memories from three years ago.

    After Gu Yu had awakened from his coma, they had become a couple automatically. To put it more accurately, he had finally permitted her to be by his side.

    Although he had never given her avowals of love and sweet nothings, he had doted on her. He had doted on her very, very much.

    The assistant had just reached home in the car when his boss phoned him and instructed him to come back.

    He stepped on the gas pedal and drove back to the apartment building in the shortest time possible, only to see Mr. Gu seated on the bench that Xu Weilai had occupied moments before. Mr. Gu’s head was tilted up, and he was looking at a light in a unit above him in the apartment building.

    He was dressed thinly in a single layer of clothing. He didn’t seem to feel anything as the cold wind blew. The assistant had no idea how long his boss had been sitting there.

    He looked desolate and sad.

    This was the second time since Xu Weilai’s return that he had seen his boss in this state.

    The assistant automatically turned his gaze in the direction of where Mr. Gu was looking, and all of a sudden, he recalled his memories of Gu Yu and Xu Weilai.

    He still remembered that the first time he had ever met Xu Weilai was three years ago.

    At that point, Mr. Gu had recently joined the Gu Corporation. The assistant had been sent by Mr. Gu Sr. to aid his grandson. One night, Mr. Gu had worked very late into the night due to the outstanding workload, and he had been accompanying him in the office.

    Just as he had been about to be overcome by fatigue, he’d suddenly heard the sound of light footsteps. He had looked up from his mountainous pile of documents to see a beautiful and petite young lady walking over with lunchboxes in her hands.

    It had been winter back then, and she had been dressed in a thick, white fur coat and a pair of skinny jeans. She had looked clean and pleasant to the eyes. However, she had been wearing a hat with bunny ears and long, furry pendants that fell from both sides of her ears. Her nose had been slightly frosted, and she had looked really cute.

    He had stared at her in a daze until she’d walked up to his table and waved her hand in front of his eyes to get his attention.

    She’d grinned widely at him and, in a crisp and sweet voice, said, “Hello! You must be Gu Yu’s assistant. I’m Xu Weilai!”

    Xu Weilai!

    Of course, he’d known that name! She was Mr. Gu’s fiancée!

    He’d regained his senses and stood up quickly as he greeted her politely. “Hello, Miss Xu.”

    Xu Weilai had been tickled by his actions. Her eyes had turned into thin crescents as she smiled at him. “You don’t have to be so polite, friend. Just call me Weilai. I’m here to deliver supper for both of you. You’ve worked hard.”

    As she spoke, she’d retrieved one of the lunchboxes and placed it on the assistant’s table.

    “Take your time to eat it. I’m going in to see Gu Yu.”

    As the assistant had stared at Xu Weilai’s back, he couldn’t help but think to himself that, not only did she look and sound sweet, she was also a gentle and considerate girl. Considering she came from a wealthy family, she was a rare gem, indeed!

    It was no wonder indeed that Gu Yu had chosen her. She was such a perfect lady; who wouldn’t like her?

    As the assistant had partaken of his supper, he had peeped quietly into his boss’s office. He’d been curious about how his usually icy boss was like when interacting with his fiancée.

    No one could have guessed! He’d gotten a shock of his life when he’d witnessed it!

    No one was permitted to interrupt Mr. Gu while he was working. However, he’d allowed Xu Weilai to snatch the documents from his hands before opening the lunchbox and placing the food in front of him on the work desk.

    Gu Yu had simply stared at her audacious actions without any emotion on his handsome face, but there wasn’t any disapproval in his eyes. In fact, his gaze had been doting.

    Mr. Gu had taken two symbolic mouthfuls before retrieving his documents to continue working. Xu Weilai had refused to accept it and angrily picked up a pair of chopsticks on her own to pick some food before holding it out in front of his mouth. “Open up,” she had said.