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Chapter 50

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 50: Behave! Stop Fooling Around. (2)

    When Mr. Gu had made no move to take a bite, Xu Weilai had widened her eyes.

    The assistant had thought to himself that nobody could force Mr. Gu to do anything against his will, and it was likely that Miss Xu was going to end up infuriating Mr. Gu!

    Just as he had begun saying a silent prayer for Miss Xu, he had witnessed the high and mighty CEO of the Gu Corporation opening his esteemed mouth like a little kid in response to Xu Weilai’s feeding.

    He had been flabbergasted!

    Afterward, when Mr. Gu was done with supper and had returned to his work, Xu Weilai hadn’t left. She’d explored his office for a while before returning to his side.

    She’d seemed to be annoyed that Mr. Gu wasn’t paying her any attention. She’d walked behind him and leaned on his back without a second thought, wrapping her arms around his neck. Her head had popped up from behind him, and she had leaned it over his shoulder. With her face plastered onto his, she’d read his documents along with him.

    The assistant had been expecting Mr. Gu to flare up. But his expression hadn’t changed in the slightest. It had stayed the same as if he were already used to it.

    The assistant had been thoroughly flabbergasted!

    Finally, Xu Weilai had been bored with reading documents over Gu Yu’s shoulder. She’d looked around playfully before smiling secretly to herself and placing her bunny-ear hat on Mr. Gu’s head!

    That had finally elicited a reaction out of Mr. Gu. His brows had shot together in a frown, and he’d looked toward Xu Weilai before reaching his hand out toward her.

    At that moment, the assistant could feel his terror rise inwardly. Xu Weilai was about to get thrown out by Mr. Gu!

    Unexpectedly, Mr. Gu reached forward and pinched Xu Weilai’s little cheeks. When he spoke, his voice was low and gentle. “Behave! Stop fooling around.”

    What on Earth? The assistant had been flabbergasted beyond recovery!

    When their work had finally been completed, the assistant had followed behind the couple as they went downstairs. Upon exiting the building, they had been faced with the harsh winter wind. Xu Weilai had shivered from the cold before looking up into Gu Yu’s eyes and whining coquettishly, “I’m cold…”

    Mr. Gu had looked at her, and his expression hadn’t changed as he held his long coat open for her to burrow inside his embrace. He had wrapped her inside his coat firmly and blocked the wind for her.

    The assistant had felt that he could die from shock on the spot.

    Just what had he done in his previous life to deserve this? It had been bad enough that he’d had to work late on such a cold night, and now he’d had to watch as the couple snuggled up in front of him?!

    The assistant couldn’t help but sigh at the memory of the past.

    There was no way anyone could convince him that the couple hadn’t felt anything for each other before!

    But how did a couple that had once been so in love evolve into the state they were in currently?

    In actual fact, the reason why Xu Weilai refused to recall the past was because the past had been too perfect. She was afraid to touch those memories, for fear that the harshness of her current reality would slowly erode them.

    But she knew it well in her heart that, without those happy memories of the past, there was no way her current self could endure what she was going through.

    Mr. Gu Sr. had done all he could to match-make Gu Yu and her together. He had hoped for her to make the best out of this marriage, and she didn’t want to let him down. However… how much longer could she rely on those memories to survive?

    She had absolutely no idea how much longer she could hold on for.

    After that night’s unpleasant parting, Gu Yu hadn’t returned to the apartment once.

    Xu Weilai had no idea if his absence was because of Su Ziqian, but she didn’t allow herself to ponder that question. In any case, Gu Yu’s absence was a boon for her.

    With the hefty investment, the Xu Corporation slowly recovered. Since Mr. Xu’s health had not recovered fully, Xu Weilai still had to take his place at the office in the interim.

    While she was going through the documents, her phone suddenly rang. Her eyes swept across the screen, and she paused in surprise.