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Chapter 51

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 51: I’ll Get Back at Him for You (1)

    Xu Weilai answered the call, and she heard a warm, familiar voice that cheered her up instantly.

    “Sister, I’m back in the country! Let’s meet tonight at our usual place at eight. Don’t be late!”

    “All right.”

    A smile lingered on Xu Weilai’s face even after she disconnected the call.

    The caller was her good friend, Xiao Chun. She was Gu Yu’s sister. More accurately put, she was Gu Yu’s god-sister.

    When Gu Yu was ten years old, his parents passed away in an accident. The emotional impact of losing his son and daughter-in-law had been too great for Mr. Gu Sr. to bear, and his physical and mental health had begun to take a beating.

    Xiao Chun’s mother, Bai Yufang, was a famous psychiatrist. She had been hired to treat Mr. Gu Sr., and it was thanks to her company and therapy that Mr. Gu Sr. had managed to come out of his grief.

    Mr. Gu Sr. had felt an intense connection with her and, acting on his empathy, had recognized her as a god-daughter. In that sense, Xiao Chun was as good as half a granddaughter to Mr. Gu Sr. and developed a sibling relationship with Gu Yu.

    She had met Xiao Chun for the first time at Gu Yu’s 18th birthday party. They had clicked immediately like old friends and became bosom buddies in no time. In the past, Xiao Chun had even given her suggestions on ways to attract Gu Yu’s attention. In a way, she had witnessed Xu Weilai’s entire journey regarding her feelings for Gu Yu.

    Because of the broken engagement three years ago, Xu Weilai had become the laughingstock within her social circle. Girls she had once seen as friends had turned their noses up at her and kept their distance. Only Xiao Chun had maintained their friendship.

    Xu Weilai had had her secretary empty out her schedule for the night. At seven o’clock, she left the office and drove to their usual place that they had agreed to meet at–Gu Garden Country Club.

    The Gu Garden Country Club was one of the many properties owned by the Gu family and was very exclusive. Back then, Xiao Chun, Gu Yu, and she had hung out there often.

    Since coming back from overseas, Xu Weilai hadn’t stepped foot into the property. Subconsciously, she just wanted to escape all the places that triggered her memories.

    Xu Weilai stopped the car, opened the car door, and got off. As she gazed at the familiar-looking entrance, an unidentifiable emotion surfaced.

    Upon entering, Xu Weilai was greeted by the manager. The manager’s smile was very sincere as she said, “Miss Xu, long time no see. Have you been well?”

    Xu Weilai nodded her head in reply.

    Xiao Chun had called ahead to make arrangements, and the manager led Xu Weilai to their usual private room that they had frequently used in the past. She prepared a pot of hot tea for Xu Weilai and retreated respectfully.

    At 8.15, the door to the private room opened, and a charming young lady walked in. In a couple of steps, she was right beside Xu Weilai and reached out to snatch the cup from Xu Weilai’s hands. She downed the contents of the cup in one gulp.

    “Oh, my God! I’m so thirsty! The traffic jam was crazy!”

    It was normal for the traffic to be congested in the capital, and Xu Weilai chuckled in response.

    Even after so many years, Xiao Chun’s personality hadn’t changed one bit. She was still as passionate and energetic as ever!

    “Little Weilai, I missed you so much!” Xiao Chun leaned over and gave Xu Weilai a bear hug as she said that. “You horrible woman! You just disappeared for three years without a word! I can’t believe you’re finally back!”

    They hadn’t met for a long time, and Xu Weilai missed her very much, too. She returned the hug affectionately.

    Xiao Chun ordered a whole table of dishes and opened an expensive bottle of red wine. The two friends sat at the table, eating, drinking, and reminiscing on old times.

    “Oh, right!” Xiao Chun swirled her goblet gracefully before raising it toward Xu Weilai in a toast. With a smile, she said, “I have yet to congratulate you! Congratulations! My best wishes to you for a happy marriage!”

    Xu Weilai wasn’t surprised by her words at all. Given her relationship with Grandpa Gu and Gu Yu, it wasn’t out of the ordinary for Xiao Chun to have found out about her marriage to Gu Yu.

    Xiao Chun sighed. “Who would have thought? Three years ago, Brother Yu rejected you, but you still wound up marrying him in the end!”