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Chapter 54

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 54: Unable to Fit In (2)

    There weren’t any superfluous expressions on Gu Yu’s face. He narrowed his eyes and tightened his brow as swept his gaze past Xu Weilai’s face in a fleeting moment. He opened his mouth and replied, “All right.”

    From the viewpoint of others, this change in his expression was attributed to the assumption that his initial reluctance to go had been outweighed by his affection for Su Ziqian, and his doting desire to accede to her wishes.

    A smile appeared on Su Ziqian’s face immediately; it was the face of a woman basking in happiness.

    Xiao was so put off by Su Ziqian’s coquettish display that her goosebumps rose all over, and she discourteously rolled her eyes in full view of everyone.

    Xu Weilai kept silent throughout and didn’t make a single sound.

    Xiao Chun was playful and fun-loving. In addition to the few of them, she made a number of phone calls and invited all her close friends in her social circle over.

    When she was on the phone with Xu Shuai and found out that he was at the nightclub they frequented, rousing the crowd, they decided to head over immediately.

    With everyone in agreement, the four of them headed over to the nightclub by the name of A-PUB.

    Xu Shuai was the undisputed “Prince of the Nightclubs”. Every night, if he wasn’t on his way to a nightclub, it meant that he was already partying in one. When they reached the venue, he was already on a high. He jumped onto the stage and tapped the microphone, striking a cool pose before announcing to the audience, “Tonight, all tabs are on me, Young Master Xu! Let me hear some noise!”

    At that moment, the audience below the stage broke out in cheers and hoots. One very voluptuous lady ran straight up and offered her lips to Xu Shuai in an embrace. Xu Shuai did not shy away and gave her a French kiss right there and then!

    The cacophony of cheers, screams, and shouts from the audience was almost enough to bring the roof down.

    Gu Yu was immune to this scene. Xiao Chun was immune to it, too. Xu Weilai knew what Xu Shuai’s personality was like and wasn’t surprised either. Only Su Ziqian yelped out in disbelief.

    Xiao Chun gave her a look of contempt out the side of her eye and remarked, “Why are you making much ado over nothing?”

    Su Ziqian’s face revealed her grievance at the sudden attack.

    “Weilai, let’s go!” Xiao Chun put her arm over Xu Weilai’s shoulders and walked ahead on the path that they were all familiar with.

    Xu Shuai had already made arrangements for the biggest and most luxurious private room to be prepared for them. When they entered, someone notified Xu Shuai, who promptly pushed away the girl he was tangling tongues with. With a look of regret in his eyes, he declared, “Don’t fall for me. I’m but a myth!”

    The four individuals settled in. Xiao Chun and Xu Weilai sat together, Gu Yu chose a random spot to sit, and Su Ziqian sat beside him without any hesitation.

    Xu Shuai pushed the doors open and entered. Following behind him was a waiter with an array of fruit platters, snack platters, and various bottles of premium liquor.

    Xu Shuai was very close to Gu Yu, and very close to Xiao Chun as well. In colloquial terms, they were all like bros with each other. He plunked his butt right beside Xiao Chun and rested his arm on her shoulder. “Princess of the Nightclubs, welcome back! From now on, we will conquer the nightclubs together and dominate them all!”

    Xiao Chun’s lips curled in a patronizing smile as she clenched her fist and whacked him on the head. “Scram!” she admonished.

    Xu Shuai held his head in his hands, and complained, “Yu, aren’t you going to take this sister of yours in hand? If she continues to be this fierce, who’s going to dare to marry her in future?”

    Gu Yu’s face broke out in a rare smile when he saw this. “She’s not my responsibility.”

    Xu Weilai had been feeling very unsettled and uneasy due to Gu Yu’s presence. However, upon witnessing the exchange between Xiao Chun and Xu Shuai, she felt as if she were transported back to the happy times in the past. Her lips turned up in a smile of their own accord.

    Su Ziqian was the only one left feeling awkward when she saw the atmosphere between the four people.

    She was clearly present, but, considering how she was unable to fit in, she was as good as invisible.