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Chapter 55

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 55: The Pampered Consort Holds Power (1)

    Friends and acquaintances came trickling in, and even after the first round of drinks was over, Xiao Chun still hadn’t lost track of her original motive. She crossed her legs and leaned back on the couch. She looked at Su Ziqian haughtily and said, “Miss Su, since everyone is in such a good mood today, why don’t you sing a song to enliven the atmosphere even more?”

    Although she had worded it as a request, it was actually a command!

    Xiao Chun wanted her to sing a song to liven up the atmosphere? Who did she think she was to ostracize and humiliate her that way?

    The smile on Su Ziqian’s face disappeared immediately, and she went silent.

    Xiao Chun’s eyes were full of provocation, and she didn’t mince her words. “Why? Are you unwilling to? Are you looking down on us? Do you hold yourself above us?”

    As Xiao Chun spoke the words “hold yourself above us,” she made sure to enunciate her words clearly.

    Everyone present there was from a rich and powerful family and was somebody of status. Even Xu Weilai, who was the laughingstock of the group, had been born to a proper and respected family. They were all individuals from the upper class. But what was Su Ziqian?

    No matter how popular she was in the entertainment industry, without the firm backing of a powerful family, she was nothing more than an outcast actress. If not for the support of Gu Yu, the prince of the Gu family, she would never have even possessed the right to appear at such a gathering.

    Therefore, the phrase “hold yourself above us” had been uttered as a massive joke!

    However, she was, after all, the pampered consort of the prince. Even if everyone looked down on her, no one could risk offending the prince and thus wouldn’t dare do so outrightly.

    Su Ziqian was stunned by Xiao Chun’s words, and her eyes reddened.

    She could sense everyone in the room looking at her, their eyes brimming with glee over her misfortune. Their looks were scornful and mocking.

    She had known that Xiao Chun had set this whole thing up with nefarious intentions. But she had walked into it all the same because she wanted to remain by Gu Yu’s side. She wanted to face all his friends and claim her sovereignty!

    Especially toward Xu Weilai, this woman who had once been Gu Yu’s fiancée!

    Su Ziqian had been by Gu Yu’s side for three years, and Gu Yu had doted on her for three years. She had been so certain that their relationship would evolve to the next level soon, and that she’d become Gu Yu’s wife and the mistress of the Gu household. Unfortunately, Xu Weilai had suddenly returned!

    All these years, Gu Yu had doted on her, and given in to almost every whim and fancy she had. However, she had this nagging feeling that a portion of his heart had been kept completely out of her reach.

    Her intuition told her that it had something to do with Xu Weilai!

    Therefore, the first time she had met Xu Weilai in the restroom at the party, she had suddenly panicked. That had led to her agreeing unhesitatingly when Xu Weilai had called and requested an interview. She had wanted very much to meet Xu Weilai, the only woman that Gu Yu had ever acknowledged in public.

    She had worked hard for so long, and the position of Mrs. Gu was finally within her reach. She wasn’t going to allow anybody to spoil her chances!

    As she had expected, Gu Yu did indeed treat Xu Weilai differently. Toward her, and perhaps everyone else, Gu Yu was always indifferent. Only when it came to Xu Weilai did his mood become volatile.

    Fortunately, that was all there was to it. Gu Yu was still by her side and hadn’t involved himself unnecessarily with Xu Weilai. As such, she believed that Gu Yu’s heart was still with her. She was also confident that she would be in no way inferior to a woman Gu Yu had rejected three years before!

    But how lucky Xu Weilai was! She came from a good background with the right connections. Even her friends were great. She didn’t even have to lift a finger, and she had friends coming to her aid. All Xu Weilai had to do was sit quietly by the corner and watch as Xiao Chun bullied a poor, defenseless girl like herself.

    Su Ziqian knew that if she rejected Xiao Chun’s request, there was no telling what Xiao Chun would do next!

    Fine! While Xu Weilai had Xiao Chun looking out for her, she—Su Ziqian—had her own protector, too!

    At that moment, a courteous smile resurfaced on Su Ziqian’s face, and she said to Xiao Chun, “Not at all! Since you’d like to hear me sing, I’ll happily comply! However… I’m a little too shy to sing on my own. I would like Yu to sing with me.”