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Chapter 56

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 56: The Pampered Consort Holds Power (2)

    With me…

    That phrasing of hers had been a stroke of genius.

    Su Ziqian agreed to sing, but she wanted the high and mighty Prince to sing with her. If he agreed to it, it would prove that she meant something to him. That way, all these people from the upper class, with their noses up in the air, would no longer dare to look down on her!

    The moment Su Ziqian said that, Xiao Chun snorted. Su Ziqian seriously overestimated herself!

    Everyone else present looked on in anticipation of how the situation would unfold.

    Xu Weilai did not want to have any conflict with Gu Yu and did her best to keep a low profile. She also kept her eyes averted from Gu Yu and Su Ziqian.

    Other than Xu Weilai herself and Gu Yu, the only other people who knew about their marriage was probably Xiao Chun and Xu Shuai. In the eyes of everyone else in their circle, she was, at present, only Xu Weilai, and represented only the Xu family.

    Every action and word of hers would affect the way the Xu family was viewed.

    Because of the broken engagement, she had been mocked for a long time. Right now, Gu Yu was parading his new flame in front of her. Everything was seemingly peaceful on the surface, but she knew that, underneath it all, everyone was staring at her, waiting for her to make a fool of herself again.

    She refused to let her actions bring shame to her family once again. She couldn’t stop Xiao Chun from humiliating Su Ziqian, but she refused to have any part in it. She kept her eyes lowered and, with her goblet in hand, focused on drinking her alcohol.

    What a joke it was! She was Gu Yu’s wife but had to watch as he cozied up to another woman. She was Gu Yu’s wife, but she didn’t even have the right to get jealous…

    She was doing her utmost to act as if she couldn’t see anything that was going on around her, but when she heard Su Ziqian utter that sentence, her fingers subconsciously tightened around the goblet.

    Since her return, she had heard many, many stories about how much Gu Yu doted upon Su Ziqian. She had also personally witnessed the way Gu Yu kissed Si Ziqian. Furthermore, he had spent their honeymoon period with Su Ziqian. However… she was still curious just how far Gu Yu would go in pampering Su Ziqian.

    Was Gu Yu… going to agree to it?

    Although Su Ziqian had daringly made such a request, in truth, she was simply making a gamble and risking it all on a single stake. She knew that Gu Yu did not like public displays of affection, and he didn’t like it when she publicized his affection. Most importantly, she couldn’t get a handle on how his mind worked.

    But this time around, she was determined to give it her all. She reasoned that Gu Yu wouldn’t embarrass her in front of so many people!

    She sucked in a deep breath silently and turned her head to look at Gu Yu. Her huge, pretty eyes shined dazzlingly at him, and she asked coquettishly, “Yu, let’s sing together, shall we?”

    Everyone in the private room held their breath as they awaited Gu Yu’s answer.

    Gu Yu lifted his eyes and looked at Su Ziqian. His expression darkened, and a chill emanating from him was aimed straight at her. Her smile froze and her face turned white.

    Had she angered him?

    Gu Yu’s eyes swept past her face and wandered over to Xu Weilai, who was sitting opposite.

    It was as if the commotion in the private room had nothing to do with her. She sat there in her own little world. Regardless of what was said, or what was done, she looked without seeing and quietly resumed her drink.

    Her body language clearly spelled out the word “indifference”.

    She had been indifferent when she’d seen him with Su Ziqian! She had told Xiao Chun that she didn’t have a husband. And the other day, she had told the guard that her home wasn’t here!

    Gu Yu’s face darkened, and his lips rose is a mocking smile before he replied, “Sure.”

    Following that one word, the entire room was silent for a good ten seconds.

    Xiao Chun’s expression turned ugly, and she motioned toward Xu Shuai with her brows. Xu Weilai felt a painful ache shoot through her uncontrollably.