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Chapter 57

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 57: Their Song (1)

    Su Ziqian had thought that she was about to be rejected, and it was to her surprise that Gu Yu agreed to her request. In that instant, her eyes lit up in a huge smile, and she ran over to the song selector and turned her head back delicately. She called out, “Yu, we’ll sing… Hiroshima Mon Amour, all right?”

    Gu Yu’s face was shrouded in the shadows, and his expression couldn’t be seen. He seemed to hesitate for a moment–or perhaps not–before replying in a cold and indifferent tone, “Whatever.”

    Hiroshima Mon Amour…

    Like a heavy weight, those words pressed down on Xu Weilai’s heart painfully.

    Xiao Chun, who was in the know, jumped up immediately. She was about to say something in protest when Xu Weilai stopped her with her sharp look and a quick hand. She pulled Xiao Chun to sit back down.

    Xu Weilai looked up at the angry Xiao Chun and shook her head silently.

    Xiao Chun opened her mouth to speak. “But this song–”

    Xu Weilai interrupted her quickly, “It doesn’t matter!”

    On the other side of the room, Su Ziqian had already selected the song “Hiroshima Mon Amour”, and the instrumental intro had begun to play. She walked back to Gu Yu’s side and sat down. She picked up a microphone and passed it to Gu Yu before taking a microphone of her own and looking affectionately at the handsome man beside her.


    You should have refused me before.

    You shouldn’t have allowed me to chase for your love.

    …And given me the illusion I longed for.

    Leaving me a name I would never forget.


    Gu Yu’s voice was deep, low, and had a mesmerizing quality to it. Although he didn’t sing with any emotions, his singing was pleasant to the ears, and the listeners were soon intoxicated by the sound of his voice.

    Su Ziqian followed up with the female part. Her voice was extremely sweet and carried with it a strong sense of happiness that was contrasted sharply against the melancholic style of the song.


    Time cannot be rewound.

    The space is easily broken.

    The love for 24 hours.

    Will be the beautiful, unforgettable memory in my life.


    This song was the only song that Xu Weilai and Gu Yu had ever sung together.

    Xiao Chun was playful, and Xu Weilai, in the past, had been equally fun-loving. Both of them together had been wild beyond control. This had been especially true after Xu Weilai had gotten together with Gu Yu. He had pampered her so much that she had become a spoiled princess, unafraid of anything!

    She recalled one of her birthdays when she and Xiao Chun had reserved a Karaoke room to sing their hearts out. Both of them had removed their shoes and climbed atop the couches, singing and jumping all the way. Finally, they had still complained that it wasn’t lively enough, and Xu Weilai had pestered Gu Yu to sing with her.

    Gu Yu had been unwilling to, and Xu Weilai had proceeded to coax and pester him simultaneously. When he remained unyielding, she had thrown a tantrum. Standing on her feet, she had bent over with one hand holding the couch for support, and the other holding Gu Yu’s chin firmly in her hand. She had demanded domineeringly, “Gu Yu, you have to sing with me! If you don’t, I’ll look for another boyfriend!”

    Gu Yu had raised his brow and smiled coldly, “Care to repeat that?”

    Xu Weilai had been terrified instantaneously and immediately sat on his lap. With her arms around his neck, she had wheedled, “Gu Yu… Sing with me, please? I’m begging you. You’re the best! You’re the handsomest! I love you most–”

    Gu Yu had heartlessly pushed her away with his index finger on her forehead. He had, however, acquiesced to her request. “Which song do you want?”

    At that moment, the song “Hiroshima Mon Amour” came on. Xu Weilai didn’t bother selecting another. She raised her chin toward the screen and said, “Let’s just sing this!”

    Xiao Chun, at the side, had immediately piped up, “Weilai, haven’t you heard? This song is cursed! Rumor has it that couples that sing this song will definitely break up. Aren’t you afraid that this song will jinx your relationship with Brother Yu?”

    She had been so full of confidence back then!

    She’d looked up fearlessly and declared, “No curse will ever work on me! I’m not scared. If that’s really the case, Gu Yu and I will be the first couple to break that curse, and live happily ever after into our old age after singing this song!”

    She had chucked Gu Yu under the chin before announcing, “You, Gu Yu, belong to me, Xu Weilai! For the rest of your life!”