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Chapter 59

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 59: She was Crying (1)

    The taxi didn’t go far and stopped at the entrance of a shopping mall nearby. Gu Yu stopped his car as well and watched as Xu Weilai alighted and entered the mall.

    It was already late at night, and most of the shops in the mall had already closed. What was she doing here at this hour?

    His brows shot together in bewilderment. He shut off the car’s ignition and alighted from the vehicle. In long strides, he followed behind.

    Xu Weilai entered the mall and went straight into the elevator. On the ground floor, Gu Yu watched at the number on the screen showed the lift going all the way up and stopping on the seventh floor. He turned his eyes to the directory beside him and saw that on the seventh floor was a movie theatre.

    So, instead of heading back to the apartment this late at night, she had come to watch a movie on her own?

    Since when did Xu Weilai watch movies on her own? She hated being lonely and had always called friends along.

    Alternatively… had she arranged to meet with someone?

    At that thought, Gu Yu’s eyes darkened, and he pressed for the elevator. Upon entering, he pressed the seventh floor.

    Although it was late at night, it was, after all, a Friday, and people didn’t have to go to work the next morning. Hence, the movie theater was still relatively packed.

    Xu Weilai queued for some time before her turn finally came at the ticketing counter. When the counter assistant asked for her choice, she replied without a second thought. “What is the most tear-jerking movie showing at the moment?”

    The counter assistant replied, “More than Blue.”

    The title of the movie itself sounded depressing enough… Xu Weilai nodded her head. “That movie will do. One ticket.” She paused for a moment before adding, “Please give me a corner seat.”

    The counter assistant looked at her suspiciously. Most moviegoers wanted the best seats in the theatre, but here she was, asking for a corner seat…

    Upon having her ticket checked and entering the theater, Xu Weilai found her seat and sat down. The lights around her dimmed, and the movie began.

    Xu Weilai stared wide-eyed at the screen, and, within a few seconds, tears came flowing out.

    There weren’t any sad scenes at the start of the movie, but tears kept streaming out of her eyes uncontrollably and dripping off the edge of her chin.

    A couple was seated not too far from her and heard the sound of her sobbing. The girl looked at the screen, and back at her before asking her boyfriend in bafflement, “This is clearly a funny scene! Why is that girl crying so sorrowfully?”

    The boy looked over and replied, “Maybe she punctured a tear duct? Well, you girls love sentimentality. This movie was filmed to milk you for your tears anyway!”

    “D*mn, whom are you referring to with your talk on sentimentality? I think something must have happened to her!”

    “All right. That’s enough. Why are you being so nosy? Just watch the movie!”

    Gu Yu was seated a few rows behind Xu Weilai, and his eyes were focused on her. The lighting in the theater was very dim, and he could only make out the outline of her back, and her shoulders that trembled from time to time.

    When the movie ended, it was past midnight. Xu Weilai exited the theater with her eyes red and swollen. She headed into the washroom to splash her face with cold water before going to the ground floor and returning back to the apartment.

    She turned on the lights in the apartment. The place was cold and empty.

    Xu Weilai sat on the couch and hugged a pillow. She leaned her head back against the couch covers with a dull expression in her eyes.

    She hadn’t watched a second of the movie at all. All she had needed was a place to have a good cry. She had suppressed the urge for so long and had no longer been able to endure it.

    The Xu residence and the apartment both weren’t hers, and she couldn’t cry in either place, for fear of being seen by her parents or Gu Yu. Out in public, she didn’t have as many concerns. She didn’t have to keep her act up and could cry as much as she wanted to.

    Suddenly, a noise came from the door.