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Chapter 61

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 61: You Overestimate Your Self-Worth (1)

    Gu Yu was still seated on the couch, looking at his computer. His long fingers were typing away at the keyboard, making a crisp, clicking sound.

    Xu Weilai didn’t dare interrupt him. She stood to the side hesitantly, wondering whether or not to go to bed. She was frightened of offending Gu Yu. Eventually, she made her way quietly to the huge bed. She flung the covers open and climbed in.

    She turned around to have her back facing Gu Yu.

    It had been barely five minutes since she had lain down when Gu Yu seemed to already be done with his work. He closed his laptop and got up, heading towards the bed. Xu Weilai felt the covers being lifted off, and the mattress beside her sank. The man had gotten into bed.

    The bed was enormous. Even with Gu Yu in it, there was still a vast expanse of space between the two of them. Even so, Xu Weilai couldn’t resist inching a little more to the side. Her whole body balanced on the edge of the bed.

    Gu Yu switched the light off, and the bedroom became dark.

    Xu Weilai clenched the blanket in her hands and trembled as she waited for Gu Yu to begin his torment of her. But as she waited in anticipation for a long while, there was no movement from Gu Yu. It seemed as though he had come back to the apartment simply to sleep.

    She didn’t dare turn her head to look at him. But, as another five minutes went by, Gu Yu remained quiet and still, and her heartbeat slowly settled.

    However… in the time since they had become married, although Gu Yu had engaged in other intimacies with her many times, he had never shared a bed with her. Each time he’d finished with her, he’d leave without sparing her a second glance.

    So why was it that today, not only had he not abused her, but he was also sharing a bed with her?

    Xu Weilai couldn’t figure it out no matter how hard she tried. There was no point in her trying to guess what Gu Yu was thinking. Plus, she had cried for such a long time that day, that she was already feeling exhausted. When the room quieted down, her eyelids slowly closed. She didn’t have the strength to fight it, and as her vision went dark, she drifted off to sleep.


    Upon hearing Xu Weilai’s breaths grow slow and steady, Gu Yu opened his eyes. He turned his head and saw that the woman beside him was curled up in a little ball.

    He had no idea what he had been thinking, coming back here. When he had seen her crying at the movie theater for so long, exiting with swollen, red eyes, and a desolate look, he hadn’t been able to restrain himself from following her back to the apartment.

    By the time he regained his senses, he’d already found himself standing at the entrance.

    Despite his refusal to admit it, and regardless of whether it had been in the past or the present, this woman possessed the ability to make him act oddly. He couldn’t control himself around her. This was very vexing, indeed!

    The sound of sobbing drifted over Gu Yu’s ears and broke him out of his reverie. He snapped out of his thoughts as he realized, for some reason, Xu Weilai was crying again.

    She was someone who never liked crying, and in the past, she had always avoided sad movies. She only enjoyed seeing movies with happily-ever-afters. However, today, not only had she watched a sad film, but she was also crying in her sleep.

    Was she this depressed because of the movie she’d seen?

    If a fictional story could elicit such an emotional response from her, why was it that she was so emotionless when it came to him?

    Gu Yu stared hard at her back and watched as her shoulders trembled uncontrollably. In a trance, he reached his hand out, intending to pat her on the back. Unexpectedly, the moment his hand came into contact with her shoulder, her body jerked vehemently. The crying stopped, instantly.

    She quickly sat up straight. Still shuddering, she opened her mouth, and her voice was urgent and panicky as she said, “No, please… I… I’m not feeling well today…”

    Gu Yu’s hand was left suspended in the air as he observed her fear and nervousness. A strange emotion engulfed him.

    Although the room was dark, Xu Weilai could still sense the man’s gaze on her body. The coldness it emanated seeped into her bones. She bit her bottom lip hard, to the extent that it almost drew blood.