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Chapter 62

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 62: You Overestimate Your Self-Worth (2)

    Moments before, as she was halfway between dreamland and reality, she had subconsciously felt someone coming near to her. She had instinctually jolted awake and protests had left Xu Weilai’s mouth before she could stop to think.

    She had thought that she might be able to escape his torment that night, but it seemed that even now, he wasn’t willing to let her off easy.

    After some time, Gu Yu pursed his lips and sneered. With dark eyes, he glared at her callously. His lips curled up, and his words to her were cold. “Xu Weilai, you overestimate your self-worth! Even if you offered up your body to me, I wouldn’t take it!”

    With that, he got out of bed abruptly and strode to the coatroom. He emerged after changing his clothes and slammed the door as he left.

    Xu Weilai hugged her blanket and sat there in stunned silence. Gu Yu’s words kept replaying in her ears, and her heart went numb with pain. She had never felt so miserable before.


    Gu Yu angrily yanked the car door open and got in. He clenched his hands into fists and punched the steering wheel forcefully.

    The memory of Xu Weilai’s terrified expression surfaced in his mind over and over, and his heart was becoming a jumbled mess. The pain on her face was almost palpable…

    Xu Weilai was finally afraid of him. She knew her place and wouldn’t dare try her tricks on him any longer. But why wasn’t he feeling any satisfaction from getting his revenge?

    In the past, Xu Weilai would never have been afraid of him. She used to be a woman who had no fear of climbing all over him!

    Gu Yu slammed his back against the seat of the car and closed his eyes. Stuck in a trance of his memories he could hear Xu Weilai’s crisp and demanding voice.


    “Gu Yu, you’re not allowed to look at other girls! You can only look at me, and you can only like me! I have to be the most beautiful girl in your eyes!”

    “Gu Yu, I really want to put a tag on you that says ‘Already spoken for!'”

    “Gu Yu, admit it! You were born for my sake! You’re mine, and mine alone!”

    “Gu Yu, if I ever find out that you like another woman, I’ll tie you up and hide you somewhere that only I know of!”


    Words of the past kept repeating themselves in his head. However, within a few seconds, Gu Yu seemed to recall something else. The warmth in his eyes disappeared completely, leaving iciness in its place.


    Xiao Chun was going to start working at the Gu Corporation soon, so she asked Xu Weilai to go shopping with her for new suits. Of course, Xu Weilai agreed.

    While the only goal of their trip was for Xiao Chun to buy suits, in reality, she just bought whatever caught her fancy without batting an eye, regardless of whether it was bags, shoes, or anything else. Before much time had passed, both their hands were full of shopping bags.

    While trying on shoes, Xiao Chun pointed at a pair and said, “Weilai, that pair of shoes suits you! You should get them!”

    Xu Weilai shook her head. “That’s not necessary. I still have plenty of shoes back home.”

    “Am I hearing you wrong?” Xiao Chun looked at her in disbelief. “We buy them to make ourselves happy! Since when have you cared how many shoes you have? There is no limit to the number of shoes we can own! The more, the better!”

    The shoes sold there weren’t cheap. In the past, she had been exactly like Xiao Chun was, buying whatever she wanted. But now, her family was in debt, and the Xu Corporation needed the Gu family’s bride price to stay afloat. She couldn’t afford to be wasteful with money anymore.

    Of course, Xiao Chun was aware of the Xu family’s predicament—but Xu Weilai had already married Gu Yu and was the mistress of the Gu family!

    A frown appeared on her face as the wheels in her head turned, and she suddenly came to a realization. With a start of surprise, she asked, “Weilai, are you telling me… that Brother Yu didn’t give you any money? You’re his wife, and he hasn’t given you a single cent to spend?”

    Wife? To Gu Yu, she was nothing more than the vicious woman who had destroyed his chances of marrying the woman of his choice.

    Even though Xiao Chun was a good friend, Xu Weilai wasn’t willing to expose exactly how unhappy her marriage was.

    She didn’t allow an ounce of sorrow to show on her face. Instead, she pasted on a bright smile, and pretending that she hadn’t heard the question, she remarked, “That pair of shoes looks really good on you!”

    Xiao Chun read between the lines, and even though she was outraged on her friend’s behalf, she didn’t push the issue any further.

    When the time came to pay their bill, Xu Weilai’s cell phone suddenly rang. The call came from Grandpa Gu. She answered the call, and as she listened to his words, her fingers tightened around the phone and her knuckles turned white.