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Chapter 64

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 64: Are You and Yu Happy Together? (2)

    Previously, her mother had ratted Gu Yu out to Grandpa Gu, who then forced Gu Yu to go home. That act had led him to heartlessly tormenting her. If Grandpa Gu made that kind of phone call again, Gu Yu would surely assume she was manipulating Grandpa Gu in order to go to the family gathering!

    She didn’t want to be on the receiving end of his fury again!

    Immediately, she realized that her reaction had been a little too extreme, and she was quickly concerned that she had aroused Grandpa Gu’s suspicions. She forced out a chuckle and tried to explain. “What I mean to say is… I’ll just let Gu Yu know about it when he comes home later. Please don’t trouble yourself, Grandpa.”

    “Alright, then. I’ll be waiting for you at home this weekend, and I’ll have Mrs. Lin prepare your favorite dishes.”

    “Thank you, Grandpa.”

    Upon hanging up the call, Xu Weilai rubbed her brows. She had managed to subdue Grandpa Gu for now, but when it came to Gu Yu… she didn’t have much confidence.

    Xiao Chun had settled her bill by then, and she had paid for two pairs of shoes. She handed a shopping bag to Xu Weilai and said, “Since your husband didn’t give you a credit card, you’re free to use mine instead!”

    Xu Weilai laughed and didn’t bother being formal with her. She graciously accepted the bag, saying, “Thanks, sis!”

    She knew Xiao Chun well. If she rejected the gift, Xiao Chun would be upset; therefore, she willingly accepted it. After all, gifts were frequently exchanged between the both of them. She knew it would only be a matter of time before an opportunity to give her something in return would arise.


    After they left the boutique, they noticed that the mall was holding an event with a media star, attracting a huge throng of spectators. The crowd of fans packed the room, filling the entire floor surrounding the stage.

    Xu Weilai looked over in curiosity, and in one glance, spotted the eye-catchingly beautiful Su Ziqian standing on the stage.

    The host was in the middle of complimenting her beauty as she smiled coyly, looking effortlessly graceful and sexy. The fans below the stage wouldn’t stop squealing in delight.

    Xiao Chun noticed her as well, and she snorted in disdain. “What a fake display of coquettishness. I have no idea what those fans see in her, and I have absolutely no idea what on earth Brother Yu likes about her!”

    Finally done singing praises of Su Ziqian’s beauty, the host began to interview her. “Miss Su, rumors have been going around that you’re about to become the new spokesperson for the Gu Corporation. Are they true?”

    Su Ziqian gave a knowing smile and replied, “I’m unable to answer that question at this time. You’ll have to wait for the official announcement. What I can assure all of you is that the announcement will be good news!”

    Although she hadn’t given a direct answer, her response essentially confirmed the rumor. The fans began screaming excitedly.

    Upon hearing that, Xiao Chun was filled with indignation. “He’s even giving Su Ziqian the position of Gu Corporation’s spokesperson? In the past, that position has only been given to the top stars. Brother Gu is really trying to push Su Ziqian to the top—is he trying to make a deity out of her or something?”

    Xu Weilai didn’t say anything in response. She knew very well that Gu Yu was this way.

    If he wanted to, he could spoil a person to the utmost of his ability. In the past, hadn’t he indulged her demands to the point of ridiculousness as well?

    Su Ziqian now had what Xu Weilai had once had, and she was protected in the palm of Gu Yu’s hand. However, Su Ziqian was more fortunate than she had ever been, because Gu Yu actually liked her.

    As for herself, Gu Yu had never genuinely liked her. Everything that had happened between them in the past was probably because of a moment’s interest in her. Or, perhaps, that had been his way of repaying her for taking care of him after the accident.

    The host asked another question. “There have been rumors lately that you have a very close relationship with the prince of the Gu Corporation. Are you able to reveal to us whether congratulations will be in order anytime soon?”