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Chapter 65

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 65: Only the Favored One Has the Right to be Fearless (1)

    That question had been asked often in the past, but Su Ziqian had never given a direct answer before. She usually either changed the topic or gave a vague answer in order to skirt around the question. However, this time around…

    Su Ziqian straightened her back as a shy look came over her. She looked out towards the crowd, and her eyes fell squarely on Xu Weilai as she raised her hand.

    Her fair and slender hand was displayed for all to see, and on her ring finger was a conspicuous-looking diamond that sparkled brightly.

    Nothing more needed to be said!

    The host was so surprised that the next few words were uttered haltingly. “You… you’re engaged already?”

    Su Ziqian smiled without saying a word as the fans screamed unceasingly. They were all elated that their goddess was about to marry her Prince Charming. This was what the public had been hoping for. They indeed looked like a match made in heaven. The fans wholeheartedly approved of this union!

    The short-tempered Xiao Chun couldn’t bear to watch, and she gritted her teeth as she remarked to Xu Weilai, “What a shameless woman! Weilai, you should give her a couple of firm slaps and show her who the real wife is!”

    Xu Weilai stared at the diamond ring on Su Ziqian’s finger. She suddenly recalled the day that Gu Yu and she had registered their marriage. Grandpa Gu had forced Gu Yu to put the ring that was worn around his neck onto her finger, and Gu Yu had angrily retorted that she wasn’t worthy!

    Although that ring was gone now, he had still been able to acquire another ring for Su Ziqian.

    What use was it being the “official wife,” when in Gu Yu’s heart, Su Ziqian was the only woman he acknowledged?

    Fortunately, she had maintained a shred of her dignity by removing that ring from her finger a while back. Otherwise, how awkward it would be!

    “Let’s go,” Xu Weilai said, and she turned to leave.

    However, Xiao Chun grabbed her arm and held her back. Disappointment and disapproval were evident in her eyes as she looked at Xu Weilai. “Weilai, you’ve changed! Don’t you remember what you used to be like? You would never have allowed another woman near Brother Yu! If any woman had been bold enough to step forward, you’d have dealt with her immediately! But look at yourself now! You’re already married to Brother Yu! Do you lack the courage to protect your marriage? Or do you not care about Brother Yu anymore? Was your marriage to him solely because of the money? Is that why nothing else matters?”

    Nothing else mattered? She didn’t care? How she wished that that were true—that nothing mattered and she didn’t care. But in truth, of course it mattered to her! She, more than anyone else, wished that she could be her former self again!

    But… did she have the right to?

    Xu Weilai raised her head and looked Xiao Chun in the eye. With a tight smile, she spoke with emphasis on each word. “Chunchun, only the chosen one has the right to be fearless. Do you get what I’m saying?”

    Once before, she had been the person that Gu Yu had chosen. However, that person was now Su Ziqian!

    If she kicked up a fuss, she’d just be looking for humiliation and would surely end up looking like the fool!

    As Xiao Chun observed how transparent Xu Weilai was being, she wasn’t sure if she was more outraged by her lack of a backbone or by the injustice she was suffering!

    Neither of them was in the mood to continue shopping after that. Since Xu Weilai had driven over on her own, after bidding farewell to Xiao Chun, she headed to the lift to go to the parking lot.

    She didn’t care to search Su Ziqian out, but it seemed that Su Ziqian had come looking for her.

    Su Ziqian stopped her at the entrance of the lift and pointing a finger towards the stairwell, she said haughtily, “Miss Xu, I have something to say to you!”

    The way she spoke made it clear that it wasn’t a request. It was a command!

    Xu Weilai glanced at her. The few times they had met previously, Su Ziqian had been elegant and refined, with a magnanimous disposition. This time around, she didn’t bother with that act.