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Chapter 66

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 66: Only the Favored One Has the Right to be Fearless (2)

    Respect was something that went both ways. Since Su Ziqian was being rude to her, Xu Weilai saw no need to be courteous.

    Xu Weilai treated Su Ziqian as if she were invisible and simply stepped past her.

    Su Ziqian never imagined that Xu Weilai would disregard her so blatantly, and she was stunned for a moment. Her expression darkened, and she marched up to Xu Weilai in her stilettos and said, “Xu Weilai, are you deaf? Did you hear what I said to you?”

    Xu Weilai had intended to ignore her, but when she saw how persistent and determined Su Ziqian was, she stopped in her tracks and asked plainly, “What do you have to say?”

    Su Ziqian smiled smugly and announced, “Xu Weilai, I’m sure you heard everything that was said just now! I’m soon to be the spokesperson for the Gu Corporation. Furthermore, Yu and I are about to get married!”

    The only reason she’d responded to that second question, was because she’d seen Xu Weilai standing there.

    Xu Weilai, who, of course, was already Gu Yu’s wife, had no reaction. With no idea what to reply, she simply said, “Okay.”

    This wasn’t the reaction that Su Ziqian had expected. She wasn’t sure if the nonchalant demeanor was because Xu Weilai was overconfident, or if it was because Xu Weilai looked down on her. Su Ziqian’s eyes lit up with fury as she continued, “Xu Weilai, I know that you used to be Yu’s fiancé. But he rejected you three years ago! I’ve been by his side since then, and he opened this media company just for me, in order to invest in me and promote me! Whatever I want, he will give me. I—”

    Xu Weilai calmly interrupted her. “I’m not interested in whatever’s going on between the two of you. Get to the point!”

    “You…” When Su Ziqian saw that Xu Weilai was indifferent, the rest of what she had to say became lodged in her throat. It was a very unpleasant sensation!

    She took a deep breath and glared at Xu Weilai. Enunciating her words clearly, she spoke again. “Xu Weilai, I’d advise you to keep your distance from Yu! He doesn’t want you anymore! Have a little more dignity, or you’ll end up really embarrassed!”

    Truth be told, Xu Weilai had never intended to make things difficult for Su Ziqian. Of course, she could do that, easily. However, she felt that the lack of affection Gu Yu had for her was between Gu Yu and herself—it had nothing to do with Su Ziqian.

    However, if Su Ziqian insisted on strutting around in front of her, she was forcing her hand. Gu Yu could oppress her, but that didn’t mean Su Ziqian could as well!

    Su Ziqian didn’t know any better, and Xu Weilai was going to give her a lesson she would never forget!

    Xu Weilai looked up and stared straight at Su Ziqian. She pulled her lips up into a relaxed smile and drawled, “Miss Su, what status are you speaking to me with at the moment? Are you speaking as Gu Yu’s girlfriend? As his wife?”

    Regardless of the assumptions the public had settled on, all these years, Gu Yu had never publicly acknowledged his relationship with her.

    Su Ziqian was momentarily dumbfounded and couldn’t get out a word.

    Xu Weilai laughed and took a step forward. She continued, “Oh, right! You’re not from our circle, so you probably have no idea. In our circle, only those with status have any say! So keep your words to yourself until Gu Yu gives you an official status! Only then, will your words bear any weight. Got it?”

    Those sentences laid bare the fact that not only had Su Ziqian never been publicly acknowledged, but she also wasn’t even part of their circle. These facts were her weak spots, and Su Ziqian’s expression turned ugly immediately.

    Xu Weilai saw that nothing more needed to be said. She turned on her heel and left!


    Back at the apartment, Xu Weilai leaned against the couch. She was feeling lifeless and emotionally exhausted.

    Although she had easily defeated Su Ziqian with just a few words, she hadn’t gained any satisfaction from that victory. It was all meaningless at this point, anyways. In the end, she had overestimated herself. She couldn’t tell what the future had in store for her anymore, and she was finding it hard to hold on.

    As the sky darkened, she came to a decision.

    Xu Weilai picked up her cell phone and scrolled to Gu Yu’s number. She clicked on it.

    The line rang for a while, and just before it rang out, Gu Yu answered the phone. His voice was cold as he asked, “What is it?”