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Chapter 68

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 68: Being Subservient On the Line (2)

    Gu Yu scoffed in anger, and his tone was harsh and icy. Even through the phone, Xu Weilai could feel his fury radiating towards her.

    He said, “Are you negotiating with me? Xu Weilai, what right do you have to negotiate with me? Now that using Grandpa’s name isn’t working anymore, you’re pretending to be generous instead? Xu Weilai, if you were a little more straightforward, I might have considered humoring you. But seeing this little act of yours just makes me disgusted!”

    Xu Weilai hadn’t harbored much hope that he would agree to her request. But she never imagined that given how much she had just humiliated and lowered herself in their conversation, he’d still be so angry that he would say such repulsive things to her!

    Then again, it seemed that he didn’t believe a single word that came out of her lips anymore. At that very moment, he probably thought that her suggestion was another of her “nefarious schemes.” He probably assumed she was pulling out all the stops to manipulate him into bringing her to the family gathering.

    Another possibility was that he hated her so much that everything she did and said was wrong in his eyes. Perhaps even her very existence was a crime to him!

    Averse to hearing her voice any longer, Gu Yu had hung up the phone with a click at the end of his sentence.

    As Xu Weilai heard the disconnect tone come through the phone, her eyes slowly welled up in tears of despair.


    Gu Yu’s assistant stepped out of the boardroom and caught sight of his boss talking on the phone in the corridor. Because Gu Yu’s back was to him, the assistant hadn’t been able to see his expression. He took a few steps forward and whispered hesitantly, “Mr. Gu, the meeting—”

    Before he could say any more, Gu Yu hurled the phone to the floor with a loud crunch, and it shattered into pieces.

    The assistant’s heart skipped a beat in that moment, and a layer of cold sweat formed on his back.

    He had caught a glimpse of Xu Weilai’s name on the phone earlier. In his experience, the boss never picked up phone calls during meetings. Though Gu Yu’s face had remained emotionless when he saw who was calling, he had still halted the meeting and stepped out to answer the call. It was obvious that Xu Weilai was special to him in some way.

    But why had the boss’ mood taken such a sharp turn for the worse during that short period?

    Ever since the Boss had married Xu Weilai, his control over his temper had begun deteriorating by the day. While he hadn’t exactly been amiable in the past, the most he would do was maintain a deliberate lack of emotion in order to make someone squirm with discomfort. However, now, he was losing control over his emotions!

    He lost control of himself whenever Xu Weilai was involved.

    Evidently, Xu Weilai mattered one hundred times more to the boss than he had previously assumed!

    The shattered phone did nothing to release the fury Gu Yu was experiencing. Replaying what Xu Weilai had just said to him felt like piercing his heart with a handful of needles.

    Anger had consumed his mind, and he hadn’t been able to filter his words. In that moment, the only thing he wanted was for Xu Weilai to feel the same anguish that he had felt!

    He had shamed her for putting up a front. However, he knew that she wasn’t putting on an act. She was being genuinely benevolent towards him, because… clearly, she didn’t care for him. That was why she could be so open-minded and could promise never to interfere with his life again! That was the only explanation for how she could even push him into the arms of another woman without batting an eye!

    Ha! What a considerate f*cking wife he had married! How f*cking considerate, indeed!


    Meanwhile, across town…

    After being humiliated by Xu Weilai at the mall, Su Ziqian was simmering with rage. It was a very unpleasant feeling that she couldn’t seem to rid herself of. Naturally, to fix this problem, she donned a pair of shades and put on a mask, heading out to a nightclub for drinks.

    When her manager, Ms. Li, found her, Su Ziqian had already polished off a dozen bottles of beer and showed no signs of stopping.