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Chapter 69

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 69: Continuing to Court Death (1)

    Walking in on that scene, Ms. Li quickly snatched the beer away from Su Ziqian in horror. She exclaimed, “Oh, my god! What is wrong with you? You have an ad to shoot tomorrow! Drinking this much is going to make your face puffy and swollen in the morning! How are you going to go on camera in that state?”

    Unhappily, Su Ziqian whined back at her, “Stop controlling me! Give me back my beer!” As she spoke, she stumbled up to snatch the bottle back.

    Ms. Li swiftly motioned for the server to come and remove the bottles of alcohol. Next, she coaxed Su Ziqian into following her to the washroom and succeeded in cleaning her face for her. Only when Su Ziqian had finally sobered up a little, did she bring her back to the private room.

    Ms. Li stood and stared at Su Ziqian lying limply on the couch. With a harsh frown, she asked, “What on earth are you doing? Didn’t you just get signed on as the spokesperson for the Gu Corporation? Plus, Mr. Gu has already proposed to you! You should be happy that you’re flourishing in both your career and your love life! Why are you trying to drink yourself into oblivion?”


    Su Ziqian repeated the word and suddenly began to spill about everything. “Who the hell proposed to me? No one! Gu Yu didn’t propose at all! There was no proposal!”

    That outburst shocked Ms. Li to the core. That afternoon, onstage at the mall, Su Ziqian had acknowledged her relationship with Mr. Gu and had even publicly displayed a diamond ring! That equated to an implicit announcement that he had proposed to her!

    Intending to strike while the iron was still hot, Ms. Li had taken the initiative to contact several media outlets so they could publicize the story!

    “Oh, my goodness! What exactly are you saying? Are you telling me that Mr. Gu never proposed to you? Where did that ring come from?”

    “Are you talking about this?” Su Ziqian raised her hand and looked at the sparkling diamond on her finger. With a sad, mocking smile, she replied, “I bought this for myself, using my own money!”

    “…Are you crazy? So Mr. Gu didn’t propose to you, and that was all a show?”

    The color drained from Ms. Li’s face. Everyone knew that Mr. Gu hated it when Su Ziqian mentioned anything about their relationship. All these years, though Su Ziqian had been discontent with that arrangement, she had nevertheless toed the line. Unfortunately, recently, she was overstepping boundaries right and left!

    Earlier, because she had accepted Z Magazine’s interview without his permission, Mr. Gu had given her the cold shoulder for a whole fortnight. Later on, when she had received news that he had gone to Germany on business, she had pursued him and followed him all the way there. It was only after she had incidentally bumped into him on the return flight that the argument had been grudgingly resolved.

    Why was she courting death again, so soon after that?

    She had publicly announced that Mr. Gu had proposed to her! Once that erupted in the news the next day and found its way to Mr. Gu’s ears, there was no telling what he would do!

    Men didn’t like women who overstepped their bounds! Her recklessness was going to be her own downfall, sooner or later!

    If Su Ziqian fell from grace, her assistant would suffer the consequences alongside her. That thought alone was enough to put Ms. Li in a bad mood.

    “I’m not afraid! Gu Yu dotes on me too much to get angry with me for that. He won’t!”

    Although Su Ziqian kept insisting on it, her tone carried a hint of insecurity. Ever since Xu Weilai had returned from being abroad, Gu Yu’s moods and actions were becoming increasingly unpredictable.

    He alternated between being warm and cold with her, and he had begun to keep his distance. She couldn’t help panicking a little, especially when she noticed that the ring Gu Yu had always worn around his neck was gone.

    He had already been wearing that ring around his neck three years ago when she first met him. He had always worn it and had never allowed anyone else to touch it.

    Once, in a moment of spoiled playfulness, she had demanded the ring from him. In response, he had patted her on the cheek and smiled mischievously, but his words to her were startlingly cold.