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Chapter 70

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 70: Continuing to Court Death (2)

    “This is not something you’re allowed to covet!”

    What a succinct and damning reply that had been!

    To this day, Su Ziqian was still unable to forget how Gu Yu’s tone and expression hadn’t had an ounce of warmth in them. The harshness he had displayed then had given her chills.

    She couldn’t understand why he felt so strongly about the ring. Gu Yu had never objected to anything she’d asked for before. All she had to do was voice her desire, and he’d have someone deliver it to her doorstep. She was even beginning to wonder what he would do if she asked for the stars! So why was he refusing to give her this old ring?

    Her woman’s intuition told her that this ring already belonged to someone else. However, the only woman apart from herself who had ever been linked to Gu Yu was his ex-fiancée, Xu Weilai!

    She had asked around, and when she’d found out about the story of Xu Weilai and Gu Yu’s breakup, she was convinced that Xu Weilai couldn’t have been the ring’s owner. If it had been her, that would mean that Gu Yu liked her. And if that were so, why would he have backed out of their betrothal?

    Su Ziqian hadn’t been able to wrap her head around it, so she eventually decided to stop thinking about the ring’s owner altogether. Other than the fact that her family background was unavoidably inferior, she was confident that all her other traits were impeccable. She believed that Gu Yu would eventually be willing to put that ring on her finger and ask her to marry him.

    Regardless of who the ring used to belong to, she would eventually be the one and only owner!

    She had always confidently held onto that belief—until Xu Weilai returned. She was now beginning to panic and feel anxious. In fact, she wasn’t acting much like herself at present!

    Ms. Li scoffed in infuriation at Su Ziqian’s foolish sense of confidence. “Ziqian, have you already forgotten the incident regarding the interview? You’ve made a huge mess this time! If Mr. Gu gets mad, you’re going to lose everything you have right now. I’ll be blunt with you! Mr. Gu may dote on you, but he has never once acknowledged you in public! A man can change his mind at the drop of a hat! Just look at how he treated his ex-fiancée! They used to be such a loving couple, and she was so favored! But didn’t he dump her all the same? Do you want to be next?”

    Xu Weilai was the last person that Su Ziqian wanted to hear about at that moment, and the mere mention of her set off Su Ziqian’s fuse. “What a joke! Can Xu Weilai even begin to compare with me?”

    “Forget it. Given the current situation, for your sake as well as mine, we’ll just have to figure something else out!”

    Su Ziqian stared at Ms. Li. “What do you mean?”

    Ms. Li’s lips curled up in a conspiratorial smile. “I think that the reason Mr. Gu has never acknowledged you is because of his grandfather. Prestigious families like his usually insist on marrying within their circles, after all. However, given how old Mr. Gu Sr. is, I’m sure he has a weakness!”

    Su Ziqian was stunned for a moment before the answer came to her. “A grandchild?”

    “Exactly. As long as you conceive Mr. Gu’s child, you won’t have to worry about the old man’s standards. If you’re lucky and it’s a son, I refuse to believe that his grandfather won’t welcome you into the family with open arms!”

    What she said did make sense. However, as Su Ziqian listened to her plan, she didn’t look pleased at all. In fact, she was frowning.

    Ms. Li detected her displeasure straightaway and asked, “What’s the problem?”

    Su Ziqian’s expression changed a few more times before she finally gritted her teeth and forced the next sentence out. “Gu Yu has never touched me!”

    Considering that he had never touched her intimately before, how was she going to make a child with him?

    Ms. Li was dumbstruck. It had been three years, and he had never once touched her? Was Mr. Gu… unable to perform?

    “Also… he doesn’t let me touch him, either! For these past three years, other than allowing me to put my arm in his at social functions, at any other time, he won’t even let me touch a finger!”

    Su Ziqian hadn’t originally intended to share such an embarrassing snippet of her life with Ms. Li, but this matter had been eating away at her anyways, and she couldn’t understand it herself. Was Gu Yu the problem? Or was it her lack of charm that was to blame?

    As Ms. Li digested this new information, she was silent for a moment. Her expression stiffened with resolve and she said, “If Mr. Gu won’t make the first move, you’ll have to instead! I have something wondrous that will guarantee you a night of passion with Mr. Gu!”