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Chapter 71 - Pull Onto The Bed (1)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 71: Pull Onto The Bed (1)

    Su Ziqian wasn’t stupid. She knew what this “wondrous thing” was that Ms. Li was referring to. However, she wasn’t eager to accept Ms. Li’s help immediately. Instead, she furrowed her brows and her gaze turned serious.

    She could understand Gu Yu’s temper. She knew that even though he adored her, there were some lines she couldn’t cross. The reason she had been able to stand by Gu Yu for three entire years, was that she knew her place and had been very obedient!

    She was also very confident in her appearance and her figure. Although Gu Yu was the one who had helped her become famous, without her exceptional beauty, she would never have been able to reach the status she was now. Even so, she still needed to rely on deception and despicable means to climb into Gu Yu’s bed? No—her pride wouldn’t allow it!

    What’s more, she sincerely liked Gu Yu. She felt that Gu Yu liked her, too. The reason Gu Yu wouldn’t touch her was probably that he cherished her dearly. Since she wasn’t at an acceptable status yet, he had to control how much he desired her. How could she bear to calculate against him?

    As someone who had managed to survive in this industry for a long time, Ms. Li was extremely clever. When she observed Su Ziqian’s expression, she quickly saw exactly what the girl was thinking. She sniggered to herself.

    How many Cinderellas could there be in this world? The world of the wealthy and elite wasn’t a place that commoners could easily enter. From the moment they were born, the elite lived in a different world. They would never step out of that world unnecessarily, and commoners would have a very difficult time stepping into it.

    Su Ziqian’s path to stardom had been very smooth. Mr. Gu hadn’t allowed her to experience any setbacks, so now, all she thought about was love. Her easy path had made her arrogant. She thought too highly of herself.

    If Mr.Gu really loved her so much, he would have married her a long time ago. Why would he let her stay outside and continue working?

    The funniest part of it all was that Mr. Gu hadn’t touched her over the past three years.

    If a man slept with a woman, it didn’t necessarily mean that he liked her. However, if a man didn’t touch a woman he was courting, there could only be one reason. He wasn’t sexually attracted to her!

    If he wasn’t sexually attracted to her, how could he love her?

    Ms. Li opened her mouth to speak a few times, but in the end, she didn’t try to persuade Su Ziqian any further. She knew how arrogant and stubborn Su Ziqian was. That was the result of all the fans that worshipped her. She was strong-willed and wouldn’t listen to someone else’s reason or advice. Su Ziqian would seek her manager out when she realized the full extent of the crisis she was in.

    The conversation ended without a conclusion. Su Ziqian had sobered up by then. After venting about all the things that frustrated her, she felt much better. She got up and said to Ms. Li, “I’ll go to the washroom to fix my makeup. After that, let’s leave.”

    Ms. Li nodded.

    Surprisingly, Su Ziqian was back within less than a minute.

    Her face was cross and her expression seemed even worse than before. She was trembling in anger and her hands were clenched tightly in little fists. The veins on the backs of her hands were popping out.

    “What happened?” Ms. Li was puzzled.

    Su Ziqian didn’t say anything. She rushed to the coffee table and, in a rage, swept everything on it to the floor.

    Fruit platters and empty bottles of alcohol crashed to the ground.

    Ms. Li had never seen Su Ziqian throw such a huge tantrum before. She was dumbfounded. When she regained her senses, she quickly went to close the door of the room. She feared that if people recognized Su Ziqian, her reputation would be tainted by scandal.

    Su Ziqian was so angry that her chest heaved violently. A malicious look flashed across her eyes. She raised her head and spoke to her puzzled manager. “Can you get that wondrous thing for me right now?”

    Ms. Li wasn’t sure what could have happened in that short period that had caused Su Ziqian to change her mind so quickly. Nevertheless, she was happy with the result. She nodded and replied, “Yes. I’ll make arrangements immediately!”