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Chapter 72 - Pull Onto The Bed (2)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 72: Pull Onto The Bed (2)

    Nyoi-Bo Studio  Nyoi-Bo Studio

    Su Ziqian was at the A-PUB nightclub, as usual. The place wasn’t very big, but the atmosphere was good and all kinds of alcohol were available. Most importantly, it provided plenty of privacy. Therefore, many celebrities liked to go there.

    It turned out that Gu Yu was there as well, that night.

    Xu Weilai’s phone call had caused his mood to remain dark until the end of the meeting. As soon as it was over, he sped over to the club. Worried that Gu Yu would act irrationally, the assistant called Master Xu.

    Master Xu was in the midst of getting busy with a model he’d managed to get his hands on. He had already taken off all his clothes and was about to go further when he received the call.

    The assistant quickly explained the situation and begged him to go and take care of the boss.

    Xu Shuai looked at the body of the beautiful model lying before him. This was certainly a dilemma. Still, it only lasted for a few seconds. Quickly, he picked up his clothes from the ground and got dressed, piece by piece.

    Lust was tempting, but his brother was incomparable!

    As he walked out the door, he blew a kiss to the model. “Baby, we’ll get together another day!”

    By the time Xu Shuai reached him, Gu Yu had already drunk too much alcohol. He sat at the bar with a frosty aura surrounding him. He was giving off the impression that anyone who came close to him would be killed. The beautiful ladies who approached him to strike up a conversation ended up crying and running away with their hands to their faces!

    What a waste!

    He moved forward and first greeted Gu Yu, before going behind the bar and pulling up his sleeves. In deft, quick movements, he began to concoct drinks. He looked very handsome and suave, and the beautiful women nearby cried their love for him.

    Once he finished making drinks, he pushed a cocktail in front of Gu Yu and said, “The name of this drink is ‘the Heartbroken Man.’ It suits you perfectly!”

    Gu Yu raised his eyebrows lazily and looked over at Xu Shuai. He didn’t say anything, but the death glare was enough to make anyone’s hairs stand up.

    Xu Shuai touched his cold neck and continued fearlessly. “Yu, remember everything Xu Weilai did to you in the past? She even used your grandpa to force you to marry her. Why can’t you just forget about her? Why do you have to lose your mind and get drunk over her?”

    Hmph. How funny was that? He thought that Yu was drinking away his sorrows because of her!

    “Either shut up, or go away!”

    Anger was palpable in his voice as Gu Yu yelled dangerously at Xu Shuai. Xu Shuai looked back at Gu Yu in surprise. He opened his mouth, but for his own sake, he decided to shut up. He poured alcohol into an empty cup and joined Gu Yu in drinking.

    Gu Yu wasn’t just drinking alcohol—he was gulping it down. Xu Shuai tried to slow him down a few times, but he failed. He could only watch helplessly as Gu Yu emptied his glass down his throat.

    It was already very late in the night, and Gu Yu was totally drunk. Xu Shuai was trying to decide if he should send him to Xu Weilai’s apartment or somewhere else. In that moment, Su Ziqian miraculously appeared in front of him!

    Oh, right. How could he have forgotten Gu Yu’s soulmate?

    Xu Shuai handed Gu Yu off to Su Ziqian and left with his mind at ease. Su Ziqian had booked a room at the five-star hotel directly across from the nightclub, and with the help of Ms. Li, she brought Gu Yu up. They placed him on the bed.

    Ms. Li mixed the drug she had acquired with water and passed it to Su Ziqian. Then, she left the room and closed the door behind her.

    Su Ziqian fed the mixture to Gu Yu before heading to the bathroom to have a shower. She sprayed perfume onto her body and walked out with only a towel wrapped around her. She reached the bed and looked at Gu Yu’s handsome face. She stood beside the bed and bent down to kiss him.

    Gu Yu’s eyes suddenly popped open. His gaze was deep and intense, and she could see a strong desire in it.

    She stopped moving. “Yu, it’s me…”

    Gu Yu stared at her for a few seconds. Then, he seemed to recognize her. He grabbed her wrist abruptly and pulled her onto the bed.