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Chapter 73 - Don’t Challenge My Bottom Line (1)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 73: Don’t Challenge My Bottom Line (1)

    Nyoi-Bo Studio  Nyoi-Bo Studio

    Su Ziqian’s heart palpitated violently. She watched as Gu Yu attempted to turn his body with great effort. He placed a hand next to her cheek and pushed his body up so that he was right above her, but not touching her. He lowered his eyes and looked at her.

    She had been beside Gu Yu for three years, but this was the first time she was able to get this close to him.

    He was very handsome. She had seen all kinds of men in her many years in the entertainment industry, but none of them were even half as handsome as him. What’s more, he was very successful. He was invincible in the business world. No one could defeat him.

    A man like him was paying attention to only her and had no other women hanging around him. How could she not fall hopelessly in love with him?

    Her cheeks started to turn red. The saying goes: it’s not the wine that intoxicates, but the drinker who gets himself drunk. Su Ziqian had drunk so much alcohol earlier, but she wasn’t drunk anymore. Now, just from staring at him, she felt like she was becoming intoxicated again.

    She hadn’t wanted to use these methods to get him. However, earlier, when she was on her way to the washroom, she saw Gu Yu and Xu Shuai seated at the bar. Pleasantly surprised, she made her way over, but she paused when she overheard what Xu Shuai was saying.

    That was how she found out what a shameless bitch Xu Weilai was. So she had made use of Mr. Gu Sr. to force Gu Yu to marry her! No wonder Xu Weilai had been so calm when she’d told her about Gu Yu’s proposal. Xu Weilai had even mocked her! Who knows? She might have been secretly laughing at her the whole time!

    Xu Weilai was so deceitful and cunning that Gu Yu was forced to marry her. That was why he had gotten himself drunk at the club. She had never seen Gu Yu like this before. He was usually so in control and never revealed his emotions to anyone!

    Her heart ached for Gu Yu, and she began to really hate Xu Weilai. Knowing all this, she didn’t care much about morals anymore.

    As long as she was the one to bear Gu Yu’s child, Mr. Gu Sr. would stop supporting Xu Weilai. Then, Xu Weilai would be chased out of the Gu family and the role of the mistress of the Gu family would be hers!

    She got increasingly excited the more she thought about it. This beautiful dream seemed to be right within her grasp. Si Ziqian couldn’t control herself as her mouth opened and she blurted out, “Yu, I love you!”

    Beads of sweat appeared on Gu Yu’s forehead. It seemed that the drug was beginning to affect him. His gaze grew deeper and deeper.

    The man’s handsome face slowly became bigger in front of her eyes. Su Ziqian grinned uncontrollably. She closed her eyes and waited for his kiss.

    However, after several seconds, she didn’t feel anything. She opened her eyes in confusion and saw Gu Yu’s face, only a couple centimeters away from hers. Yet, he had stopped there and wasn’t moving any lower.

    His eyes were dark and he was furrowing his brows furiously. He seemed to be struggling violently with something, but at the same time, it seemed as though nothing was happening.

    As she tried to see his emotions more clearly, Gu Yu suddenly grabbed Su Ziqian’s hand. In the next second, he pulled her up and pushed her off the bed without showing any pity!

    His actions were swift, decisive, and smooth. When Su Ziqian landed hard on her butt, she was dazed.

    She remained stunned for more than a minute before regaining her senses. She looked at Gu Yu, who was still on the bed. He was panting heavily. His face was green, and drops of perspiration dripped down the side of his face. He was so hot that he violently unbuttoned his clothes.

    She knew that the full effects of the drug were now being released.