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Chapter 74 - Don’t Challenge My Bottom Line (2)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 74: Don’t Challenge My Bottom Line (2)

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    She didn’t care about the fact that she had gotten pushed off the bed. She quickly picked herself up from the ground and walked towards Gu Yu. “Yu, are you feeling uncomfortable right now? It’s all right. I’m here. I’ll make you happy…”

    Si Ziqian walked in front of Gu Yu and stretched her hand out to touch his face. Just as the tips of her fingers were about to come into contact with him, Gu Yu suddenly turned his gaze toward her. “Don’t touch me!”

    His voice was ragged and he was panting heavily, but it was still very intimidating. Su Ziqian didn’t dare move any more forward.

    She could see that all the muscles in Gu Yu’s body were tense, in an effort to curb his desire. The veins on his neck could be seen clearly, and he forcefully pushed against the bed with his hands. He closed his eyes and took a few deep breaths. Then, in a stern voice, he said, “Call Xu Shuai and ask him to come here immediately!”

    Su Ziqian’s face dropped instantly. He was drunk and drugged, and he was still unwilling to sleep with her? Was she really that unattractive?

    Plus, if she called Xu Shuai now, her scheme would definitely fail!

    As she hesitated, contemplating if she should just pounce on him anyways, Gu Yu seemed to see straight into her mind. When he opened his mouth, his voice was full of malice. “Su Ziqian, you’d better not challenge me!”

    Su Ziqian shivered in fright. She didn’t dare to wait and think any more about it. She took out her phone and dialed Xu Shuai’s number with trembling fingers.

    After the call was made, Gu Yu seemed to have reached the limits of his resistance. A painful expression slowly crossed his face, and his eyes were even becoming bloodshot. It was frightening.

    Ms. Li had informed her that the effects of this drug would be very strong. Even if you only took a little bit of it, you would be consumed with desire. In an attempt to ensure that everything went smoothly, Ms. Li had added a bit extra of the drug.

    Gu Yu’s willpower had to be very strong to be able to fight the effects until then. If he continued to force himself to resist the drug, he could really get hurt.

    Su Ziqian felt her heart throb. She walked towards him again. “Yu, don’t fight it anymore. I want to give you everything. I really love you. You love me too, right?”

    She placed her hand on Gu Yu’s shoulder.

    In the next second, she let out a scream of pain.

    Gu Yu had grabbed her wrist and twisted her arm behind her. He got off the bed, dragged her towards the door of the room, and flung her out, slamming the door with a bang.

    Gu Yu rushed to the bathroom and stood under the showerhead. He twisted the knob for cold water.


    Xu Shuai had rushed over, and when he arrived, he saw Su Ziqian squatting pitifully outside the door of the room with only a towel wrapped around her. Her haggard appearance made his heart sink.

    He asked, “Where is Yu?”

    Su Ziqian answered pitifully, “Yu is inside. He chased me out. I’m really worried that something might happen to him…” She choked back sobs.

    Xu Shuai didn’t even want to look at the reckless and stupid woman.

    Gu Yu had sought him out because he was always going to nightclubs. Surely, from his knowledge and experience, he would know how to handle this kind of situation!

    Xu Shuai knocked on the door. The door opened to Gu Yu, wrapped in a bath towel, but still dripping wet. His eyes were confused and lost, and he could barely stand up straight.

    Xu Shuai immediately brought him to the sofa and placed a pill he had brought in Gu Yu’s mouth. Then, he grabbed an unopened bottle of water from the fridge and made Gu Yu drink it.

    After a short while, Gu Yu’s pain had come down about halfway. Still, the residual effects of the drug made him furrow his brows furiously. His body was still tense, and there was pain in his eyes.

    Xu Shuai noticed this. He couldn’t bear to watch Gu Yu suffer much longer, so he said, “Yu, why don’t you just let go? There’s a woman here anyway, and she’s your woman, too. You could stop resisting and just sleep with her…”

    The man turned and looked over without an expression on his face. Xu Shuai paused for a moment and changed the topic. “Or, should I send you home?”