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Chapter 75 - What A Harsh Person (1)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 75: What A Harsh Person (1)

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    Gu Yu couldn’t help but remember the other night, with Xu Weilai shivering and shrinking back. He remembered her red eyes and her frightened expression…

    He closed his eyes and rubbed his forehead with the tips of his fingers. After staying silent for some time, he said in a hoarse voice, “No need. You can leave.”

    Xu Shuai raised his eyebrows.

    He understood why Gu Yu didn’t want to sleep with Su Ziqian. After all, this woman was someone he had on the outside. But Xu Weilai was his legal wife—why wasn’t he willing to sleep with her?

    Forget it. Whether it was Su Ziqian or Xu Weilai… he didn’t like either of them. Plus, he could never manage to understand Gu Yu’s thoughts. The more he tried to, the more mistakes he made.

    “Okay. Have a good rest, then. I’m leaving!”

    Xu Shuai turned and walked to the door. After he had taken a few steps, the voice of the man behind him sounded again. “Wait.”

    Xu Shuai stopped and turned his head. He teased, “Have you changed your mind?”

    His view on life was that you should enjoy it while it lasts. He had never made an effort to control his desires. He never had a shortage of women. Why did Gu Yu have to make himself so uncomfortable?

    Gu Yu ignored the suggestive look and raised his chin in the direction of the door. “Take her away, too!”

    Naturally, Xu Shuai knew who Gu Yu was referring to. He touched his chin and smiled.

    What a harsh person! He never gave himself a chance. He was harsh towards himself and even worse towards other people!

    Once Gu Yu’s parents had left the world and Xu Weilai had gone overseas, he seemed to grow up overnight. He quickly became cold-blooded and indifferent. It seemed as though he had locked his heart up in a dark hell.

    In this world, the only warmth that remained in his heart was for his grandfather, who had kept him company all this while.

    At first, he’d thought that Xu Weilai would be the second person in Gu Yu’s heart, but in the end…

    The moment he thought of Xu Weilai, Xu Shuai felt his head pound. Last time, he had fooled her into drinking ten bottles of alcohol. He felt that it had been too few.

    Xu Shuai retracted his thoughts and knelt, mimicked officers from the olden days. He said, “Yes, I understand. May I ask if your highness has any other orders?”

    Gu Yu pointed towards the door with his slender and beautiful hands and chased Xu Shuai away mercilessly. “Hurry up and leave!”

    “I will leave immediately!”


    Su Ziqian waited outside the door in agitation. The moment Xu Shuai opened the door, she rushed forward impatiently. She wanted to go back in and take a look at Gu Yu, but Xu Shuai closed the door without blinking.

    Su Ziqian hadn’t managed to get in. She looked at Xu Shuai with bloodshot eyes. “What are you doing? I want to go in!”

    She didn’t know how Gu Yu was feeling. She was really worried about him!

    Xu Shuai was too lazy to entertain her for very long. He crossed his arms in front of his chest and looked down on her. “Yu needs to rest. He asked me to send you away.”

    “But… what about Yu?”

    Xu Shuai wanted to laugh. “Why don’t you worry about yourself first?”

    Did Yu’s doting over the past three years cause her brain to rot?


    “Are you leaving?” Xu Shuai didn’t have much patience left. He had been about to sleep with a pretty model before he’d gotten interrupted and asked to accompany Gu Yu. Then, he’d finally managed to make Gu Yu drunk and wanted to go back home for a good sleep. The moment he laid down on his bed, he was called up to handle another matter. He was very tired!

    Su Ziqian’s face turned white and almost continued to purple. She pursed her lips and remained silent.

    She still wanted to stay behind. What if Yu needed her? Also…

    Xu Shuai could tell what she was thinking. “If you don’t want to leave, you can stay here by yourself.” He threw this sentence at her, raised his feet, and walked past.

    Suddenly, he felt someone grabbing at his sleeve.