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Chapter 76 - What A Harsh Person (2)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 76: What A Harsh Person (2)

    Nyoi-Bo Studio  Nyoi-Bo Studio

    He turned and saw Su Ziqian looking at him pitifully from the ground. She wordlessly opened her mouth a few times, before weakly saying, “I can’t leave looking like this…”

    There was only a towel wrapped around her body. If she walked out like that and got filmed by someone, there was no way she’d be able to show her face around there in the future.

    Xu Shuai frowned. In the end, he decided to be a gentleman and took off the blazer he was wearing. He threw it at her and walked away with huge steps.


    Gu Yu collapsed on the bed. The effects of the drug had caused his entire body to tense, and internally, he was burning up. It seemed like balls of flames were colliding right and left inside his body. He couldn’t help but furrow his brows violently.

    He remembered seeing the beautiful and fragrant Su Ziqian standing in front of him moments before. The fragrance on her body had been so seductive, and it had stimulated his sense of smell, making it overly sensitive.

    He had allowed his desire to control him, and he remembered pulling her onto the bed. He had even wanted to kiss her.

    Yet, the funny thing was, even when the effects of the drug had gotten so powerful that his body felt like it would explode, he was still unable to kiss Su Ziqian, much less do anything more with her!

    What had he been thinking about during that time?

    His mind had actually been filled with images of the times Xu Weilai and he had spent together in the past.


    Xu Weilai placed a hand on her hip and poked him on the shoulder with her little finger. She said angrily, “Gu Yu, how can you even look at other women? Are they prettier than me? Do they have better figures than me? Are they cuter than me?”

    After acting fierce, she switched to a softer approach.

    Xu Weilai leaned towards him and hugged his waist. She rubbed against him like a kitten and looked up at him. Her small, red face reminded him of the rising sun. “Gu Yu, Gu Yu, how can you look at other women? Don’t you want your cute little Weilai anymore?”


    Gu Yu, Gu Yu. She was the only one who ever called him by his full name. She said that since everyone called him “Yu,” she wanted to be special!

    But look at what she was saying now…

    “If you want to be with Su Ziqian, I will even help cover up for you…”

    The drug-induced desire in Gu Yu’s eyes subsided slowly. Coldness engulfed his body bit by bit. He stared blankly at the dazzling ceiling above him until dawn came.


    Gu Yu wasn’t the only one who couldn’t sleep. Xu Weilai hadn’t slept for the entire night, either. When she got up in the morning, she felt dizzy the moment her feet touched the ground, and she almost fell down.

    She clutched the bedside table and just stood still for a short while. After the dizziness dissipated, she entered the bathroom to wash up.

    She made a simple breakfast to fill up her stomach, before opening her laptop to deal with the emails that her superiors had sent her. Then, she called her mother and checked in on how her father’s recovery was going.

    The Xu Corporation was recovering slowly. She didn’t need to watch over it every day anymore. But truthfully, she would rather be busy than idle. When she had free time, she would uncontrollably recount the horrible words that Gu Yu had said to her!

    Gu Yu had spoken to her so harshly before, that there was no way she could call and ask him to accompany her to the Gu family manor again.

    She couldn’t blow off the family get-together, so she had no choice but to show up alone.

    She knew that as a wife who showed up without her husband, this family meal would be a tricky ordeal for her.

    This was because the Gu family was huge. Mr. Gu Sr. had many siblings. Earlier that year, they had fought viciously with one another over who would take on the position of head of the family. In the end, Mr. Gu Sr. had cleared through the competition, leaving a bloody trail behind him. He became the head of the family!

    Later on, Mr. Gu Sr.’s only son passed away, leaving behind just one grandson. Mr. Gu Sr. felt that he had killed too many people in the past, so the heavens had taken revenge by claiming his son. Thus, he stopped clinging so fiercely onto power and started taking care of his siblings and their descendants. The Gu family became more whole because of this.

    All of these people would be at the meal, as well!