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Chapter 77 - Gu Family’s two girls (1)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 77: Gu Family’s two girls (1)

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    Xu Weilai had been engaged to Gu Yu since childhood, so naturally, she knew the members of the Gu family like the back of her hand.

    Grandpa Gu was the oldest of three brothers. The middle brother also had a son, who had gotten married and now had three sons and a daughter.

    The youngest brother had a son and a daughter. The son had gotten married and had a daughter, but he turned out to be a typical playboy. When his wife couldn’t stand his behavior any longer, they got divorced. As for his sibling, she had settled in Australia with her husband’s family and hadn’t had children yet.

    Grandpa Gu’s two siblings had passed away one after another a few years back, so now their households were all headed by the sons.

    Even if these elders were dissatisfied with her, at the most, they would judge her quietly and wouldn’t be too hard on her. As for the family members who were in the same generation as her… Gu Yu’s male cousins wouldn’t do much to her. The most difficult ones were going to be the Gu family’s two girls: the second household’s daughter, Gu Xue, and the third household’s daughter, Gu Shuang.

    Gu Xue had three brothers, and she was the youngest in the family. She had been spoiled since she was a child. She was famous for her arrogance and bossiness, and she was also famous for controlling her brothers.

    But the one she had the most control over was not any of her brothers, but her cousin, Gu Yu!

    Gu Shuang’s temperament was slightly cooler by comparison. Having been born into a noble family, she was the sort of woman who was haughty and contemptuous of everyone else.

    In fact, Xu Weilai had endured encounters with them before!

    Xu Weilai had gotten to know them at around the same time as Gu Yu and Xiao Chun—at Gu Yu’s coming-of-age ceremony, which was when he turned eighteen.

    On that day, Xu Weilai had lost Gu Yu’s gift, so he said some very unpleasant things to her. As soon as he walked off, Gu Xue and Gu Shuang appeared in order to ridicule her and sneer at her. At that moment, Xiao Chun happened to pass by, and she came forward to defend Xu Weilai.

    On one side were Grandpa Gu’s two grandnieces, and on the other was his adopted granddaughter. They didn’t get along to start with. Xu Weilai was an excuse to start bickering. Both sides quickly became enraged, and everyone started to fight and claw at each other’s hair.

    Everyone had been so young and immature at the time that no one would concede.

    Gu Xue and Gu Shuang teamed up against Xiao Chun, who was gradually starting to lose the fight. Without a second thought, Xu Weilai kicked off her high heels, rolled up her sleeves, and rushed over to help!

    Xu Weilai and Xiao Chun’s combined power was far greater than Gu Xue and Gu Shuang’s. Although they had just met, they seemed to share an unusual connection and finally ceased fighting, leaving the other two girls on the ground, battered and exhausted!

    Since then, Xu Weilai and Xiao Chun had formed a strong friendship and forged a lasting feud with Gu Xue and Gu Shuang! Later on, when Xu Weilai was with Gu Yu, Gu Xue and Gu Shuang did not bother her any less. However, each time they came at her, they were met with an equal amount of abuse from Xu Weilai, which just cemented their hatred toward her!


    Time passed quickly, and the weekend arrived in an instant.

    Xu Weilai went to the beauty salon in the afternoon for some skin and body care to make herself look a bit more radiant, as she usually presented herself. She did not want Grandpa Gu to see her looking pale and haggard.

    After returning to the apartment, she sat in front of the dressing table and carefully applied bright makeup. She then picked out a long, light-colored dress, and she paired it with high heels. After confirming that the outfit went together perfectly, she picked up her bag and prepared to leave.

    Suddenly, her cell phone dinged and a text message appeared.

    Xu Weilai picked up the phone and saw the identity of the sender displayed on the screen. She raised her eyebrows and tapped the phone, revealing the contents of the text message.

    It was a photograph with a line of text below it.

    Xu Weilai looked at the message for over ten seconds, but in the end, she did not reply. Instead, she locked the screen, threw the phone back into her bag, and walked out the door!