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Chapter 458 - Ninth level imperial beast master’s three realm love disaster (Part 34)

Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping
     Chapter 458: Ninth level imperial beast master’s three realm love disaster (Part 34)

    The person in black was shocked and she couldn’t help muttering, “Third sister…..”

    After that, her cold eyes narrowed. She already didn’t care that much as she charged towards Xiao Die on the ground.

    Luo Qing Chen waved her right hand seeing this. She wanted to ask the system if there was some divine weapon she could use.

    But she never thought that with a slight wave, a white light would suddenly send the black clothed person flying.

    She was surrounded by white light that wrapped around her. Her fingertips trembled as a golden orb jumped out in her hand.

    There was one large word on it: Blaze.

    Instantly there was a faint golden light that shined in the sky that was as bright as daylight.

    Damn, system! What is this situation!

    [The Luo Family’s third miss had the ability of a Seventh Grade Imperial Beast Master since she was born, but the two elders of the Luo Family didn’t want her to live that life. They had the head of the Celestial Hall seal her power, but the seal couldn’t resist the power inside her body and under the clashing of the two, she fell into a coma.]

    So what am I right now?

    [Ninth Grade Imperial Beast Master.]

    Very good, you can leave!

    Luo Qing Chen’s cold eyes narrowed and she said to the black clothed person in a powerful manner, “What evil is this, quickly reveal your true form!”

    The black clothed person saw this was bad and ran away with gritted teeth!

    And in a corner not far away, the youth looked at the golden glow in the sky with eyes filled with shock.

    Ninth Grade…..Imperial Beast Master…...

    An Qiao Yu saw that Di Luo Feng didn’t have the intention to catch that black clothed person and just blankly stared at how outstanding the pink clothed girl in front of him was.

    “Damn, she ran away again!”

    “No rush, she will reveal her true form soon.” Di Luo Feng slightly raised a brow as he looked at the young girl, not leaving for a while.

    Luo Ying Ning didn’t immediately return to the Di Manor. The blood marks on her face were becoming more noticeable, she couldn’t keep hiding it with thick makeup anymore.

    She made a compromise and could only suck a hen’s blood, to stop the blood marks from spreading too fast.

    Soon it was the day of her wedding, nothing could go wrong, absolutely nothing…..

    The next morning, the entire Imperial Beast Master world exploded.

    This was because there was another Ninth Grade Imperial Beast Master on the Hundred Beast Continent and it was the Luo Manor’s waste third miss who had been in a coma for an entire six years.

    Di Luo Feng heard this and slightly knit his brows, as his eyes revealed a deeply intrigued expression.

    “Senior brother, this is called a miracle, alright?” An Qiao Yu said with a look of admiration, “If there is a chance, I really want to see that Luo Family’s third young miss. Yi….wasn’t she the one yesterday…..”

    “Big brother Luo Feng…..” Luo Ying Ning walked through the door. She was tightly wrapped up and had thick makeup on, making her face look a bit haggard.

    Di Luo Feng softly replied, “It’s almost the day of our wedding, are you prepared?”

    “Big brother Luo Feng, I’m prepared.” She quickly rubbed her face before saying with a smile, “Qing’er is very much looking forward to it!”

    “Un.” Di Luo Feng softly replied. The young girl wrapped in golden light standing in the darkness of the night appeared in his mind again.

    Back then, he had used this person to tease her, saying that he was being forced to marry a waste third young miss…...

    She had said.

    She would steal him.

    Time passed very quickly and Luo Ying Ning relied on sucking the blood of chickens to hold onto her wedding day.

    Almost all the Imperial Beast Masters of the Imperial Beast Master world rushed to Calm Martial City on that day, it was all for the wedding of this Ninth Grade Imperial Beast Master.