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Chapter 459 - Ninth level imperial beast master’s three realm love disaster (Part 35)

Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping
     The memories of that year, he had already been waiting for three years.

    The fifth of October, Calm Martial City.

    There was a large red sedan with the sounds of drums, as well as a street filled with all kinds of strange beasts, it really was dazzling.

    There were voices all over the streets, some were of congratulations, some were sighs, and some were of confusion. It filled everyone’s ears.

    “What kind of place is this Di Manor, having such an impressive wedding.”

    “Listen! He is the only Ninth Grade Imperial Beast Master of the Hundred Beast Continent, he’s quite powerful!”

    “Then the girl he’s marrying must be very beautiful!”

    “This…..When the wind blew, I accidentally saw the bride’s face. She does look good, only…’s a bit strange!”

    “I’ve heard that young master Di was supposed to marry Luo Manor’s third young miss, but someone took him first!”


    The sky was blue and the sun was shining bright. Luo Ying Ning nervously sat in the sedan as her hands were covered in sweat.

    The blood vessels on her face were already black and could explode at any moment.

    Although the thick makeup covered most of it, it couldn’t stop the erosion of the black blood.

    Faster, faster, as long as they could reach the temple, everything would be over.

    Di Luo Feng was riding a horse as he went ahead. His eyes were incredible deep.

    He knew that he was waiting for a person, waiting for her to appear, but he couldn’t say her name or describe her appearance.

    The faint golden light kept appearing in his mind, just like the light of redemption.

    After going around Calm Martial City, the mighty procession stopped at the doors of the Di Manor.

    The bridesmaid waved her large red brocaded handkerchief and opened the sedan with a joyful look as she said, “The bride is coming out to cross the brazier and wish for good luck!”

    Luo Ying Ning softly went to place her hand on the bridesmaid’s hand, but she immediately pulled it back into her sleeves.

    It was because her hands were already black and there was black blood coming from her fingertips, as the blood vessels kept twitching…..

    She had to suck the blood of a girl immediately, otherwise not only would she be exposed, she wouldn’t be able to keep her life.

    But right now…...Everyone was watching and she couldn’t do this.

    She gritted her teeth and walked over the brazier.

    The bridesmaid continued in a high voice, “Because the groom is the only Ninth Grade Imperial Beast Master of our Hundred Beast Continent, this wedding is a bit special. Heaven must be a matchmaker, so we must bow here.”

    “Wow.” There were cries all around them.

    Some low level musical spirit beasts began to sing songs.

    The bridesmaid slowly came forward and handed Luo Ying Ning’s hand to Di Luo Feng before saying, “Young master Di.”

    He didn’t take it, rather he kept looking into the distance as he kept searching for a figure.

    Could it be that was only his conjecture…..

    Could it be that she really was dead and unable to return…..

    After a while, Di Luo Feng never stretched out his hand.

    The surrounding people all saw this and looked at each other, as the sounds of discussion rang out.

    Luo Ying Ning gritted her teeth and her heart was in a panic.

    Just one step left, as long as they bowed to heaven and earth, she would become his bride.

    His eternal bride…...

    Instantly, she let go of the bridesmaid and quickly reached out her hand to grab Di Luo Feng’s…..

    But she didn’t know that.

    There was a flash of gold light in the sky and a crisp and melodic voice said, “Fake, are you not embarrassed?”

    The young girl came from the sky in a bamboo coloured magnolia dress. Her skin was white and bright and her eyes were completely clear.

    Di Luo Feng’s eyes sparkled as his fingers kept trembling.