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Chapter 105 - Can I Ask You About One Person

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 105: Can I Ask You About One Person

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    The seniors were already used to the weird president duo. Although they had different styles, when they appeared together, they would either quarrel among themselves or put others down as one.

    Nevertheless, the recruits, except Qianmo, were infuriated with the presidents who had just left.

    “It’s just a stupid student council. They do not have that much power, right?” Sesame Oil was unconvinced

    Why were they making the recruits catch “ghosts” with Mao’s books?

    What were they thinking? Throw the beans at the ghost first, then open the books to exorcise it with the light of socialism?

    “Other schools’ student councils might not have such power, but in our school… Come here, member of the student council, please share your thoughts.” A bubbly senior pushed Ma Jingtian out.

    Ma Jingtian was also in the student council. Having been caught, he said with a wry smile, “I am not sure about other schools, but our student council is an organization with absolute power. If one holds an important position in the student council, in the future… You guys understand.”

    Never offend the student council! Because all the students who held important positions were the crème de la crème of the school. They would very likely be their direct bosses someday after they all graduated from here.

    After all, this circle was only so big. Although it looked like there were plenty of career opportunities, in reality, certain positions were reserved for cadets from specific majors in the academy. Being the picks of the litter, Sha Muyu and fellow council members would definitely have a higher career starting point from the average students.

    Even though they had achieved nothing that night, everyone was feeling exhausted and a little unknown fear.

    The girls couldn’t even sleep after they returned to their dormitory room. Everyone was focused on tomorrow night’s “ghost-catching” operation, except Qianmo.

    Qianmo already had an idea about the “shadow” in her heart. She also deliberately went to the wall to take a closer look before going back to her room to confirm her deduction.

    That was not a ghost; it was a man-made trick. Therefore, she didn’t put too much of her attention on tomorrow’s operation. Instead, she was entirely focused on deciphering the info that Ma Jingtian gave her.

    The conversation with Ma Jingtian had provided Qianmo a lot of clues, and she needed to connect each and every one together.

    Someone was creating trouble for her behind the scenes.

    And that person could even say 350,000 precisely. That meant…

    …he was in cahoots with Mu Feifei!

    After Mu Feifei was taken down by Qianmo with her trump card, she was convinced that she wouldn’t be able to make trouble again for a while. Thus… the person who acted this time should be the “mastermind” behind Mu Feifei in her previous life.

    This deduction made Qianmo exhilarated. She felt she had finally met a worthy opponent, a strategist even better than Mu Feifei.

    However, she had already caught their tail. And by following Ma Jingtian’s clues, the rat that was hiding in the dark would be exposed in no time.

    The crux to solving the mystery was Ma Jingtian!


    Ma Jingtian dragged his tired body back to his room. Before he could wash up, he received an urgent notification. His teacher wanted him to go to the reception room as soon as possible.

    Ma Jingtian looked at his watch subconsciously. It was close to midnight. Who would be looking for him now?

    Furthermore, his teacher’s tone of voice was very formal.

    Ma Jingtian dared not delay and quickly jogged over. He announced his presence when he reached the reception room by shouting ‘Reporting’. He opened the door and went in after getting permission.

    There were three people sitting in the reception room: two ladies and a man. The ladies wore different styles of casual wear, but they were both beauties. And the man was…

    The principal!

    “Director Chen, he is here. What do you…” the principal said respectfully to the lady sitting in the center seat.

    This lady was graceful and had a smiley face, with a sharpness in her eyes. Ma Jingtian felt she should be in her thirties.

    The woman addressed as Director Chen was none other than Chen Meng.

    Although Ma Jingtian didn’t know the identity of this lady, judging by the principal’s respectful behavior, he knew she must be somebody.

    There was another lady sitting next to Chen Meng. He couldn’t gauge her exact age either, but she should be a few years younger, maybe in her twenties.

    Actually, she was already in her thirties. She was wearing a business suit and high heels. Her sleeves were rolled up casually, revealing her slender arms. Even though she looked graceful, she had an intense presence, making the onlookers know instantly she was different from the students in the academy.

    “Alright, Old Wang, you may go. Please close the door.” The principal was only an “Old Wang” to Chen Meng.

    The principal stood up, but he didn’t leave at once. Instead, he smiled sheepishly and tried to suck up to Chen Meng.

    “About that issue I asked you before…”

    “It is perfectly fine for me to come and give a few lectures. However, I can’t decide for my son. You have to ask him yourself. Our family is very democratic, you know. The children decide their schedules themselves.”

    The principal had shamelessly asked Chen Meng to give a few open lectures at their academy a few moments ago. Chen Meng agreed as she was in a good mood. Thus, he wanted a foot after he got an inch by trying to get Yu Changmo to come back for a few more times to guide the instructors.

    After all, Yu Changmo had brought many benefits to the academy after he came a few days ago, so the instructors pestered the principal to invite Black again.

    “Then, President Qian…” The principal rubbed his hands and talked to the younger lady after getting his way.

    Ma Jingtian was secretly shocked. Who were these two ladies?

    The principal was currying favors with them so ingratiatingly. They had to be leading authorities in some areas.

    “It’s easy for me.” The lady who had a mole in between her brows spoke with grace. She had neither agreed nor disagreed, and her answer could be interpreted in both ways.

    The principal was really going all out to improve his students’ quality. He tried to ask for more very shamelessly.

    “Our academy is not greedy at all. We only need President Qian to give a few lectures every semester. Of course, we would welcome you very much if you would be our visiting professor.”

    He got the cheek to say he was not greedy! Chen Meng couldn’t stand it anymore. She directly kicked him out of the room. Kick…

    Ma Jingtian’s eyes almost popped out of his sockets.

    “We have known each other for years. Help me persuade President Qian. We’re not greedy, really!” The principal was still persistent after he was kicked out.

    Ma Jingtian, who had witnessed everything, didn’t dare to slight the two beautiful ladies at all. He stood rod straight.

    “Don’t be so tense. We just want to find out more information from you. We heard that you were beaten up a few days ago? Do you have any grievances to report to your superiors?” Chen Meng smiled brightly.

    Ma Jingtian got nervous. Did the news of him being thrashed by Captain Yu get out?

    “Reporting, that was my problem and has nothing to do with anybody. Please only punish me and not others!”

    “Can I ask you about another person, then? Do you know Chen Qianmo?”

    Ma Jingtian stood at attention when he heard Chen Qianmo’s name and said, “Reporting, Chen Qianmo is a recruit in our squad. She is competent militarily and politically and has a good character. May I know why you are asking about her?”

    Chen Meng nodded satisfyingly. Although this kid was not that bright, he was still not beyond salvation. He had not complained that her son had beaten him up nor said a bad word about her future daughter-in-law.

    “I need you to work with me on one thing. It’s about Chen Qianmo. Tomorrow…”