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Chapter 106 - Psychic Chen’s Power Was Boundless

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 106: Psychic Chen’s Power Was Boundless

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    Chen Meng finally got to her objective after making sure this person was harmless to Chen Qianmo. She told Ma Jingtian her plan.

    Even though he couldn’t figure out why this impressive person was giving him an order like this, Ma Jingtian sensed that it wouldn’t hurt Chen Qianmo. Thus, he accepted the plan in the end.

    “Kid, looks like you care quite a bit for Chen Qianmo. However, according to what I know, you were not very happy with her earlier?” Chen Meng asked after saying her piece and observing Ma Jingtian’s reaction.

    “I have made a mistake earlier because I was too casual with my approach. I owe Chen Qianmo an apology, and I can’t wrong her anymore.”

    Chen Meng nodded in satisfaction. “As long as a youngster is willing to correct his mistake, he deserves forgiveness.”

    President Qian, who was sitting at the side, lowered her head and looked at the dainty tip of her shoes.

    She thought in her heart,

    She did indeed live up to her name.

    President Qian dared to guarantee with her expertise that if Ma Jingtian was not repentant, Chen Meng would have said the following…

    ‘God will forgive the mistakes made by a young man, and our mission is to send you to see God.’


    “Ah! No! I can’t sleep at all!”

    Sesame Oil flipped and sat up in the girls’ dormitory room. She had placed all her thoughts on tomorrow’s mission, so she couldn’t sleep at all. The other three girls, who also couldn’t sleep, got up after her shout.

    Luo Duoduo yawned and sat up. “You don’t have to shout and prevent us from sleeping if you can’t do so!”

    “Do you girls know what my horoscope is?” Sesame Oil said as she flipped her mattress away. She then got a piece of the bed plank out near the head of the bed.

    The top part was the bed, the bottom was the table, and the bed board consisted of many individual planks. Sesame Oil weighed the plank using her hand. Luo Duoduo hugged her pillow and laid back against the wall.

    Qianmo watched with narrowed eyes. Sesame Oil dug and dug and finally got a mobile phone out from the bed plank!

    Everyone had handed in their mobile phones before the training started. They didn’t expect Sesame Oil to hide one here!

    “Hehe… Let me tell you all, I am a Scorpio, so I am very revengeful.”

    Sesame Oil laughed as she dialed a number. Boss Lu was curious and asked, “Who are you calling when you should be sleeping in the middle of the night?”

    Sesame Oil placed her index finger over her lips. Qianmo thought for a moment and then mouthed a name to Boss Lu.

    Ma Jingtian.

    Boss Lu raised her eyebrow and flipped over to Sesame Oil’s bed since they were next to each other. She covered herself with the blanket together with Sesame Oil and put the call on the speaker.

    Boss Lu was very curious to see if Psychic Chen could make a correct guess this time too.

    “Who are you?” Ma Jingtian’s voice came from the other end of the call.

    Sesame Oil hung up swiftly and then laughed hysterically with her hands at her waist.

    “I asked the Senior who was in the same team with me for his phone number. He dared him to bully Fourth? He dared him to bully a girl from OUR dorm room? I happen to have insomnia tonight, so I decided to call and harass him every 5 minutes. Hahaha!”

    Bully… Fourth?

    Qianmo’s lips twitched.

    “Hey, messing around with an instructor like this… Are you not afraid that he will track you down using the Caller ID?” Luo Duoduo asked.

    Boss Lu looked at Psychic Chen and discovered that she had closed her eyes and covered her head with the blanket, as if she wasn’t interested at all. They then heard her voice from under the blanket.

    “Sesame Oil’s number must be unregistered. As for Ma Jingtian… He would stupidly keep his phone on the entire night and pick it up every single time.”

    They didn’t bother to ask how Psychic Chen got her answer. After all, she was a psychic.

    Psychic Chen’s power was boundless. Her predictions were always accurate, and she had just proved it again this time.

    Sesame Oil had indeed used a special card that wouldn’t show up on the Caller ID. Although she adamantly refused to name her family’s business, looking at her technique of hiding things, she should be professionally trained to be able to escape the academy’s frequent and thorough checks.

    She demonstrated to Qianmo and her roommates the vengeful characteristic of a Scorpio, hanging up immediately after it was connected every time. Neither Ma Jingtian nor Sesame Oil caught a wink of sleep. The lass was feeling rather smug about it as she put her hands on her waist and laughed for a long time.

    Qianmo felt speechless about these two’s behaviors.

    Sesame Oil refused to sleep and retaliated childishly again and again. Ma Jingtian was also very stubborn and single-minded. He picked up every time she called, and his words were always the same: “Who are you…”

    In her previous life, Black and she would take a speedboat out for a fishing trip. If they could catch one ribbonfish, they could get a whole bunch of them. These fish would bite on tightly to their shoal mates and refuse to let go. Qianmo found it amazing back then that there were such stubborn creatures.

    Erm, now, she had seen their human counterparts. There were even two of them, one of each gender. Tsk tsk.

    The following day, Qianmo and her roommates were allowed to sleep in a little longer because they had taken part in the secret mission last night.

    Qianmo still woke up on time as she was going to look for Ma Jingtian. Although he didn’t reveal his dormitory room, she already knew his details. Aware of his faculty and phone number from Sesame Oil, she even figured out his free time.

    Now, Qianmo was holding the cell phone in her hand. She deftly replaced her sim card in it and pressed the redial button.

    The call was connected, and Ma Jingtian’s tired voice could be heard.

    “Who are you…”

    He was really as stubborn as a mule, picking the phone up in the exact same manner as the previous night.

    “Instructor, I am Chen Qianmo.” Qianmo’s voice was clean and clear, like the crisp air in the winter.

    Ma Jingtian was surprised by her voice. “Errr. Junior, looking for me…”

    “Let’s meet at the entrance of the library. It’s fine if you don’t come,” she said nonchalantly.

    When he challenged her for the blanket-folding competition, Qianmo had used the same nonchalant tone as she said: “Please enlighten me”. She had also used it when she revealed his details, as if she could read his mind during the mission.

    Ma Jingtian’s strong survival instinct didn’t allow him to reject. Five minutes later, at the entrance of the school library, Qianmo and Ma Jingtian stood facing each other.

    “I guess Senior surely doesn’t wish for us to be checked by the academy’s disciplinary supervisory team during our ‘friendly conversation’, right?”

    One distinguishing feature of the police academy was the ban on romantic relationships between students.

    And how strict was that ban? If a male and a female walked together, they could be stopped and asked what their relationship was at any time. The standard answer would be, ‘this is my cousin from my third uncle’s family.’

    Ma Jingtian wiped the nonexistent sweat from his forehead. Maybe because of his guilt, he felt the person who stood in front of him was not his junior but his leader. How dense he must be in the beginning to even contemplate to antagonize a girl like her.

    Even though Ma Jingtian really wished to avoid Qianmo in his heart, he still obeyed her instructions. He brought Qianmo into the library, and after a few turns, they reached a room. They pushed open the door, but there was nobody inside.

    Qianmo found it a little unusual and deliberately raised a question.