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Chapter 92 - You Only Have One Weakness

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 92: You Only Have One Weakness

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    Since Huo Beichen was willing to spend time with normal people today, Ning Meng felt emboldened.

    “That’s just being a couple in the game, but I’ve broken up with him. Who would have thought that he was Han Meilin’s…”

    While she was explaining the situation, Ning Meng stole a glance at Huo Beichen, then she bluntly continued, “Don’t worry, I’ve not had any physical contact with him and I will find the opportunity to tell him that I’m married.”

    Huo Beichen’s eyes lit up upon hearing this.

    She looked at him with her sparkly eyes. “Look at you, my hubby! You’re handsome, charming, and capable. And you’re even awesome at playing games! I think that you only have one weakness.”

    Huo Beichen felt uncomfortable upon hearing this. “And what’s that?”

    “Your weakness is me.”

    Ning Meng was used to saying these smooth flirtatious words, but for any man who was serious about their relationship, these words could cause their hearts to race. She quickly looked away and felt shy after saying this.

    At this point, her phone vibrated. Unknowingly, it was already dawn. She had just received a text wishing her ‘Happy Mid-Autumn Festival’.

    She was stunned. “Today is the Mid-Autumn Festival?”

    Huo Beichen nodded.

    Ning Meng looked out the window into the silver sky. A clear round moon was beaming down its gentle rays onto the land, it felt like all the troubles had faded away, and there was peace.

    “Lord Chen, let’s go moon-watching!” Ning Meng’s face shone with excitement.

    She opened the door to the balcony. The balcony of this room was rather big. Half of the space was used as a space for drawing, and there were two futons and dwarf statues on the other half.

    She waved over to Huo Beichen. “Hubby! Come!”

    Huo Beichen twitched his lips and walked over.

    As he reached the balcony, she came back in and passed him by. Her soft hair brushed against his face, causing Huo Beichen to pause for a while. She then said enthusiastically, “I feel like eating some mooncakes but we don’t have any. Fortunately, we do have cakes~”

    Ning Meng took out the kid’s mousse cake and then picked up a fruit knife. “Let’s share, half each.”

    However, due to her overexcitement, she slipped and ended up crouching over the table.

    The fruit knife had flown out of her hand, hit the wall and bounced off, and was now headed toward her hand.

    Before Ning Meng could react, a big hand stretched out before her and held on to the blade of the knife.

    Huo Beichen frowned as he put the fruit knife aside. His palm was cut and blood was oozing out.

    He was about to go and wash up but a pair of gentle hands held him tightly. “How could there be so much blood!”

    Huo Beichen stood stunned on the spot, as though he had just been struck by lightning. Her hands were so soft…

    Ning Meng was perturbed as she looked at his hands that were soaked in blood. She quickly took her phone and called Su Ye.

    As soon as he heard that his boss had been hurt, Su Ye instructed her, “If there is a lot of blood from the wound, put some pressure on it. I’m coming immediately!”

    Huo Beichen wanted to say something but she held onto his hand, fiercely saying, “Don’t move.”


    When Su Ye arrived, he saw Huo Beichen sitting in the living room while Ning Meng was holding onto him. He became panicked, thinking it was a serious wound and hastily went over to check.

    Ning Meng was rambling on the side. “How is it? Does he need to go to the hospital? Does he need a blood transfusion? He can have my blood…”

    Su Ye twitched his lips and said, “Luckily I came in time.”

    Ning Meng’s heart sank. “Why?”

    “Any later and the wound would have healed!”