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Chapter 107 - Taking Office

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 107: Taking Office

    Nyoi-Bo Studio  Nyoi-Bo Studio

    On the day of share transfer, Chu Yunxiong and Ge Zhongtian were both present. Additionally, all the middle and upper management personnel, such as the store managers and main store department heads, all attended.

    “I initially thought that Luo’s Workshop would go on forever with Chongshan House’s backing. I never expected someone to take the wheel so quickly.”

    “I couldn’t agree more. I heard that our new boss is a young kid in his 20s.”

    “Yup, the Workshop is done for. Without the Chongshan House shielding us, ‘Taste Buds’ will gnaw us down until even our bones are gone.”

    A few store managers gossiped together. Currently, Luo’s Workshop had absolutely no capital for contending with ‘Taste Buds.’ Their arms were not even the same size. Now that they’d lost the Chongshan House’s protection, their business would soon completely crumble.

    Nevertheless, at the same time, they were very curious about this new chairman. How had he acquired the whole of Luo’s Workshop’s shares? Although Luo’s Workshop was now like a dying camel, purchasing it still called for some five to six hundred million dollars. For a kid to have so much cash at such a young age, he must be 2G Rich [1].

    Sun Jian’nan was silent as he stared at the company’s front gates without blinking. He’d already heard that their new chairman went by the name of Xiao Luo. Was the name of his new boss just a coincidence, or was he the very same young lad who had saved his life before? At that particular moment, Sun Jian’nan was more anxious than anyone else because he was eager to discover the new boss’ identity.

    Not long after, a white Corolla slowly drove through the front gates.

    The door opened, and Xiao Luo, dressed in a black tuxedo, was the first to exit the car. Zhang Dashan, on the contrary, was relatively casual in his attire. After all, today was Xiao Luo’s debut. He mustn’t overshadow his friend.

    Xiao Luo had smiling eyes, which were narrow and long like a celebrity’s, a pointy and suave nose, a mouth with the corners slightly lifted, and unruly black hair. At the sight of Xiao Luo’s appearance, all of Luo’s Workshop’s employees who’d come to welcome him dropped their jaws. Subsequently, uncontrolled exclamations and whispers were stirred up among the crowd and then exploded with furor into a full-blown discussion. The employees buzzed like a swarm of bees.

    “Is that Mr. Xiao? He’s so hot!”

    “What’s wrong with his face? Why do I feel like he looks better than the celebrities on TV?”

    “His temperament is extraordinary. He must come from some noble family.”

    The girls’ cheeks especially felt a little warm as they gazed on Xiao Luo’s cold, handsome face.

    “What the f*ck? While I do acknowledge that your handsomeness surged after you put on this tux, these people are overexaggerating. Look at them! They are drooling all over you like wolves. Bro, you better be mindful of your a*shole.”

    Zhang Dashan was jealous. In terms of looks, he’d never felt that he was any more attractive than Xiao Luo. But today, as he stood beside Xiao Luo with everyone’s eyes glued to him, Zhang Dashan felt somewhat imbalanced on the inside.

    “Don’t talk if you can’t talk properly. Nobody will think of you as a mute.” Xiao Luo glared at him, then walked toward Chu Yunxiong, and the two shook hands ceremoniously.

    “Mr. Luo, Luo’s Workshop is yours from now on. Just come and speak to me if you ever need anything,” Chu Yunxiong said. He valued Xiao Luo a great deal.

    “That’s for certain,” Xiao Luo casually replied out of courtesy.

    Just then, a middle-aged man with unusual temperament came forward and extended his hands to Xiao Luo with a smile. He said, “Greetings, Mr. Xiao. My name is Xu Guansong. I have been the one in charge of everything at Luo’s Workshop while Mr. Fang has been away.”

    “Hello, Mr. Xu!”

    Xiao Luo shook hands with Mr. Xu with a courteous smile. Before coming to Luo’s Workshop, Xiao Luo had browsed the list of senior management. He knew that this man with the big belly and golden-framed glasses was the company’s deputy manager.

    “Mr. Xiao, let me introduce you to the others.”

    Xu Guansong didn’t pass up the chance to take the lead. He pointed to the girl next to him, who was about 25 or 26 years old, and said, “Her name is Li Ziming. She’s the head of our sales department, and she’s really comprehensive in her conduct.”

    “Hello, Mr. Xiao.”

    Li Ziming quickly extended her hand with a smile and shook hands with Xiao Luo.

    Xiao Luo nodded and said, “Hello.”

    Xu Guansong then introduced the next person: “This is the head of the human resource department, Lin Chongdong. As his name suggests, his temper is really impulsive.”

    “Hello, Mr. Xiao.”

    Lin Chongdong’s tone was a little blunt, and he didn’t look like he wanted to shake hands with Xiao Luo.

    Xiao Luo stayed calm and collected. He replied courteously, “Hello.”

    Then, Xu Guansong proceeded to the next person, “This is the…”

    “I’ll do it myself!” blurted out a girl about 20 years of age.

    She had big eyes, a little mouth, delicate cheeks, and was giving off an adorable and lively vibe with her entire body. “I’m the head of the R & D department. My name is Luo Qi. Greetings, big boss.” As soon as she finished, she saluted Xiao Luo.

    Xiao Luo replied, “Just call me Mr. Xiao.”

    “Received, big boss!” Luo Qi said with a beaming countenance.

    Xiao Luo could neither cry nor laugh. However, Luo Qi, who was so vivacious in her presentation, had made a deep impression in his heart.

    “A-ahem. Please be more serious.” Xu Guansong coughed, then smiled as he introduced to Xiao Luo to a large man. “Mr. Xiao, please meet the head of our bread processing factory, Zhang Donghai. He’s honest and really ambitious.”

    “Hello, Mr. Xiao. I have long since heard your name mentioned. Now that I finally get to meet you today, I see that you’re truly a talented person with extraordinary vigor!”

    Zhang Donghai held Xiao Luo’s hand tightly with both hands, showing great excitement and enthusiasm.

    Xiao Luo lifted his eyebrows, thinking that no business ever had a shortage of flatterers. Had he ever so popular that this man would have had occasion to hear his name long before now? These statements were too exaggerated.

    Nevertheless, Xiao Luo still replied, “Hello.”

    With Xu Guansong in charge of introductions, Xiao Luo greeted Luo’s Workshop’s senior management team one-by-one. Soon afterward, everyone proceeded to the conference hall, where the official share transfer ceremony would be held.

    “Holy sh*t! It’s really him!”

    Sun Jian’nan’s mind went blank. He was so shocked that he couldn’t even say a single word. How could he have ever anticipated that the young lad who’d saved him that day was the same guy who’d gone on a blind date with his niece? And now, by some sudden metamorphosis, this same guy was also their company’s new chairman? This was way too dramatic. It was unbelievable. Sun Jian’nan thought that he was dreaming.

    “The transfer of shares ceremony is complete. Now, let us welcome Mr. Xiao, who is going to share a few words with us,” the hostess said with a broad smile while holding the microphone.

    Xiao Luo took the microphone, stood up, and said with a smile, “I only have one thing to say to all of you: ‘Do your work with your minds at peace. Be down to earth. Do not forget the heart, for you and I shall strive together!'”

    When he finished, he sat down.

    He was totally different from their other bosses. Anybody else would have gone on for at least half an hour in such a scenario, but Xiao Luo had only delivered a brief statement. This brevity caught those who were prepared to listen to a long speech entirely off guard.

    His speech was already over before the hostess could even finish drinking her water. Although she was taken by surprise, her response was nevertheless impeccable. She moved forward to mediate the scene with a smile on her face, saying, “Mr. Xiao really does treasure his words like gold. Nevertheless, the aphorism he has given us is worthy. Let all of us ponder it and learn from it.”

    Just then, someone ran into the room in a panic. He whispered in Xu Guansong’s ear for a moment. Then, Xu Guansong went over to Xiao Luo and murmured to him, “Mr. Xiao, all of the factory’s employees have gone on strike!”


    (1) 2G Rich = The Second-Generation Rich, referring to the kids of the wealthy.