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Chapter 93 - Hubby, Am I The One?

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 93: Hubby, Am I The One?

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    Su Ye helped Huo Beichen clean the bloodstains. The wound was slowly healing, but he put on some antiseptic and wrapped up the wound.

    When he was done, Su Ye adjusted his glasses and silently let out a sigh. He grumbled gently, “Boss, missus, did you both call me out in the middle of the night to eat dog food?”

    Then he turned toward Ning Meng, “Also, missus, if you would like to donate blood, we need to first check if your blood types are compatible.”

    He was still in a daze. It was obvious that he had been woken up from his sleep and had immediately rushed over.

    Ning Meng felt bad. “My blood type is O, I’m a universal donor. Um, happy Mid-Autumn Festival.”

    “Thanks. Likewise.”

    After Su Ye left, Ning Meng was embarrassed and blurted out, “How could such a small wound bleed so much…”

    Huo Beichen smirked. “Still want to watch the moon?”

    “Of course!”

    There were no more issues anyway.

    Ning Meng divided the cake into two halves, putting them on small plates and placed them on the dwarf statues. They sat facing each other and started moon-watching. They did not say anything and respectively dwelled on their own thoughts.

    Huo Beichen looked at the moonlight falling on her graceful face. He could still feel her gentle touch on his wounded palm. Ning Meng gazed at the moonlight and started daydreaming. The real world was filled with air pollution, it had been a while since she had seen such a beautiful moon.

    This was the first time she had thought of reality ever since she had entered the novel. As she thought about it, she felt sad. In the real world, she was an orphan and did not have any close friends.

    During the Mid-Autumn Festival, people usually spent time with their loved ones, yet, she had been alone every time. But now that she finally had a companion, truth to be told, she did not want to go back.

    Here, there was Ning Wentao. She finally felt the love of a family she had never encountered before. And then there was Han Meilin, from whom she could feel sincerity.

    And then there was…

    Ning Meng peeked at the man sitting opposite her. It was obvious that Huo Beichen had a strange feeling for her, but he kept hiding these emotions. Tonight, however, it seemed that something had changed between them. Ning Meng covered her chest, wanting to keep all these emotions locked in her heart. As long as she was not clear about his feelings for her, she could not let her heart be moved.

    Perhaps she was staring at him too obviously, and Huo Beichen turned toward her. Under his long eyelashes, it was as if there were stars in his jet-black eyes. Ning Meng ignored the uneasiness she felt, blinking her eyes and smiling. “Hubby, I thought of a serious matter.”


    “Since you ripped a pocket, I should rip a pocket too. That way, we can be two pockets of the same pants.”


    It really was a mystery as to where she had learned all these smooth flirtatious words. Upon saying this, Ning Meng quieted down. After a moment of silence, Huo Beichen turned toward her and noticed that she had fallen asleep with her hand on the coffee table. Huo Beichen could finally just look at her unabashedly.

    Her skin was fair and glowing, and with her eyes closed, she gently breathed with her peach red lips slightly opened. This face looked like her and yet, at the same time, it did not look like her. He slowly drifted into his imagination.

    He was not sure what had happened to her lately. She had changed so much that he could only make guesses as to what was going on. He stood up and gently carried her to her bed. S