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Chapter 107 - Who Was She Indeed

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 107: Who Was She Indeed

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    “Doesn’t everybody need to study at this time?” Qianmo even looked at the surveillance camera after saying that.

    “Errr… This room is designated for our faculty… They are having their physical training now.” Ma Jingtian said the lines that he had memorized in advance. His gaze shifted around and avoided Qianmo’s eyes.

    The mission that the mysterious lady had given him was to lead Qianmo here when she requested to see him.

    Although Ma Jingtian didn’t know the exact goal, he could vaguely feel that it would not cause Qianmo any harm, so he agreed to it.

    Qianmo didn’t beat around the bush and gestured for him to sit down.

    “I would like to hear Senior talk about the person who was plotting behind my back.” She went straight to the point.

    Qianmo crossed her fingers, put them under her chin, and sat leisurely without an expression. Although her voice was not severe, it released an intense aura that Ma Jingtian could never reject.

    “That day, a friend of my cousin called me and told me about you. I was agitated—”

    “What kind of friend?” Qianmo interrupted him.

    Ma Jingtian touched his nose and said, “It’s my cousin’s classmate. We grew up together. He’s overseas now, so it’s not easy to contact him. When we meet up next time, I will—”

    “You are lying.” Qianmo’s voice came through the surveillance system into the security room.

    The staff in the room were absent right now. What was supposedly the most closely monitored place in the academy only had two people there.

    Accurately speaking, it was two women.

    Two beautiful and elegant women. If Ma Jingtian could see them, he would realize they were the two ladies he had met last night.

    “So, she’s Qianmo?” President Qian asked Chen Meng.

    Chen Meng nodded. “How do you find this kid, President Qian?”

    “I can’t make an accurate conclusion yet with just one look. However, based on my years of experience, this girl… has a promising future.” The lady called President Qian looked at the monitor and made her judgment based on her expertise.

    At the other end of the surveillance, Qianmo and Ma Jingtian’s conversation continued.

    Ma Jingtian had wanted to bluff through the topic at first, but his expression had already betrayed him. One simply couldn’t lie in front of Qianmo.

    “Senior, I shall advise you not to do this action often. It’s a manifestation of guilt when lying.” Qianmo imitated how Ma Jingtian touched his nose.

    Ma Jingtian was embarrassed, then Qianmo imitated his gaze.

    “And don’t do this kind of gaze too. If you are going to do technical investigation in the future, every criminal that you face would have excellent anti-reconnaissance skills. You can go to the prison and feel those people’s desire to survive if you are not convinced. They would try their very best to escape the legal punishments. They will easily entrap you if you forget about your profession.”

    The police officers who had years of experience and professional training would also have to give their very best when they were trying to bring the criminals to justice. That was because every criminal would rack their brains to survive. They would cheat and lie to achieve their goals. Each and every one of them had an acting skill that deserved an Oscar.

    Ma Jingtian looked at Qianmo helplessly.

    “Junior… I remember you are just a recruit!” Damn, his teachers had not even taught him all these techniques yet!

    Qianmo smiled humbly.

    “I beg your pardon. I have an idol called Chen Meng, who is an expert in Criminal Psychology’s microexpression. I have bought all her books for self-study. Although I have only learned a tiny bit, it is more than enough to deal with you, Senior. Please tell me the truth.”

    Chen Meng was smiling brightly at the other end.

    Perfect, she also liked Qianmo dearly.


    President Qian was amazed and envious. This girl had attained this level just by self-study. It looked like Director Chen’s mind-reading skills would have a successor.

    Chen Meng looked at Qianmo questioning Ma Jingtian on the monitor with a smile and an indulging look. She obviously was delighted that her potential daughter-in-law was praised, and yet, she still wanted to act humble by saying a few words.

    “President Qian is too kind. Our Qianmo is still young. What she does in the future depends on her own choices. I never force the children to do anything they don’t like. However, you have heard it yourself—that child is rather interested in this stuff. I guess I will be quite busy for a while in the future.”

    Her hidden meaning was,“Yes, the children in our family are really that good. My daughter-in-law loves me, and I love my daughter-in-law. I have a successor now. Hahahaha!”

    The lady called President Qian was the formidable help Chen Meng had gotten to assist her. She was the leader of the country’s psychotherapy arena.

    The leading authority in Criminal Psychology was Chen Meng, and the leading authority in Complex Psychological Illnesses was Chen Xiaoqian. Now the two of them had come together to do a consultation for Black’s phobia.

    However, before that, they needed to assess Qianmo’s temperament. They could only come up with a treatment plan based upon both of their personalities’ analysis.

    They were there to observe Qianmo’s character before starting their treatment, so they didn’t expect to hear Qianmo praising Chen Meng. Not only Chen Meng was ecstatic with her words, but Chen Xiaoqian was also a little envious.

    Although she also had three disciples, not one of them was her daughter-in-law. Ah… Of course, her son was still rather young, so it was too early to think about her daughter-in-law.

    People addressed Chen Xiaoqian as President Qian. Her expertise was curing all sorts of psychological problems. She had already won numerous international awards, so she was definitely an expert in assessing people. She concluded Qianmo was an outstanding girl just by looking at her behavior through the monitor.

    The way Chen Qianmo sat, placed her hands, and interrogated was way beyond her current age’s psychological characteristics. If she didn’t belong to Director Chen’s family, President Qian would be very interested in this girl. How nice it would be if she could poach her over to work in her studio after she graduated…

    But, President Qian could only think about it. She wasn’t daring enough to poach from Chen Meng. After all, she had already witnessed her protectiveness last night…

    “Honestly speaking, I have almost gone through all the children studying in psychology-related courses in every tertiary education institution these past few years to search for a few suitable disciples. This future daughter-in-law of yours is truly exceptional.”

    President Qian was definitely a good judge about people to have reached her current level. Thus, when she said exceptional, that must be indeed outstanding.

    Chen Meng glanced at her and said, “Even better than those disciples you chose?”

    “Which one are you asking?” President Qian asked cunningly.

    Chen Meng laughed. “Of course, the one who shares a room with Qianmo. Oh, you still haven’t said which one of them is your disciple?”

    President Qian had three disciples currently. She accepted her first disciple when she was still in school, who was her valued assistant in the country now. The other one she took under her wings after she opened the studio, who was already winning awards in international competitions. She was very picky when choosing her disciples. Everyone she selected had great potential.


    Therefore, Chen Meng was curious about the identity of President Qian’s mysterious third disciple. She was in the same batch as Qianmo, which meant she was discovered by President Qian before learning Psychology systematically.

    Who was she indeed?