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Chapter 78 - Gu Family’s two girls (2)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 78: Gu Family’s two girls (2)

    Nyoi-Bo Studio  Nyoi-Bo Studio

    Happy events refresh the spirit. Grandpa Gu had arranged this family banquet in anticipation of seeing Gu Yu and Xu Weilai return as a happy and affectionate couple. But after an entire day of waiting and looking forward to it, he was met with only Xu Weilai, arriving by herself. He couldn’t help but heave a deep sigh.

    The rest of Gu’s family had already arrived a while before, and they were all gathered together in the living room.

    There sat Grandpa Gu, flanked by Gu Xue and Gu Shuang. The two girls incessantly called his name, chiming one after another, “grandpa this,” and “grandpa that.”

    As Xu Weilai obediently greeted everyone, she could see the disappointment in Grandpa Gu’s eyes. She gently held his hand, and in a whisper, she explained, “Grandpa, Gu Yu, he… he’s a little busy, so he can’t come today. Allow me to apologize to you for him.”

    Grandpa Gu could easily see through her excuse. He knew that she was just covering for Gu Yu, but he chose not to expose her. Just as he was about to put the matter aside, Gu Xue went ahead and spoke first.

    “Brother Yu never misses family banquets because he’s busy. He didn’t come because he doesn’t recognize you as his wife, and he didn’t want to bring you here to see us. How dare you have the nerve to come here alone?”

    Gu Shuang chimed in, “Sister, do you still have to ask that? She’s famous for being shameless. She climbed into that bed three years ago to try to secure her marriage, and it’s still a joke within our circle. Anyone who wanted to save face would never appear in front of us again, but look at her! She went on to ask Grandpa for one billion yuan as a bride price, and she forced Brother Yu to marry her. I just want to say one thing: shameless people don’t have limits!”

    Although no one else spoke, they all had the same condescending sneer on their faces.

    Now, Xu Weilai was actually glad that she had heard so many unpleasant things from Gu Yu. Gu Xue and Gu Shuang’s insults weren’t quite up to that level, so they didn’t seem too hurtful to her anymore. They saw her as a laughingstock, but she didn’t really care. It was more of an embarrassment to Grandpa Gu.

    After all, Grandpa Gu had wanted to show off the new couple that day.

    Grandpa Gu didn’t want Xu Weilai to be wronged any further. There was still some time before dinner. He thought quickly and said, “Little Weilai, go out to the yard and help Grandpa feed the koi.”

    Since the deaths of his son and daughter-in-law, Grandpa Gu had become obsessed with feng shui. The feng shui master had directed him to dig a pond in the front yard and fill it with golden koi, which would keep his home safe!

    Xu Weilai understood his intention to protect her, so she nodded and turned to leave.

    Gu Xue and Gu Shuang exchanged a knowing look, then excused themselves to go to the bathroom together. They headed toward the bathroom, but once the old man was no longer in sight, they turned directly towards the pond, instead.


    Back at the Gu Corporation, the assistant checked his watch again. It was already half-past seven. The old man had called him earlier to remind him of the family banquet, so he could make sure it was in his boss’ schedule.

    The banquet was due to start at eight o’clock, so he turned and glanced at Gu Yu in the office. He was still reading documents, and showed no signs of stopping.

    This family banquet was going to be different from ones in the past. It would be the first family banquet since Mr. Gu and Xu Weilai had gotten married. If Mr. Gu refused to go, he would be making Xu Weilai face the pack of hungry wolves that was the Gu family by herself… that thought was terrifying, but mentioning Xu Weilai in front of Mr. Gu was equally terrifying…

    The assistant hesitated for another five minutes. Finally, he straightened his chest, gathered up all his courage, and knocked on the office door before walking in.

    The assistant stood at the front of the office and looked at Gu Yu, who didn’t bother to lift his head. He took a deep breath and said, “Mr. Gu, the family banquet is about to start. Shall I prepare your car?”

    “No need!”

    Did this mean that he wasn’t going?

    The assistant scratched his head, decided to bite the bullet, and added, “Mr. Gu, this is the first time you and the young mistress will be greeting your family as husband and wife. Leaving her there alone isn’t good, no?”

    Gu Yu closed the document at once, raised his eyes, and aimed a cold stare at his assistant.