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Chapter 173 - Bai Songling’s Big-mouthed Parasite

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 173: Bai Songling’s Big-mouthed Parasite

    The night was tranquil, and stars peppered the sky. In the blink of an eye, it was already late.

    Bai Songling yawned and turned to Ye Jiuge. “It’s getting late. Are we camping here or are going to find somewhere else?”

    While the men could put up with spending the night in the wilderness, Ye Jiuge was a woman. It would be rather miserable for her.

    Ye Jiuge thought for a moment, then replied to Bai Songling, “Let’s head back to Medicine Refinery City. Tomorrow, we’ll try to figure out a way to rent a place for me in the city. I want to produce the Mind-clearing Pill and a few more bottles of Spiritual Beast Pills.”

    The Legendary Venomous Insects needed Spiritual Beast Pills to recover. She had better produce more pills, just in case.

    “Sure. The Dongling Prince has a few secret hideouts in Medicine Refinery City of which the Crown Prince is unaware.” As he spoke, Bai Songling couldn’t help but respect Dongfang Que for his foresight.

    Before the Pill Production Tournament, Dongfang Que had prepared a few secret hideouts in Medicine Refinery City. Now, they could finally be put to good use.

    “Let’s go!” Ye Jiuge stood up.

    Luo Tian extinguished the fire pit.

    Ye Yu dug a hole to bury the hares’ bones.

    Bai Songling washed his precious metal pot, then stowed it.

    There were about two hours until daylight. Ye Jiuge, Bai Songling, Luo Tian, and Ye Yu had to disguise themselves. Otherwise, they would be arrested the moment they stepped into the city.

    For Ye Yu, the Disguising Technique was an essential skill. He made his skin yellowish, and, with some other additions, a plain and unassuming youth soon appeared. Wearing an item of blue coarse-cloth clothing, he looked like a page boy from a large, wealthy household.

    Luo Tian painted his face black, pretending to be a solemn and taciturn guard.

    Bai Songling drew on an eight-figured eyebrow and added a goatee. He put on a royal blue brocade robe, instantly transforming into a rich landowner.

    At first, Bai Songling had suggested that Ye Jiuge disguise herself as the landowner’s wife so that they could pair as husband and wife. But he was rejected.

    She already had an idea of her own. She dabbed some medicinal powder on her face, and swiftly became a high-cheeked, mean-faced, middle-aged woman who had fine lines around her mouth.

    “You look like Guo Yingxi!” Ye Yu frowned, looking at the woman’s face brought back painful memories.

    “That’s the effect I wanted.” Ye Jiuge had done it on purpose.

    “But it’s too risky!” Bai Songling objected as well.

    They had to be careful with entering the city. By boldly disguising as the same person whom the Sorceress had pretended to be, wouldn’t that attract more attention?

    “Nothing ventured, nothing gained. The best defense is a good offense.” Ye Jiuge had her reasons.

    Now, thanks to the Crown Prince’s plots, the whole Lei Kingdom was spitting on her. The more she retreated, the more she would lose her chance to overturn the situation. She had to think of a way to go on the offensive.

    Who knew? By pretending to be Guo Yingxi, she might even experience a breakthrough.

    “Alright. Things can’t get any worse than they are now, anyway.” Bai Songling was somewhat positive.

    By the time the group had finished with their disguises, daylight had arrived.

    After the city guards opened the gates, they did not probe the group too much, and they were soon let through into the city.

    According to Bai Songling, the hideout was located at No. 17 East Main Street, beside a medicinal hall.

    It was still early, so there weren’t many people on the streets. Even most of the shops weren’t open yet.

    The group made their way successfully into the residence.

    The house had three courtyards. The furnishings were simple, but everything that they needed was there.

    Bai Songling was about to allocate their rest areas when, suddenly, his heart skipped a beat. He turned to the group and announced, “My Legendary Venomous Insect seems to be hatching.”

    He exposed his arm as he spoke. The black speck on his hand had already grown much larger.

    It moved now and then. Finally, it opened. When it finally revealed its face, there was an odd expression on every onlooker’s face.

    Ye Yu’s Black Dictator looked fierce and powerful. It was an expert in concealment and was able to swallow poisons.

    Luo Tian’s Xiao Hong was exceptional for its speed. Attacking and ambushing enemies was its forte.

    Bai Songling’s Legendary Venomous Insect was white. It had no eyes or wings, only an enormous mouth. It looked terribly ugly.

    “As expected, it looks like its master.” Jun Yichen nodded in satisfaction. “You are too noisy, that’s why you’ve hatched such a big-mouthed Legendary Venomous Insect.”

    “Impossible!” Bai Songling was unable to accept that he, a sophisticated and cool youth, would hatch such an ugly Legendary Venomous Insect.

    “Just face reality!” Ye Jiuge mocked without mercy.

    Bai Songling glared at the big-mouthed Legendary Venomous Insect, unable to say anything. He could only console himself. “Forget it! Having a big mouth means it can eat more, so it’ll be more powerful than the other Legendary Venomous Insects.”

    “Sure, I admire your ability to lie to yourself,” Ye Yu deadpanned.

    “Get lost!” Bai Songling glared at Ye Yu. He shuffled up beside Ye Jiuge. “Help me produce a few bottles of Spiritual Beast Pills. I don’t believe that Big Mouth will remain so ugly.”

    He had already decided to cultivate Big Mouth until he became the world’s most powerful Legendary Venomous Insect.

    “As long as you can afford it, you can have as many bottles as you wish.” Ye Jiuge was very generous.

    “I want some too.” Jun Yichen’s face was stony as if he were telling her, ‘don’t you forget about me.’

    “Do you have any money?” Ye Jiuge struck back heartlessly.

    Jun Yichen’s eyes bulged, and he said, “I’m working for you!”

    “Tell me again when you’ve done something,” Ye Jiuge gave him a wave of dismissal then turned to Luo Tian and Bai Songling. “I’ll be heading out to get some herbs later. Then, I’ll be going into retreat to produce pills. As for you guys, don’t just stay here. Get cracking and investigate the remaining two Level-two Alchemists’ location. Also, try to find out where Guo Yingxi is. If she’s doing well, that’s great. If not, we best let others know of her death. Ye Yu, your injury is still healing, so you stay with me.”

    “Alright.” Luo Tian and Bai Songling accepted their mission and left.

    Jun Yichen also left with Luo Tian.

    Ye Jiuge counted her taels and left the residence with Ye Yu, heading out to purchase the medicinal herbs needed.

    The ordinarily bustling street of Medicinal Halls looked rather deserted now. Even the shop assistants looked listless.

    Ye Jiuge walked into the largest Medicinal Hall. The moment the shop assistant saw her, he went up to her enthusiastically. “Honored guest, what can I help you with?”

    “I am looking for some medicinal herbs,” Ye Jiuge handed over the list of herbs she wanted. Then, she asked, “There are very few people on the streets. Is business not good?”

    “Sigh, it’s terrible. The accursed Sorcerers murdered many people who came here on business. Now, no one dares to come here,” the shop assistant replied while picking out the herbs that Ye Jiuge wanted. “There is a rumor that the Sorcerers’ leader is Great Master Yun’s maternal granddaughter, Ye Jiuge. How true it is, no one knows.”

    “Of course, it’s true! I heard that even her father has announced that he is disowning her,” another shop assistant added.

    Hearing the rumors, Ye Jiuge didn’t think much of them. But Ye Yu’s expression turned glacial as he said, “Please do not spread unproven rumors.”

    The shopkeeper standing behind the counter hollered at the two shop assistants in admonishment, “Have you finished picking the herbs? You were hired to work, not to gossip.”

    The two shop assistants became quiet and bent their heads down to concentrate on their chore. They quickly picked out the herbs and sent off Ye Jiuge warmly.

    Ye Jiuge carried the bag of herbs out of the medicinal hall. Suddenly, Ye Yu spoke up in a low voice: “We are being followed.”