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Chapter 176 - A Jelly-legged Retrea

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 176: A Jelly-legged Retreat

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    “Yes, it’s a problem indeed. If we could deal with them separately, that would be great.” Wan Ziyang had heard of Liu Yunfei’s abilities from Bai Songling.

    He was very fearful and wary of the Blood Bell and Blood Sword.

    “I have an idea to lure Liu Yunfei away,” Ye Jiuge announced.

    “What idea?” Bai Songling turned to her, then continued, “There are so few of us. If too many of us are deployed to lure Liu Yunfei away, there will be no one left to catch the disguised Sorcerer.”

    “Relax. We don’t have to lure her away ourselves.”

    From her backpack, Ye Jiuge took out a purple scorpion, which was tightly bound. Its body was immobilized by a thick layer of yellow mud shaped into a sphere.

    Wan Ziyang looked closely at the frail, weak scorpion and asked, “Is this the scorpion that took you to the ruins?”

    “The very same!” Ye Jiuge nodded.

    “D*mn! What are you waiting for, then? Just bomb it to smithereens!” Bai Songling exclaimed.

    If it weren’t for this thing, Ye Jiuge wouldn’t have been framed.

    The frail purple scorpion heard Bai Songling’s words and squeaked in fright.

    “Oh? It was most unexpected. This scorpion seems to be enlightened.”

    Bai Songling looked at the squeaking scorpion in surprise.

    Ever since he’d hatched Big Mouth, he had become interested in getting to know more about Spiritual Beasts and Demonic Beasts.

    “Fool, you can’t even recognize this Unusual Beast—the Treasure-hunting Scorpion,” Jun Yichen mocked expressionlessly.

    “What?” Bai Songling couldn’t be bothered to quarrel with Jun Yichen. He turned to Ye Jiuge with his eyes wide in shock. “It’s an Unusual Beast?”

    Treasure-hunting Scorpion—it sounded very formidable!

    “That’s right. It was Liu Yunfei’s treasure. If it is used as bait, Liu Yunfei will definitely jump into the trap.”

    Ye Jiuge carelessly waved the Treasure-hunting Scorpion in her hand.

    She already owned the Black Fat Rat, so she wasn’t too desperate for this Treasure-hunting Scorpion.

    “You should keep it since it’s such a rare find,” Bai Songling gushed.

    Wan Ziyang glared at him, then asked Ye Jiuge, “What do you intend to do?”

    “I believe Li Zijun will be very interested in this Treasure-hunting Scorpion.” Ye Jiuge handed the Treasure-hunting Scorpion to Wan Ziyang then continued, “As for the method for luring Liu Yunfei, I believe that Brother Wan knows better than I do. The yellow mud wrapped around the scorpion contains a substance that masks its presence. We just have to shatter the mud wrapping.”

    “I understand,” Wan Ziyang said then took the Treasure-hunting Scorpion from Ye Jiuge.

    Dongfang Yao wielded the greatest influence in Medicine Refinery City. However, the next most influential person was not the Crown Prince Dongfang Jianming, but Dongfang Yao’s Chief Disciple, Li Zijun.

    Li Zijun was a careful man. In such a situation, in which the Medicine Refinery City was so chaotic and Dongfang Yao was washing his hands of the situation, his every move was conservative and safe. He made stabilizing the situation in Medicine Refinery City his top priority.

    Though it wasn’t wrong, this was not helpful for catching the Sorcerers.

    However, Li Zijun hated the Sorcerers a lot. If he knew that the Treasure-hunting Scorpion belonged to a Sorcerer, he would certainly be willing to help capture Liu Yunfei.

    After all, an Unusual Beast like the Treasure-hunting Scorpion was a prize for Spiritual Practitioners.

    Be it searching for Spiritual herbs or items or using it as an ingredient to produce pills, the Treasure-hunting Scorpion was a rare find.

    “Alright. You guys start planning to capture the Sorcerers. I’ll be going into retreat to produce pills,” Ye Jiuge said and stood up.

    Wan Ziyang, Bai Songling, Luo Tian, and Jun Yichen weren’t incompetent.

    With Ouyang Sen as bait, and the treasure to lure Liu Yunfei away, it would be easy to come up with a plan to ambush and capture the Sorcerers. She did not have to participate in the planning.

    She should concentrate on more practical matters, like producing Mind-clearing Pills and Spiritual Beast Pills.

    “Hurry along!” Bai Songling and Jun Yichen chimed in unison. They looked at one another, then harrumphed and turned away.

    They both wanted the Spiritual Beast Pills to feed their Legendary Venomous Insects, but Ye Jiuge couldn’t mass produce the pills this time.

    In order to get more Spiritual Beast Pills from Ye Jiuge, they had to show her their capabilities.

    With that, the duo’s fighting spirit was ignited. They swore to take down the disguised Sorcerer.

    Ye Jiuge was in retreat for two whole days. She produced 38 bottles of Spiritual Beast Pills and 16 bottles of Mind-clearing Pills.

    She had also produced a few other pills, like the Desire Snuffing Pill, Spiritual Revitalization Pill, and Qi Replenishing Pill.

    By the time she left her room, her legs felt like jelly, and her body had lost all of its strength.

    “Eldest Miss, are you alright?” Luo Tian looked at the black rings around Ye Jiuge’s eyes. She looked like someone had punched her. Even her flawless, snow-white skin couldn’t even hide her exhaustion.

    He sighed inwardly. Ye Jiuge looked otherworldly, like a delicate lady, but she was rather scary when she became serious.

    He would not do poorly by following such a talented and hardworking Master.

    “I’m fine. What’s the situation with Ouyang Sen?” Ye Jiuge felt that two days was more than enough time for Ouyang Sen to come to a decision.

    If he still did not agree to cooperate with them, then she couldn’t be blamed for taking forceful action.

    “Ouyang Sen sent word yesterday agreeing to work with us to lure the Sorcerer,” Luo Tian replied.

    “What do you guys intend to do? Has the plan been confirmed?” Ye Jiuge had been busy producing pills these past few days, and she’d had no time to participate in their discussions.

    “We’ve decided on a plan. Ouyang Sen will pretend to run away from Medicine Refinery City and ambush the Sorcerer on the outskirts. Wan Ziyang has completed all preparations. We are just waiting for you,” Luo Tian reported.

    Although Ye Jiuge was not involved in the planning process, she was the most important leader in their small group because she held everyone together.

    Without her leadership, Bai Songling and Jun Yichen quarreled endlessly, and no one could stop them.

    “What about Ye Yu? Since he’s following Ouyang Sen, has he encountered Liu Yunfei?” Ye Jiuge asked.

    “No. Security in Medicine Refinery City has been rather strict recently. The Spiritual Practitioners on patrol around the Medicine Refinery Complex has have equipped with a magical weapon to test for sorcery. Even Liu Yunfei wouldn’t be so bold.” Luo Tian shook his head.

    “Pass this bottle of pills to Ouyang Sen. We will take action tomorrow.” Ye Jiuge took out a bottle of Mind-clearing Pills.

    Although Ouyang Sen was an Alchemist who never lacked in pills, the ones he owned were not as effective as the pills which she produced.

    “Eldest Miss, how many bottles of Spiritual Beast Pills did you produce this time?” Luo Tian felt a little embarrassed by his question.

    “Not a lot.” Ye Jiuge did not want Jun Yichen and Bai Songling to know how much stock she had, lest they chase after the pills like hell hounds.

    “I see.” Luo Tian face fell in disappointment.

    His Xiao Hong was about to advance in rank. If it could consume some Spiritual Beast Pills, it would not suffer too much while advancing.

    “I’ll give you guys one bottle each, for now.” Ye Jiuge took out four bottles and passed them to Luo Tian. “You deliver these for me. And don’t forget to make a record—it’s 100 taels per bottle.”

    Ye Jiuge was not rich, and she had spent quite a lot on pill production. She couldn’t act like she had before—like a philanthropist.

    100 taels per bottle of Spiritual Beast Pills was only the cost price. After all, the herbs she used were top-grade. If they were sold to someone else, the price would surely be double what she’d asked for.