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Chapter 177 - Ambush, Tit for Ta

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 177: Ambush, Tit for Tat

    Nyoi-Bo Studio  Nyoi-Bo Studio

    “I will deliver these pills to them. You’ve worked hard, Eldest Miss. Please rest well!” Luo Tian chirped in excitement.

    “I’m going to bed. Don’t call me unless there’s a natural disaster.” Ye Jiuge’s legs felt like jelly, and her body had completely lost its strength. She drifted to her room and collapsed on the bed, instantly knocked out.

    When she woke, it was already the afternoon of the next day.

    She only dragged herself up because she was starving.

    Thank goodness Luo Tian was an attentive person. He’d left some porridge in the kitchen. When she appeared, he immediately served it to her, accompanied by two spicy, sour, and refreshing side dishes.

    Ye Jiuge did not bother with decorum. She finally found the strength to speak after gulping down two bowls of porridge. “Where did the others go?”

    “Bai Songling and Little Master have gone out of the city to prepare their ambush. Ye Yu is still with Ouyang Sen. They will leave Medicine Refinery City tonight, just before the gate curfew,” Luo Tian said as he tidied up Ye Jiuge’s dirty dishes.

    Initially, Bai Songling had wanted to remain here to accompany Ye Jiuge. But after a few barbs from Jun Yichen, he left while arguing with the emotionless boy.

    They had argued over whose trap the disguised Sorcerer would fall for first.

    “Let’s make a move, too!” Ye Jiuge rose from her seat.

    Preparing for an ambush was an important task. Ye Jiuge did not feel safe leaving it to those unreliable eternal foes, Jun Yichen and Bai Songling.

    As soon as Ye Jiuge and Luo Tian left the city, Luo Tian brought out Xiao Hong.

    The previously big-bellied Xiao Hong’s appearance had massively changed.

    Its small, beady eyes brimmed with vitality, and it wasn’t elongated anymore. Round and fat, its figure was now generous, just like a golden tortoise.

    The wings on its back, which were previously thin like a cicada’s, had become sturdy and strong. It would have no trouble dragging two Treasure-hunting Scorpions at once.

    “Look for Little Master,” Luo Tian ordered Xiao Hong, and it immediately flapped its wings and took flight.

    Ye Jiuge and Luo Tian ran behind Xiao Hong.

    After running for around four hours, they stopped in front of a concealed cave.

    Overgrown weeds covered the entrance, and there was even a crooked tree. Without careful observation, the entrance would be hard to notice.

    They did not enter the cave immediately. Instead, they sent Xiao Hong to scour the cave to avoid wrecking the ambush that Bai Songling and Jun Yichen had set up.

    Soon after Xiao Hong flew in, Big Mouth came back out with it.

    Before, the Legendary Venomous Insect only had a big mouth. However, after eating a bottle of Spiritual Beast Pills, which Bai Songling had fed it, it had also changed considerably.

    The most obvious change was that is mouth had shrunk. It had a delicate forehead, a white body, and light, shimmering wings. It had a rather impressive aura, but its other abilities remained to be seen.

    The two Legendary Venomous Insects circled in front of Luo Tian, then landed on either shoulder.

    “Eldest Miss, it’s safe to enter now.” Luo Tian turned around to face Ye Jiuge.

    After that, Ye Jiuge followed Luo Tian into the cave.

    There was a narrow passageway. They rounded a corner, and the scenery changed completely.

    The cave’s interior was large, and there were even a few holes in the walls. Where they led, no one knew.

    Big Mouth flew toward one of the holes, and Bai Songling’s head popped out. He greeted Ye Jiuge, “Eldest Miss, you’re here!”

    Bai Songling peeked out from another hole, peering at Ye Jiuge reservedly.

    “How are your preparations?” Ye Jiuge looked around and couldn’t feel anything out of place.

    “Almost done. I promise the Bloodthirsty Sect Sorcerer will not leave this place alive,” Bai Songling boasted.

    “With me around, the Bloodthirsty Sect Sorcerer will definitely disintegrate,” Jun Yichen added quickly.

    “That confident?” Ye Jiuge channeled her Spiritual Eye and scrutinized her surroundings. She got chills.

    At the bottom of the cave’s seemingly harmless grey walls were countless dense, black spots.

    This had to be Jun Yichen’s handiwork. After regaining his full strength, not only could he control parasites, but he could even summon poisonous insects and snakes.

    Besides the countless poisonous insects and snakes lying in waiting, Bai Songling had also laid several traps.

    If the Sorcerer came after them to this place, he would undoubtedly die an instant death.

    “Eldest Miss, my area is clean. Come join me while we wait!” Bai Songling waved to Ye Jiuge.

    “No need. I’ll wait in ambush outside!” As a reserved and genteel lady, Ye Jiuge did not want to be in the company of the elongated species for a long time in such a small space.

    1“Alright!” Bai Songling was a little disappointed that his offer wasn’t taken up.

    Jun Yichen did not have any objections. It made no difference to him whether he or Luo Tian accompanied Ye Jiuge outside.

    After Ye Jiuge and Luo Tian exited the cave, they restored the original look of the weeds and trees before finding a hiding spot to wait for the Sorcerers.

    Night came quickly. In the eerie darkness, the mountain wind was biting cold.

    Ye Jiuge crouched in a huge banyan tree, hidden from view by its branches and peering out into the distance.

    Ye Yu and Bai Songling had picked out this cave together. There should not be any problems.

    However, she would only feel relief once the Sorcerer arrived.

    Soon, a few shadows appeared in the darkness of the forest at the foot of the mountain. They were making their way up the mountain in haste.

    Ye Jiuge was momentarily startled. The time had come.

    Ouyang Sen’s escape from Medicine Refinery City had been meticulously planned. He had secretly hired four mid-level Spiritual Practitioners to protect him while he escaped, promising them top-grade Medicinal Pills, which he had produced, and a large sum of money.

    The Spiritual Practitioners were not local, and they had already become impatient about staying in Medicine Refinery City for so long. Lured by Ouyang Sen’s promise of a large reward, they had accepted the job without hesitation.

    Ye Yu had disguised himself, pretending to be a Wind Elemental Spiritual Practitioner named Feng Qingyang. He was also part of the group hired to guard Ouyang Sen.

    Seeing that the cave wasn’t far away, he faked tiredness and turned to Ouyang Sen. “Alchemist Ouyang, it’s getting late. Shall we find a place to rest?”

    “We’re still near the city. We may still be within the area where the Sorcerers hunt. For safety, we should try and increase our distance from Medicine Refinery City!” Xia Chenfeng, a Spiritual Practitioner, commented gravely.

    The other two Spiritual Practitioners quickly agreed with Xia Chenfeng.

    Although they were exhausted, just thinking about the Sorcerers made them think twice about stopping to rest.

    “The Sorcerers may be frightening, but the forest is also dangerous at night. We have been running for a few hours, and we are drained. Should we encounter any powerful beasts, we won’t be able to deal with them,” Ye Yu reasoned.

    The Spiritual Practitioners were swayed just by hearing Ye Yu’s words. They looked together toward their employer, Ouyang Sen.

    Ouyang Sen pretended to hesitate, then turned toward Ye Yu. “Feng Qingyang, you are the quickest with your wind element. Why don’t you scout the area and find a resting spot for us?”

    “Yes, sir.” Ye Yu nodded and ran like the wind up the mountain.

    After leaving their sight, he swiftly made his way toward the cave.

    “Over here, Ye Yu!” Ye Jiuge waved at Ye Yu from her spot up the banyan tree.

    With a few jumps, Ye Yu landed next to Ye Jiuge. “Are Bai Songling and the rest ready with their preparations? I will bring Ouyang Sen here soon.”

    “All ready. Did the disguised Sorcerer come?” Ye Jiuge asked.

    “I’m not sure. But the three Spiritual Practitioners hired by Ouyang Sen have arrived, and I suspect that the disguised Sorcerer is hiding among them,” Ye Yu replied darkly.