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Chapter 94 - God, I’m Married

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 94: God, I’m Married

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    The next day, Ning Meng was woken up by a string of phone rings.

    She picked up the phone while still in a semi-conscious state. She heard someone coughing non-stop, barely able to speak. “Meng Meng, are you on the way already? Could you buy me some cough lozenges?”

    “Who are you?”

    “It’s me!”

    Ning Meng snickered. “A swindler? You don’t sound familiar. Do you need to go to the extent of coughing so much just to lie? Are you that poor?”

    “It’s your dad!”


    She glanced at her phone and indeed, it was Wentao on the display.

    “What’s with your throat?”

    Ning Wentao sounded like a broken drum. “I can’t really talk now. How long until you get here?”

    Ning Meng closed her eyes and wanted to continue sleeping. “Get to where?”

    Ning Wentao became anxious and with his hoarse, broken voice, he exclaimed, “Today is the Mid-Autumn Festival! Aren’t we supposed to have lunch together?!”

    “What are you so anxious about? It’s not even ten o’clock yet.”

    She turned her body and hung up but could not go back to sleep anymore. So, she went to the bathroom. Facing the mirror, she stretched and yawned. How did she fall asleep last night? She could not remember. She only remembered being carried by him to her bed and for some reason, she had impulsively followed her heart while sleep-talking and had asked that question.

    Even though she had had her eyes closed, she had felt him staring at her for a good few seconds. However, he had not said anything and left. Ning Meng patted her face. She was not supposed to have her heart moved!

    After washing up, she saw that she had a few more ‘Happy Mid-Autumn Festival’ WeChat texts.

    Du Ruo: [Meng Meng, Happy Mid-Autumn Festival. I’ve always been paying close attention to you. If you need help with the second volume of Lifebloom, do let me know.]


    Lin Qingbei: [Happy Mid-Autumn Festival. Don’t you worry. For you, I will come up with a new album as soon as possible.]


    Why would he write songs because of her? Ning Meng ignored them and started driving toward the Ning Mansion, picking up some cough lozenges from the pharmacy on the way. What she did not expect was to see a radiant Ning Wentao as soon as she walked in.

    The company had just earned 500 million. His headache was gone, his waist was not sore anymore, and all the illnesses from the past seem to have been cured.

    He sat on the sofa and straightened his back. Although his voice was already hoarse from all the coughing, he still struck up a conversation with the maid. “Have you seen ‘Shifting to Mars’? Meng Meng invested in it. You haven’t seen it? Go and watch tonight then. I will sponsor your movie tickets. It was not easy for Meng Meng, you know? At that time, the whole company was against this decision, but she did not budge and insisted to stay on this investment.”

    The maid quietly listened and showed that she was impressed. “Wow! Lady Ning Meng is awesome!”


    Ning Meng went over to sit but Ning Wentao was so elated that he did not notice her. Ning Meng twitched her lips. At this point, her phone vibrated.

    God: [Sis, Happy Mid-Autumn Festival. I wish I could be with you during this festival. Do you have time today?]

    Ning Meng paused when she saw this. She did not want to drag this issue any longer and thought to quickly tell him the truth. Huo Beichen had been around yesterday so she could not tell him then. After thinking for a while, Ning Meng replied to the text.

    [God, Happy Mid-Autumn Festival. I need to tell you something, I do not wish to hide this from you any longer. Actually, I’ve always treated you as my little brother. Sorry, I’m married.]

    Gritting her teeth, she sent it off. Ning Meng was waiting for the storm from God and Han Meilin.