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Chapter 108 - Not Comparable To Apologize

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 108: Not Comparable To Apologize

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    “Compared to my little disciple, ah… I’m sorry, Director Chen. There’s no comparison. Although your Qianmo has an advantage in IQ and potential, my little disciple has a special condition… To put it simply, she was born gifted.”

    President Qian wasn’t someone who liked to show off. If she said so, it meant this disciple of hers was indeed very unusual.

    All it did, however, was fan Chen Meng’s curiosity. According to her understanding, the three girls in the same dorm room with Qianmo were all normal children. Neither their school results nor family backgrounds were any special.

    But, President Qian said one of them was gifted. This was getting interesting.

    President Qian saw Chen Meng was truly curious, so she didn’t want to hide it from her. She went close to her ear and said a few words softly. A glimmer of surprise flashed through Chen Meng’s face.

    “There are really people like that? Could they… get into the police system? Could it become a destabilizing factor?”

    Although Chen Meng was very protective of her family, she cared even more about the entire criminal fighting system.

    President Qian said solemnly, “Yes, I was just as shocked when I first discovered it. She was my patient initially. This is also my first time coming across this kind of situation. Honestly speaking, I am sitting on the fence too.

    “On one hand, I feel that this special kind of “gift” could be utilized as a weapon for psychotherapy. On the other hand, I am afraid she could be led astray by others and become a social hazard. Thus, after much consideration, I think enrolling her in the police academy is the most suitable.”

    The police academy had an excellent environment, and this kind of atmosphere would have a good influence on one’s values and personality. The police’s management style was obviously more suitable than the usual schools’ laidback style. Furthermore, there was no classified information involved. Considering everything, President Qian took a risk and enrolled her in the academy.

    “Since I have taken this child as my disciple, I will be responsible for her future. I can promise you that I will bring her away after she graduates. She may not be able to become a police officer, but she can be an outstanding psychotherapist. I will also direct her personally.

    “Her “gift” would be put into remarkable use when I interfere with the psychology of the people with a criminal history. If I don’t take her as my disciple, she could be used by bad people and do many dangerous things.”

    President Qian told Chen Meng the reason why she took in this disciple honestly. There was no need to hide anything, especially with their years of friendship and admiration.

    Chen Meng slowly unfurrowed her eyebrows, pondered for a while, and eventually nodded. Then, she looked at her with a hint of approval in her eyes.

    Even though President Qian was about twelve years younger than her, she showed great leadership qualities and had considered everything thoroughly. She placed a suitable person in a suitable position. A dangerous person who was well-utilized could also contribute to society. If President Qian didn’t keep that person with her and let her do as she pleased, that would be doing real harm.

    “President Qian, there’s a saying, ‘Man proposes but God disposes’. My Qianmo and your disciple are staying in the same room, and they are doing the same course. Maybe they would surprise both you and me in the future after spending four years together.”

    Chen Meng looked at the Qianmo on the monitor meaningfully.

    Qianmo was like a treasure that one continued to discover wonders about. Not only was she the girl her son loved, but from the way she conducted herself, Qianmo was way more mature than she herself was at the same age.

    Chen Meng was already thrilled when Qianmo said she admired her at their previous brief meeting. She didn’t expect to find out unintentionally that this child could use her techniques to such a good extent. All in all, she felt the girl had great potential now.

    Even without the relationship with her son, she was very willing to groom a child with her potential if she happened to discover one. She was too busy with her work to be searching the world for prospective seedlings like President Qian to groom. Now, when an outstanding child in the shape of Qianmo was delivered to her on a platter, how could Chen Meng not be delighted?

    She was praising her son for having great taste by finding such a wonderful girl in no time. It didn’t just solve his personal problem, but rather, he also cleared up the decade long plight of his mom.

    Chen Meng guessed if Qianmo didn’t belong to her family, President Qian would have swooped in. After all, she had already poached many psychological talents away from her many times. Chen Meng felt proud and elated.

    A girl who could read minds plus a mysterious gifted girl, this dorm room was going to get busy.

    At the other end of the surveillance, Ma Jingtian was no match for Qianmo’s mind-reading skills. She saw right through his many attempts to hide the truth. He finally gave up and told Qianmo everything honestly.

    The person who called Ma Jingtian was none other than his cousin.

    After discovering his cousin fed him the wrong information to mislead him, Ma Jingtian immediately contacted him to understand the situation. But his cousin hemmed and hawed, trying to push the blame away by saying a friend had given him the information. Due to their mothers’ close relationship, Ma Jingtian thought of taking full responsibility in consideration of his mother’s feelings.

    But his opponent was none other than the observant and insightful Chen Qianmo. He couldn’t block her out even after a few rounds, so he decided to spill the beans.

    After hearing the truth, Qianmo enquired Ma Jingtian about his cousin’s personal information, including his financial condition. He didn’t dare to hide anymore and told her everything.

    “I will go back with you to meet your younger cousin after the training is finished.”

    Ma Jingtian’s face turned red immediately.

    “Junior, are you thinking of doing something to him? I admit that he misled me after hearing others’ lies. But, he is still young. Please give him another chance.”

    Qianmo shook her head with a solemn expression.

    “Senior, it is not about me giving him chances now. I suspect he was blackmailed. To say it precisely, your cousin is in a perilous situation now, and only you and I can save him.”

    After hearing Qianmo’s conjecture, Ma Jingtian stood up instantly, clenched his fists, and said agitatedly, “Why would you say this, Junior?!”

    “I deduced it from the character traits you have described. Someone most probably has something over your younger cousin. If you don’t bring me over, I am worried he would be forced to do even more dangerous stuff. By then, it will not be up to me to decide whether to forgive him, Senior…”

    Qianmo tapped the table lightly and emphasized every word.

    “‘The law knows no kindness’, do you understand my meaning?”

    This saying was right to the pint, and it hit the vital part.

    Ma Jingtian turned pale instantly and sat on the chair weakly like a deflated balloon.

    He understood Qianmo’s meaning. She said she could forgive his cousin’s deeds, but if one day, his cousin was forced to commit worse crimes, the law would take over and pass the most righteous judgment.

    “Junior… what should I do…” Ma Jingtian buried his face in his hands. He had initially thought it was only a small matter. But how did it become such a serious case?

    “Trust Chen Qianmo, trust your comrade. Let me handle this.”

    Qianmo’s confident voice had not only encouraged Ma Jingtian, who felt lost, but also let the two alpha female bosses see their younger selves in her over the surveillance system.

    Chen Qianmo had the same good qualities, such as leadership and fortitude as the two female bosses, and yet, at the same time, she was… mellower than the younger Chen Meng and Chen Xiaoqian.

    She solved problems swiftly with an iron hand in a velvet glove. It made the audience watching her feel… extremely comfortable.