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Chapter 239.4 - Towards Me….. She Has Always Been Very Passionate

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     He paused for a moment before saying with a nod. “Mm, that’s right. Your father. He is Chieftain of the Barbarian Tribe and you will meet him in time to come. You do not have to be nervous about it.”

    [Not get nervous?]

    [How could he possibly not get nervous! ?]

    [Without knowing anything in advance, such a crushingly heavily piece of news was thrown right onto him so suddenly.]

    [He had not even had time to digest the news that his mother was still alive yet when he was suddenly told where his father is. It was a little too much for his little heart to take.]

    Seeming to have sensed the menacing anger rising up in the youth Lou Jun Yao shrugged his shoulders in helplessness as he said: “I had thought that the little lass would have told you, but it seems like she did not want you to be too worried and did not want to make you feel so much pressure.”

    Qing Bei’s stiff lips were pressed tightly together and he did not respond.

    [And he knew that all too well.]

    Qing Yu had never shown her weak and frail side to people before. Even when they came to know that their parents were not dead, she had not shown the slightest helplessness or a single moment of being lost, but had just said reassuringly to him: “Little Bei, I will definitely find you your family and bring you to them.”

    [That’s right. His family.]

    [She had always been very clear about it. She isn’t the real Qing Yu and she isn’t from this world. The day will come where she will leave.]

    [But she had probably never noticed it herself that she had become more and more immersed into her character, to really become Qing Yu in this world, his elder sister.]

    He was also incredibly grateful for that fire back then, that allowed Qing Yu to be resurrected with a completely different soul, that was so powerful and shone with new brilliance.

    — The Barbarian Tribe —

    “You’re really not going to stay?” Yan Shu’s face that had been highly weathered by time was looking stern and forbidding as usual.

    Mo Jing Yu seemed like he wasn’t very used to seeing him look so serious and he punched the man lightly on the shoulder as he said with a laugh: “Why the long face? It’s not as if we’re parting in death.”

    “What are you going to do?” Yan Shu asked with his eyes narrowed, not allowing the man to change the subject by trying to laugh it off.

    Mo Jing Yu sighed in helplessness. “I knew that I would not be able to hide it from you. I really have something that I must do this time.”

    “Is it that thing from before?” Yan Shu creased his brows and asked.

    Mo Jing Yu laughed coldly and a malevolent glint came over his black jade eyes. “Never had anyone been able to plot against me and still remained safe and sound. Even when it’s a woman, I will not show any mercy.”

    “If your mind is set on it, then go do what you have to!” Yan Shu said as he turned around, his foot raised as he walked away slowly. “ I only hope that you do not come back wounded and injured.”

    “When did I become so useless in your eyes?” Mo Jing Yu queried as he gazed upon the man’s back, looking at the hair on his head that had turned half grey though they were of the same age. A glint flashed fleetingly in his eyes for an instant, but disappeared immediately.

    “Yan Shu, my life does not belong to me alone anymore. And I will not let myself fall back into the same state I was in before.”

    “Mm, that will be the best.”