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Chapter 240.1 - A Familiar Scen

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     When Mo Jing Yu went to look for his wife, he was surprised to see that there was a little girl in her room as well.

    Feeling a little puzzled, he remained standing outside the door and did not go in.

    “Big Sister Fei, can you not go? Little Yue can’t bear to see you leave.” The soft puerile voice of the little girl gushed with great reluctance.

    Mo Jing Yu arched up an eyebrow. [When did Fei Er become acquainted with such a young little girl in the Barbarian Tribe?]

    Inside the room, Qing Lan Fei looked at the little girl leaning on her arm, and her beautiful face smiled a little helplessly. “Ah Yue, I can’t bear to leave you too, but I have something very important that I need to go deal with. I promise that I’ll come back to visit alright?”

    “Can’t you bring Ah Yue with you?” The little girl asked in a pleading voice.

    The moment those words came out, Qing Lan Fei then realized something and she raised an eyebrow up slightly. “Ah Yue, tell me honestly….. Are you thinking of sneaking out to play behind your grandfather’s back?”

    The young girl’s pretty face looked a little embarrassed for a moment before her lips pouted sadly to say in a soft voice: “That isn’t true at all…..”

    Qing Lan Fei had seen through what the little girl was thinking immediately and although she liked the little girl very much, she was not going to be fooled by her so easily. She then said in a tender voice filled with concern: “You are still very young and the world outside is filled with dangers that you cannot even begin to imagine. You will have to wait till you have become very strong and possess the ability to protect yourself before you can step out into the world.”

    Ah Yue did not fully understand it but she still nodded her head obediently. “I’ll listen to Big Sister Fei. Then….. Will you really come back here in future?”

    “Of course I will.” Qing Lan Fei nodded her head and smiled.

    Ah Yue’s large limpid eyes then lit up with delight as she hugged Qing Lan Fei’s waist, looking like a adorable little kitten.

    Seeing that, Mo Jing Yu coughed lightly and then came in through the door.

    When Ah Yue saw the man she had never seen before come in, she jumped up in shock. But when she took a closer look at him, she seemed to feel that….. she had seen that man before somewhere?

    She blinked her eyes a few times. A good while passed before she finally came to recall and she started to stutter in disbelief: “Aren’t….. Aren’t you from the forbidden chambers….. That pretty boy that the Chieftain has been secretly keeping as a mistress?”

    [Secretly keeping as a mistress?]

    [Pretty boy? ?]

    Upon hearing that, Mo Jing Yu’s face immediately turned dark while Qing Lan Fei could not help but burst out into peals of uncontrollable laughter.

    [This little girl really says the darndest things. Can you really use the term mistress on a man like this?]

    But as Yan Shu was already looking like a wizened middle aged uncle while Mo Jing Yu was young and handsome compared to him, it could really look like that if one let his thoughts run wild…..