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Chapter 80 - The Awful Old Man Sure is Bad (2)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 80: The Awful Old Man Sure is Bad (2)

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    Xu Weilai lowered her gaze and looked at the floor, which was covered in fish food. Her hands clenched into fists.

    She had never feared Gu Xue and Gu Shuang, but today was the family banquet, and she had been invited by her grandfather-in-law. The old man’s attitude had already been damaged because she was not able to attend with Gu Yu, and picking a fight with the girls would just make things more complicated for her grandfather-in-law.

    She slowly relaxed her hands, and as if she hadn’t heard Gu Xue’s words, she turned around to ask for more fish food from Mrs. Lin.

    Xu Weilai’s apathy and disregard made Gu Xue feel as though she had landed a fist on cotton. This made her very uneasy. This woman had used Gu Yu’s love for her as a shield to look down on them in the past, but now, she was completely unacknowledged. How dare she continue to treat them like this!

    All of their old grudges resurfaced as Gu Xue furiously stepped in front of Xu Weilai and blocked her path. She sneered with arrogance, “Xu Weilai, did you become mute? You were so high and mighty before! What happened? Did you become a tiger without its fangs, now that Brother Yu isn’t around?”

    Gu Shuang laughed and corrected her, “What tiger? She’s clearly a turtle! Look at how cowardly she looks—how funny!”

    Xu Weilai pretended not to hear the insults and looked sternly at Gu Xue standing in front of her, then she calmly opened her mouth. “Move aside!”

    This exasperated Gu Xue. “How dare you speak to me like that, with your status! Do you really think you’re the mistress of the Gu family? Brother Yu was just being a good grandson, entertaining grandfather’s request to marry you, but in the eyes of the Gu family you’re nothing more than a dog!”

    Gu Shuang stepped forward beside Gu Xue and added, “Xu Weilai, do you really think you have the right to put on an act in front of us right now? Even if you’ve convinced our grandfather, so what? Brother Yu doesn’t like you, so you’re nothing!”

    “Of course, don’t say we never give you a chance…” Gu Shuang exchanged a glance with Gu Xue and continued, “If you kneel right now, apologize sincerely to us, and plead for our forgiveness for all the wrongdoings you’ve done in the past, perhaps we will give you a chance to be accepted into the family. Otherwise… don’t think for a second that you’ll be able to live a good life within the Gu family!”

    Gu Xue immediately pulled out her phone and turned on the video camera. She turned it on Xu Weilai with her chin up and sneered, “Kneel down!”

    Three years had passed, and Xu Weilai thought that they would have grown up at least a little. To her surprise, they were still just as childish and foolish as before. No wonder she’d always stepped over them in the past.

    They wanted her to kiss up to them? She didn’t even make an effort to suck up to Gu Yu—why would she ever do it to them? They really thought too highly of themselves!

    Xu Weilai didn’t even want to bother with giving them a response. She lifted her foot, stepped around them, and continued making her way back.

    Gu Xue and Gu Shuang’s expressions immediately changed. They hadn’t expected Xu Weilai to be so indifferent. Fury consumed Gu Xue as she grabbed Xu Weilai’s shoulder without a second thought and violently pushed her into the pond!

    Because Xu Weilai’s back was towards Gu Xue, she hadn’t expected that move. She had no time to catch herself, but she wasn’t about to go down that easy. As she fell, she turned and caught hold of Gu Xue’s hand, dragging her down as well. Both women crashed into the pond at the same time, and the splash of water was so big that it even sprayed Gu Shuang.

    Both Gu Xue and Gu Shuang screamed in anger.

    Gu Xue was shocked; she hadn’t expected Xu Weilai to strike back. As she stood there, drenched, and her carefully drawn-on makeup dripped down her face, she became so furious that she almost felt like her organs were on fire.

    The moment she crawled out of the pond, she lifted her hand to slap Xu Weilai across the face.

    In fear that Gu Xue would get caught off guard again, Gu Shuang swiftly grabbed onto Xu Weilai to prevent her from running away.

    She watched the hand fly through the air towards Xu Weilai’s face, and she could almost feel the wind coming off Gu Xue’s palm as it broke through the air.