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Chapter 435 - Did He Win? Did He Make a Breakthrough?!

Medical Master
     Obviously, Fang Qiu was wary of Guisha.

    He clearly remembered that he had only punched Guisha once before he pleaded for help. Guisha might have sustained serious injuries, but he wasn’t in such a critical condition that he wouldn’t be able to put up a fight or flee.

    Fang Qiu was certain that Guisha had something up his sleeves.

    Thus, he immediately took this opportunity to destroy Guisha’s kung fu.

    This was why Guisha looked like he had died in vain.

    He had indeed planned to use the Earth Treasure to distract Fang Qiu and use Fang Qiu’s moment of distraction to run away.

    He didn’t expect things to turn out this way.

    His sly tricks had cost him his life and his kungfu.

    How could he rest in peace at that thought?

    No one would have guessed that Fang Qiu would act so decisively.

    He hadn’t even given him a chance to react.

    Guisha felt like he would be better off dead when Fang Qiu destroyed his kung fu.

    He hadn’t been defeated by Fang Qiu but by his own sly tricks.

    He felt extremely bitter!

    Meanwhile, Zu Liancheng quickly turned away when he saw Guisha’s downfall.

    Guisha felt as though Zu Liancheng had hastened his downfall.

    “Go on, spill,” Fang Qiu said as he dragged Guisha up by his arm. Then, he walked up to Zu Liancheng and caught hold of Zu Liancheng’s arm before he asked, “Where is the Earth Treasure?”

    “In the field outside the western part of the city,” Guisha said.

    Fang Qiu wasn’t afraid of being seen since it was nighttime, so he flew toward the western part of the city.

    He moved extremely quickly to the field outside the city and only released those two people when he was 5 kilometers away from the city area.

    “Help him up and lead the way!” Fang Qiu said to Zu Liancheng as he shook his hands, placed them behind his back, and pointed at Guisha.

    Zu Liancheng had been in the recovery process for some time, so he should have regained some strength, while Guisha’s kung fu had just been stripped from him so he wouldn’t be able to go far without support.

    Moreover, Fang Qiu needed to rest as well.

    He had almost exhausted his internal Qi after the two battles he fought earlier.

    They had come all the way here to get the Earth Treasure so there should be a guardian beast guarding the Treasure.

    Fang Qiu had to recover his internal Qi before he found the Earth Treasure.

    Up ahead.

    Guisha glared angrily at Zu Liancheng who supported him before he turned away and shot a devious glance in Fang Qiu’s direction. A look of pure malice crossed his eyes before he turned back.

    He looked ahead and took feeble steps forward as he led Fang Qiu deeper into the field.

    Meanwhile, on the Wulin online forum, many netizens were looking forward to the result of Fang Qiu’s battle with Zu Liancheng.

    There weren’t any other martial arts practitioner at the scene, so no one could get any information about the outcome of the battle unless Fang Qiu himself updated the forum.

    Their curiosity grew after waiting the entire day for the outcome of the battle.

    “We’ve been waiting the entire day for the outcome of the battle. Why hasn’t the outcome been made known yet?”

    “John Doe is out in the open while Zu Liancheng is hiding in the dark, so there are many variables to consider in this battle.”

    “Could it be that they have yet to determine a victor after battling out for an entire day?”

    The more their curiosity was piqued, the more they looked forward to the outcome of the battle.

    The online forum was all abuzz with netizens anticipating the outcome of the battle.

    It didn’t matter whether these netizens had seen John Doe in action, they all expressed their support for him and hoped that he would emerge victorious!

    However, the longer they waited, the more uneasy they felt. They suddenly had a feeling that something must have happened during the battle.

    Could John Doe have lost?

    No way!

    Zu Liancheng would have immediately bragged about his victory online if he had defeated John Doe but he didn’t do so.

    More importantly, the List of Martial Superiors that they had been paying close attention to had not changed at all.

    This left everyone speechless.

    They felt like they were blindfolded and longed to head outside to see the outcome for themselves.

    Something finally happened just as everyone was getting impatient.

    “There’s a change to the List of Martial Superiors!”

    “John Doe’s ranking has leaped from 812 to 788!”

    The moment these two notifications appeared, everyone immediately rushed toward the List of Martial Superiors.

    They took a closer look and saw that John Doe’s ranking had indeed risen to the 788th position.

    “John Doe had only risen to the 812th place after he defeated Yin Laoguai. Moreover, his challenger was Zu Liancheng who was ranked 802nd, so how did he manage to jump to the 788th place?”

    “That’s odd. What happened to the List?”

    “What did John Doe encounter outside?”

    Everyone was confused.

    Then, someone discovered something even more shocking.

    “Zu Liancheng who was ranked 802nd has disappeared!”

    This piece of news stunned all the netizens.

    They quickly scrolled down the List of Martial Superiors and saw that Zu Liancheng who had ranked 802nd had disappeared.

    He had completely disappeared from the List.

    “Could Zu Liancheng be dead?”

    “Or did Fang Qiu strip him of his kung fu skills just as he did to the Fabulous Five of the Bamboo Forest?”

    “Who was ranked 788th before John Doe took over?”

    Everyone quickly took a closer look and saw that the 789th position belonged to a middle-aged man known as Wu Li.

    “Wait a minute, according to the information I have, Wu Li is a great person who has always lived in the south of the Shu. He hardly battles others while John Doe had headed to Outer Mongolia, so they probably wouldn’t have met, right?”

    “Could it be that he wasn’t the martial arts practitioner who was ranked 788th before Fang Qiu?”


    “I remember the martial arts practitioner who was ranked 788th was Guisha!”

    That netizen uploaded a screenshot of the List of Martial Superiors taken that afternoon.

    It was clearly shown on the screenshot that the 788th position belonged to Guisha!

    If it had been anyone else, not everyone would have recognized that name.

    However, almost everyone on the forum had heard of Guisha.

    Everyone knew that Guisha was someone who was even more violent than Zu Liancheng and whose hands were stained with blood!

    However, Guisha hadn’t been seen in the country for a long time because he was a wanted man by many people within the Wulin. Thus, he had fallen out of the spotlight.

    Yet, it seemed like John Doe had taken the place of Guisha who had disappeared into the shadows!

    “Could it be…”

    A terrifying thought occurred to everyone.

    Soon, everyone started searching for Guisha’s name on the List of Martial Superiors and to their surprise, they realized that Guisha had also disappeared from the List. It was as though he had never appeared!

    This discovery shocked everyone in the forum.

    It was clear from the List of Martial Superiors that John Doe had not only defeated Zu Liancheng, he had also gotten rid of the terrible Guisha!

    “Oh my god, that can’t be true, right?”

    “Did he get rid of two evil people consecutively?”

    “Guisha is a super expert, a seventh-class Martial Superior with three meridians.”

    “Zu Liancheng is a seventh-class Martial Superior with two meridians, while Guisha is a seventh-class Martial Superior with three meridians…the mysterious man John Doe is…. a second-class Martial Superior?”

    “Wait, John Doe’s information has been updated. He is no longer a second-class Martial Superior but a third-class Martial Superior!”

    This piece of news shocked the members of the forum and everyone rushed to refresh John Doe’s information on the List.

    Sure enough, they saw the words “third-class Martial Superior” under the strength column of his individual profile.

    “Did he manage to breakthrough?”

    “Even if he did, he would only be a third-class Martial Superior. Yet, he managed to kick two seventh-class Martial Superiors out of the List!”

    “John Doe truly lives up to his name.”

    “He’s still pulling off unbelievable victories just as he has always done.”

    “Ha ha, John Doe has really pulled off a major victory. I feel inexplicably happy now that Zu Liancheng and Guisha have been struck out of the List of Martial Superiors.”

    Deep into the plains of the area just outside Batuo City, Outer Mongolia.

    Fang Qiu didn’t know the stir his victories had caused within the Wulin forum as he followed hot on the tail of Guisha and Zu Liancheng.

    He had finally replenished all the internal Qi he had exhausted earlier as he followed after them.

    It might be hard for others to replenish their internal Qi but it was extremely easy for Fang Qiu to do so because of his Great Hand of Destruction!

    He only needed to exert this move slightly and he could draw on the surrounding Heaven and Earth energy and convert it to internal Qi.

    “Why aren’t we there yet?” he asked.

    “It’s just up ahead,” Guisha replied.

    Fang Qiu looked up and spotted a marshland up ahead.

    He could also vaguely sense the energy waves in the air.

    “There’s indeed an Earth Treasure here,” he muttered to himself. “It must be an extraordinary Earth Treasure if it is able to cause the Heaven and Earth energy to react to it even though we’re some distance away from it.”

    Soon, they arrived in front of the marshland.

    Upon closer look, this marshland looked like a grassy field that was drenched by the rain as there were only several depressions on the ground.

    This was a common sight all around the plains.

    However, the bright object in the middle of the marshland was an uncommon sight.

    “The Earth Bead!” Fang Qiu’s eyes widened in surprise the moment he caught sight of that object.

    The Earth Bead looked like a round pearl. It was completely black and emitted a dark, black glow, and it was known as the “little black hole.”

    Few people knew what its shape and volume were because it was constantly shrouded by its black glow.

    It was rumored that the Earth Bead possessed a unique power but this had never been verified!

    This was what Fang Qiu remembered reading about the Earth Bead from the Scroll of Heaven and Earth Treasures.

    This was not why Fang Qiu was astonished.

    He was astonished because the Earth Bead ranked tenth among all the Earth Treasures!

    It was an Earth Treasure that ranked 10th amongst all Earth Treasures.

    How many people in the world had actually seen this?

    Moreover, according to the Scroll of Heaven and Earth Treasures, the top ten Earth Treasures possessed unique powers which made them comparable to a Heaven Treasure!

    He looked at the black Earth Bead that emitted its unique black glow as it lay in the middle of the marshland that seemed to revolve around it. He couldn’t help but feel extremely excited.

    He wouldn’t have been that excited at the sight of an ordinary Earth Treasure but this was an Earth Treasure that ranked top 10, so things were vastly different.

    Fang Qiu wasn’t the only one who was astonished.

    Zu Liancheng gaped in shock as he exclaimed, “Is that the Earth, Earth Bead?”

    Guisha clenched his jaw and looked darkly at the Earth Bead with an anguished expression.

    He had known that the Earth Bead had been in the middle of the marshland.

    He had planned to cultivate at home for several days and collect the Earth Bead when it was ripe after he had reached his most optimal state.

    This was why he told Fang Qiu that he would still need some time to consider even if Zu Liancheng personally came over to his mansion to beg for him.

    He didn’t expect that he would be standing in front of the Earth Bead as a completely different man.

    “What a pity that it isn’t ripe yet,” Fang Qiu said softly after he examined the Earth Bead.

    The moment he said that, a shrill sound ripped through the air!