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Chapter 95 - I’m Still Here

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 95: I’m Still Here

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    During the Mid-Autumn Festival, ‘God’ usually spent his time with Han Meilin.

    To tell him this now would affect him, but at least with Han Meilin by his side since she was not busy today, that would deter him from acting out. It put her more at ease than if he was at school.

    In the chatbox with ‘God’, she could see that he was typing. It was clear that he had seen the text. Ning Meng felt nervous and was afraid that something might happen to him.

    He was looking at his phone and was about to cry, his mind filled with many thoughts. Teardrops were clinging onto his eyelashes, and his clear, bright eyes seemed as though they had just been washed clean. Ning Meng let out a sigh. Perhaps what she had done was too nasty. As she was thinking this, her phone vibrated.

    God: [Then, sis, would you still play games with me tonight?]

    He did not ask any questions nor did he let out any anger. His gentle tone made Ning Meng feel even guiltier.

    Ning Meng: [Yes.]

    God: [How about next time?]

    Ning Meng: [I will.]

    She understood God’s fear of losing the ones he loved. For a young person to not give in to anger, he must be trying to not lose his closest friends.

    God: [Then please be with big brother, otherwise, he will be jealous.]

    Ning Meng: [OK.]

    There was a long pause, as though they were pondering on what to say next.

    God: [Sis, please do not feel guilty. Thank you for all the happy times you brought into my life. If big brother does not treat you well, I’m still here.]

    Seeing this, Ning Meng’s eyes started to turn red.

    Ning Meng: [Sure.]

    God: [Don’t worry about aunty, I will not tell her.]

    When Ning Meng saw this text, she felt as though she was not a human person. Such a loving kid, why would anyone hurt him? She put her phone down and breathed a heavy sigh.

    “Hey!” Ning Wentao suddenly exclaimed.

    “When did you arrive? Why do I not know? You scared me to death!”


    Ning Wentao had finally let go of the maid. He wanted to talk to Ning Meng but his throat was hurting. Ning Meng quickly gave him the cough lozenges.

    “Dad, take these first.”

    “Meng Meng, you’re back”

    Cao Xuehua walked over and gave Ning Wentao a bowl of fruits and a cup of nutritious tea.

    “Where’s Mr. Huo? Isn’t today the Mid-Autumn Festival? It’s supposed to be a reunion, why is he not here?

    This sentence made Ning Meng raise her eyebrow. Ning Wentao retorted, “Why do you need to say this?”

    Cao Xuehua gave him a look of mock surprise. “Hasn’t Meng Meng’s relationship with Mr. Huo improved? That’s why I thought Mr. Huo would come over today. Tiantian told me a few days ago that Mr. Li will be coming over to visit too.”


    Cao Xuehua then put on her adult face and advised her. “Meng Meng, it’s good that you want to spend a good life with Mr. Huo, but you must be careful not to put his heart in a cage. Is Mr. Huo busy today?”

    Ning Meng pursed her lips.

    As she was about to continue, a car had arrived. The maid then announced, “Miss Su Tiantian is here.”

    Cao Xuehua became exuberant and went to welcome her, but as soon as she went out, she stopped dead in her tracks when she saw Su Tiantian all alone.

    “Where’s Mr. Li?”