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Chapter 109 - Destined for a Bumpy Love Life

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 109: Destined for a Bumpy Love Life

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    After watching Qianmo’s performance, President Qian passed her judgment, “Director Chen, compared to you, Qianmo is even better.”

    Although Director Chen seemed smiley and friendly usually, everybody knew that she had a bad temper. She would flare up at anybody who infuriated her, and normally, she would also lambast people. However, she was very straightforward and firm about it. As long as they were not to her liking, she would directly give them a kick. There was no babying at all.

    Qianmo’s personality was unlike Director Chen’s. She was the kind of person that looked sincere and would not hit someone, but instead, she would use underhanded tactics to deal with people until they ended up crying.

    It was a waste of talent that she did not become a psychic who scammed people. Of course, learning psychology was also very appropriate as she could still con others!

    After watching Qianmo, President Qian’s mind was filled with only one thought, “I really can’t… get her to work for me?”

    When Qianmo dealt with Ma Jingtian, she subconsciously looked in the direction of the surveillance camera. Facing it, her lips twitched slightly, her face reflecting neither arrogance nor impatience, which was rare for a youngster.

    She might or might not have known that someone was watching this through the monitoring equipment. She had simply assumed there was, based on her sixth sense. Whether or not someone was observing did not really bother Qianmo as the content of the conversation was of no loss to her.

    Seeing that Qianmo had a strong and clear understanding of the situation as well as a calm mind, President Qian was itching to get her hand on this outstanding talent.

    “President Qian, you have seen this child now. I have a personality analysis of my son with me here. Let’s have a more comprehensive analysis of these two children.”

    Chen Meng took out two pieces of paper with Yu Changmo’s condition and personality analysis printed on it. She and President Qian each took a seat on a chair at the table and started scribbling away.

    In order to treat Yu Changmo, it was unavoidable to have to deal with Qianmo, who was a key figure. Only by analyzing the personality of the two could a treatment plan—that did not harm the both of them—be made.

    Chen Meng had a more straightforward way to deal with this problem. If she disregarded Qianmo’s feelings, she could immediately treat Black.

    But that would hurt Qianmo, and Chen Meng could not bring herself to do that.

    Although she was determined to treat her son, she respected his wishes even more. She had already seen how much Yu Changmo cared for and protected Qianmo. Hurting her would be equivalent to killing her son.

    Furthermore, Chen Meng also admired Qianmo a lot. Even if this girl could not get together with her son in the future, she would still focus on training Qianmo. Her appreciation of talents made her extra cautious as she was worried that using the wrong method may hurt her.

    President Qian and Chen Meng both finished writing. Placing their papers next to each other, they exchanged a glance and smiled bitterly.

    Great minds think alike. Resolving the problem between Qianmo and Yu Changmo was no easy feat.

    There were different specializations in psychology; hence, the diagnosis given by every psychologist would be different. For example, both Chinese and Western medicine could cure colds. Although the methods used were different, they would achieve the same result.

    On these two papers, President Qian utilized the Enneagram of Personality to analyze, while Director Chen used the libido theory to perform the analysis.

    The former was from looking at the matter from an inborn psychological perspective, while the latter utilized Sigmund Freud’s psychoanalytic theory of personality development. Both methods were widely used and faced their own controversies. When used by laymen, these two methods were pseudo-psychology. However, it was different when they were applied by professionals.

    Amongst the Enneagram of Personality, Qianmo had the Type Eight personality—the leadership personality.

    However, Qianmo’s behavior was considered very different from ordinary people, and unlike the characteristics of this personality type.

    The result of Chen Meng’s analysis was that amongst the three libido personality types, Qianmo was the second type—the narcissistic personality.

    This was what was causing the two big bosses such headaches.

    “With Type 8 leadership personality, the core behavior of such people would be displaying anger, with their core motivation being desire. Under favorable circumstances, they can become leaders and heroes. In the face of adversity, they will become the most aggressive and brutal attackers. However, Qianmo’s does not appear to display such anger. If this is considered favorable circumstances for her…”

    President Qian rapped on the paper. “Then, this girl’s ability to withstand pressure is extremely astonishing. Based on my personal intuition, I feel like she seems more like someone who has attained this attitude and mentality after going through adversities. That is to say, if she really is the key to your son’s heart, it’s a sticky situation.”

    Qianmo’s mentality had evolved to the pinnacle of this personality type. This was extremely shocking as she was still so young!

    Chen Meng had arrived at a similar conclusion to that of President Qian’s.

    Freud regarded libido as the fundamental motivation of all human psychological activities and behavior, and it also represented the degree of lust.

    To put it bluntly, the mother was worried about her son’s future marital harmony. She wanted to see what was the likelihood of them having a platonic relationship should the treatment fail.

    A person had limited libido. If she used more of it on herself, she would have much less to spare for her spouse.

    To put it simply, Qianmo loved herself a lot.

    Unless Qianmo was willing, even if Yu Changmo waited for her for 10,000 years and put in a lot of effort, it would all be in vain.

    The analysis of both professionals was surprisingly consistent.

    From a professional point of view in terms of work, if she trained Chen Qianmo with all her heart, she would definitely achieve great results with her personality. It was not impossible to attain the professional level of the two female bosses in the house.

    However, in terms of relationship, with her personality, it could spell trouble.

    When a woman was formidable to this extent, she would not need a man, and she would certainly not take a liking to an average man.

    Looking at Qianmo’s past achievements, Chen Meng had already guessed that Qianmo had a leader-type personality. But today, when she witnessed it up close, she realized that her personality was not an ordinary leader-type personality. Rather, she had developed herself into a perfect leader.

    Ma Jingtian, whom Qianmo had dealt with, also had a leader-type personality. People with such characters tended to crave power and would eliminate the strong and support the weak to prove themselves. For example, Ma Jingtian initially determined that Qianmo was a terrible person, which was why he immediately attacked her to prove himself by eliminating her.

    However, people with the same personality types could have different mentalities and display different behavior.

    To give a more concrete example, in terms of the development of leader-type personality, Ma Jingtian was probably at an elementary school student’s level while Qianmo had already graduated from the university. They were worlds apart. Qianmo was at a level that completely overpowered Ma Jingtian and could defeat him without any pressure.

    Chen Meng asked President Qian, “President Qian, you’re also a leader-type personality. How did your husband win your heart back then?”

    “That husband of mine took the initiative and grabbed every opportunity. He was thick-skinned enough… At that time, I was young and ignorant and was fooled by him.” That was another sweet story.

    Chen Meng knew that President Qian was just making a polite remark. Her perfect resume showed nothing about her being “young and ignorant” at all. This was a female boss who climbed all the way up by eliminating her enemies at lightning speed.

    Yu Changmo and President Qian’s husband, Xiao Qiang, were men from different extremes. One of them would silently protect the person they loved, while the other would take the initiative and advance gradually to woo their lover.

    The two women were also different.

    Regarding their personalities, President Qian was an innately formidable character, and those who submitted to her would be protected by her.

    Qianmo was also formidable, but she seemed to be someone who had acquired that strength later on after going through adversities. This strength made her invincible, yet she did not care for it, or rather, she could not be bothered to challenge the world and was content with simply guarding her own turf.

    With this pair, the woman was strong and lazy while the man was loyal and unable to take the initiative because of his illness. There was only one way to break this deadlock.

    “Director Chen, you should have seen my suggestion based on my diagnosis.” President Qian then added, “But I don’t think you’ll do that. You are too fond of that girl to bring yourself to do it.”

    Chen Meng closed her eyes.

    President Qian had made the same diagnosis as her.