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Chapter 179 - Who is the Disguised Sorcerer (2)

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 179: Who is the Disguised Sorcerer (2)

    Ye Yu’s body went numb, and his head felt dizzy and heavy. Then, he felt a stab of pain on his arm.

    Black Dictator, who was hiding underneath his sleeve, had bitten through his skin. It began drawing the poison from his body.

    The rest of them weren’t so lucky.

    Hu Lin rolled his eyes and fell to the ground with a plop. Xia Chenfeng was both shocked and angry, but he could not resist. Ouyang Sen fared slightly better. He had enough energy to raise a finger at Jiang Shengjie, who was squatting beside the bonfire and yelled, “Who are you, and why have you plotted against us?”

    “Hehe, who do you think I am?” Jiang Shengjie’s initially honest and straightforward face had warped and become demonic under the firelight.

    “You are a Sorcerer! There is neither rancor nor hatred between us, so why are you tracking me?” Ouyang Sen shouted in fear.

    “Blame yourself for coming to Medicine Refinery City. In the next life, let’s hope that you reincarnate as an ordinary person!” Jiang Shengjie laughed nastily. A green wood elemental blade appeared in his hands, and he was about to cut down Ouyang Sen.

    Having recovered his Spiritual Power, Ye Yu pulled Ouyang Sen to one side to avoid Jiang Shengjie’s attack.

    “Oh?” When Jiang Shengjie’s blade missed, he looked in surprise at Ye Yu. He said, “Good fellow, you can still move after being afflicted by my Muscle-paralysis Sleeping Powder. Is this because of some treasure that you possess?”

    Having said so, the green Spiritual Power in his body rose dramatically. His cultivation increased from the Intermediate level to the Advanced.

    Then, using the blade in his hands as a pike, he thrust it at Ye Yu in a swift and fierce attack. Although Black Dictator had mostly cured the poison in Ye Yu’s body, he was still unable to move freely. Furthermore, he was still holding on to Ouyang Sen, who was a burden.

    Seeing that Jiang Shengjie’s long blade was about to reach his head, Ye Yu hurriedly cried out, “What are you waiting for?”

    Immediately, many black hornets burst out of the walls and rushed buzzing at Jiang Shengjie.

    Jiang Shengjie’s face changed. The green light on his body immediately turned into an impenetrable armor that stopped the hornets’ attack.

    He brandished his long blade, and his attack became even more ferocious. Immediately, almost half of the hornets were destroyed.

    Bai Songling’s delighted voice rang from behind the earth wall, “Little Mute, didn’t I tell you that your little insects wouldn’t be effective? Let me show you my power.”

    As soon as he had spoken, countless celadon-colored vines rose up from the earth where Jiang Shengjie was standing. They immediately twisted around his legs tightly.

    “Hmph!” Unwilling to be outdone, poisonous snakes, under Jun Yichen’s control, began spewing venom at Jiang Shengjie. Soon, his armor had corroded, and a large hole appeared.

    Ye Yu could finally take a breather. After catching his breath, he began to hide inside Jiang Shengjie’s shadow and was about to use Puppet Strike to capture him.

    Facing a multitude of assaults, Jiang Shengjie was shocked. Immediately, he realized that he had fallen into a trap, and he had no intention of continuing to fight vigorously.

    Making finger gestures as he chanted a spell, the armor on his body released a stinking black gas that diffused the cave.

    One by one, the venomous snakes and hornets crashed to the ground as they were exposed to the black gas.

    Immediately, Bai Songling held his breath and retreated. At the same time, he fished out some Antidote Pills.

    Meanwhile, Ye Yu rushed forward to save the unconscious Ouyang Sen and Hu Lin. Seeing this, Bai Songling cursed inwardly. He turned to save Xia Chenfeng, who nearest to him.

    Their Poisonous Earthworm Kings could help them cure their poisons, but the three of them would die immediately if they were to be inflicted with the poison.

    Just then, Bai Songling’s Poisonous Earthworm King suddenly flapped its wings and flew out of his sleeve.

    Its small and exquisite mouth rapidly expanded and swallowed all the poisonous smoke.

    Seeing this, Jiang Shengjie became even more apprehensive, and he quickened his pace as he rushed toward the cave’s exit.

    He passed through the narrow passageway and was just about to leave the cave when, suddenly, a violet lightning snake rushed at him from the exit.

    The lightning snake’s ferociousness could only have come from a top-grade Spiritual Weapon.

    In the narrow passageway, Jiang Shengjie had no way to avoid it. He could only concentrate all his Spiritual Energy and Black Magic in his arms to defend himself.

    Bang! The violet lightning snake struck Jiang Shengjie’s arms, causing the sputtering of many black and green Black Magic energies.

    Jiang Shengjie felt as though a charging Demonic Bull had hit him. His arms hurt as though they were broken, and his five viscera and six bowels were gravely injured. His mouth opened, and he spurted out blood. Then, his body was sent flying back into the cave.

    Ye Yu and Bai Songling had already saved Ouyang Sen and the others and placed them in the passageway of the cave. Immediately, their hands were free to deal with Jiang Shengjie.

    After a few rounds of their attacks, Jiang Shengjie was finally knocked onto the ground.

    “You d*mned brat, let me see how capable your disguise is.” Bai Songling pulled Jiang Shengjie’s face roughly as he tried to find traces of his disguise.

    However, even after Jiang Shengjie’s face had turned red from his grip, Bai Songling could not find anything.

    Wailing miserably, Jiang Shengjie begged for mercy repeatedly, “My chivalrous heroes, please let me go. I should not have tried to steal Alchemist Ouyang’s pills and silver taels.”

    “Is that so? I thought that you wanted to peel off his skin, pull out his sinews, and dig out his Spiritual Root as a gift to your Patriarch?” Sneering, Ye Jiuge came up to Jiang Shengjie.

    “I don’t know what you are saying. I just wanted to steal some of your belongings after knocking you out.” Jiang Shengjie had resumed his previously honest and straightforward appearance.

    “Alright, you don’t have to hide it anymore. We all know that you are from the Bloodthirsty Sect and that you specialize in deception. How many of you are here, and who are they? And, why has Bloodthirsty Patriarch sent you to Medicine Refinery City? If you confess truthfully, I will make sure that you die painlessly,” Bai Songling said viciously.

    “I really don’t know any Bloodthirsty Patriarch. I am just an ordinary Wood Elemental Spiritual Practitioner. I don’t know any Sorcerers.” Jiang Shengjie wept bitter tears like a useless coward.

    If Jiang Shengjie had not released his Black Magic to survive, they would have thought that they had captured the wrong person.

    “D*mned brat, how dare you refuse to admit it, even as death is near. Since you say that you are not a Sorcerer, what is the black gas that you released earlier? Don’t tell me that it was your stinky fart,” Bai Songling scoffed.

    “Brother Bai, why bother wasting your breath? Let’s break his limbs first and interrogate him later.” Luo Tian’s eyes were watching Jiang Shengjie as though he was already a dead man.

    The Bloodthirsty Patriarch had exterminated the Blood-clad Miao people, and they hated the Bloodthirsty Sect to the bone.

    Luo Tian spoke no more as he raised his leg to crush all of Jiang Shengjie’s limbs.

    Jiang Shengjie lay on the ground, and his limbs were twisted and at an awkward angle. However, although his brow was beaded with sweat from the pain, he would not admit that he was a Sorcerer.

    Ye Yu frowned. He had initially thought that they would be able to prove Ye Jiuge’s innocence once they captured the Sorcerer. He had not expected Jiang Shengjie to be so staunch and unyielding.

    “Should we hand him over to Li Zijun? They have a magical weapon that can test for Black Magic. Perhaps, they will have a way to deal with him.” Bai Songling could not think of another solution.

    “It’s no use. Jiang Shengjie was staying in an inn near the Medicine Refinery Complex. The soldiers went there for interrogations multiple times, but they did not discover that he was a Sorcerer.” Ye Yu had not been able to find any anomalies connected with Jiang Shengjie throughout the journey, so he did not believe that Li Zijun would be able to find anything either.